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One of my readers, Mary Ann, passed along some interesting information. She works for a company called Speechpad, and they currently need lots of work from home transcribers. The best part is that you have a shot at this job even without transcription experience. You just need to be able to pass a test (more on that below).

Speechpad currently has a few major projects going on and they need a lot of workers, so I told Mary Ann I would share the info with you all. Before I get into it though, I need to mention that much of this work is done through Amazon Mturk, although Speechpad has just created a job board on their main website so that way people can register there and work directly through Speechpad and get paid if they would prefer not to go through Mturk.

The Work

The first project going on right now with Speechpad involves creating captions for short videos (usually less than five minutes and no longer than 15) for a very well-known internet video provider. It’s got a basic Style Guide and the videos are very clear. Pay ranges (depending on the account) from $0.40 per audio minute to $0.50 per audio minute. These are called Web Video Captioning. So if a worker is on Mturk, they can find that qualification to test and start working. On this project you can also bypass Mturk and work directly through Speechpad’s job board if you would prefer to do that.

The second project is creating subtitles for a HUGE streaming video service. They are still in the process of creating a system that works best for this. These videos are much longer, ranging from 25 minutes to almost two hours, as it’s both TV shows and movies, documentaries, etc. It’s really a great way to make money while watching TV. They pay at $0.47 per audio minute. For now, this project is only on Mturk although it will be available on the job board very soon. It is called SDH Captioning on Mturk.

For the above project, Speechpad is working on a system that will allow people to create the subtitles while watching the video and the subtitles will show up on the video screen, to make everything much easier on the worker, which will be used when this account is loaded to the new Job Board. The pay might increase when that is done because the worker will be responsible for ensuring that the timing matches up. There is pretty much an endless supply of work that can keep many, many transcribers working full time. Speechpad is in desperate need for workers for this account.

Getting Paid

As mentioned above, the first project is paying .40 to .50 cents per audio minute and the second project is paying .47 per audio minute and may increase in the future. Note that an audio minute is not the same as a regular minute. For example, it will probably take you more than one minute to transcribe one minute of audio due to having to back up and rewind things, etc.

If you are doing the work through Amazon Mturk, you can get paid via direct deposit to your bank account. If you are working through Speechpad’s job board, you can get paid every two weeks with Paypal.


If you are working through Mturk, you will have to find the Web Video Captioning qualification test and take it in order to have access to the jobs. If you are working through Speechpad’s job board, you can take the test from it. To access it, just click on the qualifications tab on the top (after you’ve created an account) and take the test from there.

For Your Reference

Mary Ann sent me the style guides you will need to look over before you test:

And if you have more questions, Mary Ann said that she would be happy to help. You can contact her at maryann (at) speechpad (dot) com

Note – I realize that a lot of you have become frustrated with this opportunity. I have no problem with you commenting and saying as much, but PLEASE let’s keep it respectful and don’t get downright mean and spiteful when mentioning specific people. My blog is not a platform for people to berate/insult others. If you do so, your comment will be deleted, end of story, as per my comment policy which is printed clearly above the comment section. Thanks for understanding.

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  1. says

    Hi everyone,

    It is indeed very unfortunate that some of you have had a bad experience working for Speechpad. We have given Elance workers the option to be paid through Paypal or oDesk as Elance had some issue with releasing the funds we have indeed paid to the workers. We have filed several tickets with Elance and have still not heard back from them with a solution for several months and that is why we offered Paypal and/or Odesk. If Paypal is not offered in your country, oDesk is and is quick and painless to sign up. There was also a glitch with Mturk releasing payments to contractors which has been fixed. Please email me at jill@speechpad.com so we can resolve this issue.

    I would be happy to discuss the different payments options and any other questions that you have about working for Speechpad.com.

  2. Qadir Bakhsh says

    Hi everybody,

    Thanks God I have not been working full time or even part time for Speechpad. I just worked during my free hours to see how their process works and completed a few files (around $50) a few months ago. They hired me and were likely to pay me through Elance but to receive a payment from them has actually become a dream now. In past, they used to reply my emails but now I hear nothing from them.

    I am wondering how they are running such a busy business without paying workers. I would much appreciate if anybody can give me some hope of being paid or any prospect of working for them in the future.


    • says

      Please email me at jill@speechpad.com so we can resolve this issue. I would be happy to discuss the different payments options and any other questions that you have about working for Speechpad.com.

  3. Ess En says


    I worked for Speechpad through ELance 5 months ago but unfortunately my complete payment never got cleared in-spite of several emails requests/ reminders. The only response I received was that “we can pay through Paypal” whereas Paypal doesn’t work in my country and this piece of information was specifically made clear right at the outset by me on which I was told that “its not a problem as we’ll pay through ELance”

    I feel its extremely unprofessional and unethical for any employer to get work done online and not clear the contractor’s payment in full within a reasonable time frame. I am not even sure if ever my payment be cleared now as I have lost hope :(

    I would appreciate if still my payment could be cleared through ELance.

    Ess En

  4. Alexandra says

    So I guess I somehow originally signed up as a customer instead of a worker. They had me change my MTurk email and re-register with a new email, but then told me I signed up as a customer again even though I signed up through the worker page. They also told me I probably need to create a whole new MTurk account, which is incredibly frustrating as I have other work and qualifications already on that account. This whole situation is WAY more frustrating that it’s worth, considering there are no clear guidelines for this on Speechpad, SpeechInk (other than make an MTurk account), or on their MTurk HITs.

  5. Alexandra says

    I’m also having issues with Speechpad.com. My initial qualification test went through no problem, but the confidentiality qualification was sent in over a week ago and I haven’t heard anything since. I was really excited to start working for this website. I don’t mind if it takes a while, but a ballpark time frame would have been nice since it says the confidentiality qualifications are manually reviewed.

    On MTurk, my qualification test requests gets rejected without me even sending in the test. I guess I’m not allowed to even attempt the test? It always says my test score is “0” but I never even got to take it. That doesn’t seem very fair.

  6. ain says

    it’s now the 2nd of february and i still haven’t been paid. speechpad hasn’t funded the test i took when they hired me through elance. anybody here actually been paid in both?

  7. fightforyourfood says

    I had a qualification revoked by with for no reason given at all. I cannot request it again because it was revoked but I have no idea why. Now I cannot do any transcription gigs from SpeechInk at all on mTurk. What is the reason for this and how can I find out? I made almost $150 in 4 days on mTurk and now that door has been closed.

  8. Manjunath says

    My transcription qualification for web captioning revoked suddenly. Can I know the reason. Why are they taking so much time to review single file. Please everybody post positive and negative feedbacks about speechpad. Let us find out whether they are genuine or prompt.


  9. Sindhu says

    Hi admin

    Please approve my comment here, so that it reaches to speechpad team, I can send you screenshots of my work if you don’t believe what I write here. So please help me in reaching the message regarding the payment to Mary Ann or Sherry, they never replied to my emails regarding the payment. Its not just a small amount for me to let them not pay. I am waiting for my payment.


  10. Sindhu says


    This is not a good option to work on speechpad.com. I have spent my full time on speechpad and completed the files worth of around 600$. The files which are done before a month are still in review. I received payment of very small amounts twice for the files reviewed. Then all of a sudden my qualification test was revoked and I didn’t hear from them. I didn’t receive the payment from them. I have written many emails and they are not responding to any one of my emails.

    I am waiting for my payment.

    • says

      Please email me at jill@speechpad.com so we can resolve this issue. I would be happy to discuss the different payments options and any other questions that you have about working for Speechpad.com.

  11. Imran Sayed says

    It seems there’s no more work available on Speechpad. Just one file for Web Video Captioning and the rest are reviews. If no new files are added, the reviews will be over as well. I was told there’s virtually unlimited work. But now the queue is empty.

  12. EmilyS says

    Hey there! I just wanted to check and see if this is still a viable option. I’m looking to earn some money from different online jobs and I’m interested in SpeechPad if things have turned around. If there are still as many issues as there was earlier this summer, I think I’ll look elsewhere. Any thoughts or comments are super appreciated, especially if you’ve done recent work with SpeechPad! Thank you! :)

    • says


      I would say it is not a viable option. I submitted two files over a week ago and they are still awaiting review but according to Mary Ann here, all files are reviewed within 24-72 hours. Numerous communication attempts have gone unanswered so unless you enjoy working for free, I would avoid Speechpad. Their website is incomplete (support center is missing, among other things). I know Mary Ann has responded to some of the posts on this thread but honestly, the earliest complaint on here goes back to May of this year. It’s now October. That’s not a communication issue, that’s a company that is unorganized, unprofessional and conducts business with no integrity. Oh, I also submitted a qualifications test 5 days ago and it still hasn’t been approved (not that I’d get paid anyway). I will not do business with Speechpad again and I would advise everyone else to steer clear of them as well. The sad thing is, the two files I completed were small files just to make sure they were legit. You can keep the $2.17, you obviously need it more than I do.

  13. says

    I would avoid doing business with this company. I put in a bid on this transcription job on Elance.com and was awarded it and directed to take the qualification test and I would be advised if I passed and would be able to continue working for them. I submitted my qualification test 12 days ago and have sent numerous emails to them since with every one of them going unanswered. They have also not funded the job on Elance either. Unless you enjoy potentially working for free, I would avoid them.

    • Mary Ann Mosley says

      Mike, please email me directly at maryann@speechpad.com with your Elance ID and I can help you with this. Unfortunately, we had a bad experience with Elance and did not get the assistance we were originally promised, which caused us to fall behind.

      As far as funding, we pay through bonuses in an ad hoc manner, because of our internal payment tracking and therefore do not fund through escrow. This was how we were advised by Elance to handle our unique payment structure (as it’s neither an hourly rate or a flat price). If you have any concerns regarding that, you can reach out to their customer service and they should reassure you.

  14. Carissa says

    How long does it take for qualification tests to be reviewed? And do I need to reach a certain dollar amount before getting paid?

    • Mary Ann Mosley says

      Hi Carissa,

      We have switched our system to where qualifications are rated immediately, so they are no longer manually reviewed. You will be granted/rejected right away. Unfortunately, it appears that our system is not currently sending out emails correctly for workers who completed their test on Speechpad. Therefore, if you’ve taken the test and haven’t received a response, you can go to the Qualifications tab and you should see your results there (whether it was granted or rejected).

      You do not need to reach a certain payment amount to receive payment. We will make payment on the 1st and the 16th regardless of the amount.

      • says


        Their qualifications are most certainly not automated. The only files you can make any sort of money on (if they’d actually pay you) are the SDH captioning files and I submitted my qualifications test on 10/02/13 and 5 days later I’m still waiting. I’ve sent numerous emails asking them to approve two files (4 minutes worth of footage) over a week ago so I could get paid and have received no response. I’d avoid them as I was awarded this job on Elance on September 7th and this last month has been an exercise in dealing with an unprofessional, unorganized, and unethical organization. Don’t put up the work if you can’t pay/respond.

        • Kristie says

          I also question whether the qualifications are automated. Back on September 24th Mary Ann commented that they had been automated and that the backlogged qualifications had been sorted awhile back, but my qualification test that was sent in 5 months ago was only responded to this WEEK, and definitely not by the 24th and definitely not awhile before that. I had heard nothing and had moved on and forgotten about this opportunity a few months ago, but just remembered and was curious if I had ever gotten a response – I logged into the site to see, I hadn’t even gotten an email about it.

  15. Florence E says

    Hi, Mary Ann. Just wanna know if everything’s still okay because I’ve lost communication with you and Eric ever since the issue of me being underpaid. At this point I’m on a stand still and don’t know what to do since no one’s emailing me.

    • Mary Ann Mosley says

      I apologize for the delay in your payment. I made the payment a few days ago, which you have received now. We had a system issue which caused some workers to be underpaid, but it has been rectified. Also, while you’re working off the oDesk system, when a payment is rejected (which seems to happen occasionally and I’m not sure why) there is no notification, so your original repayment was rejected and I was not notified. Again, my apologies.

  16. Mary Ann Mosley says

    I want to apologize to everyone who experienced issues with the Job Board or with communication. I answer every email that I receive, but I do sometimes forget to check my spam folder. We did have a sudden increase in activity that slowed us down significantly. However, I now have someone assisting me with the onboarding process, so it’s running much more smoothly now.

    If you’re interested in applying, the entire process can now be run through the Job Board. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me directly at MaryAnn@Speechpad.com. I would be happy to assist in any way that I can. We do currently still have jobs on Mturk as well, but as soon as those jobs are finished, this workload will no longer be available there.

    If you’re interested in working on the shorter files (Web Captioning), please feel free to email Sherry@Speechpad.com, as she has taken over that account. I am still working closely with her regarding it, but she is the best resource to go to now.

    Again, I apologize for any delays people have experienced. Like I said, we didn’t expect the large response we received.

  17. JT says

    Sadly I suspect some funny business taking place lost communication with the people I used to get a response from at this point im at a stand still on whether I should continue.

  18. Heather says

    SpeechInk is always posting jobs on Mturk, and I believe you can request to qualify through Mturk by clicking on the “request qualification link.” I elected not to try the transcribing because I found it too time consuming for me. However, for a typist that has the proper equipment, I imagine it could be lucrative. Perhaps, by taking the jobs on Mturk the interaction would be better (I do not know for sure).

  19. injin.grace says

    Is Speechpad some sort of scam? Asking people to transcribe for you and tell them, “I’ve spoken to my bosses about this. Unfortunately, the work you submitted was not accurate and we were not able to use it. Because of that, we will not be able to pay you for this work.”

    I sent you, MARY MOSLEY (maryann@speechpad.com), a screenshot of the work I’ve done, the first one’s status IN REVIEW, the second one’s status ACCEPTED and rated 100, and you’re going to tell me, “I’ve spoken to my bosses about this. Unfortunately, the work you submitted was not accurate and we were not able to use it. Because of that, we will not be able to pay you for this work.”

    PLEASE, deal with people professionally.

    I think you’re not being fair when in fact I was being fair to your company when I did the job.

    • Mary Ann Mosley says

      Injin, I’m sorry that you were unhappy with your experience. However, the file that you accepted was not entirely in English and you were unable to transcribe the foreign language sections. Rather than email someone, you completed the file incorrectly. We are unable to deliver the file you submitted to our client, therefore we cannot pay you for it.

      Mary Ann

  20. RW says

    Does anyone know how we are supposed to complete the time stamps for the test? I took it once, but did not include time stamps as the example mentioned not needing them for “transcriptions only” which is what it was listed as. I also assumed, since no mention was given to any software or program we would need to keep such accurate time. The example gives the time down to the millisecond, but I have no way of seeing that in the programs I’ve used. I’ve done other work for SpeechInk that only went to hh:mm:ss format. Needless to say, I was rejected. I am taking it again right now and would like to do it well enough to pass this time. I don’t expect an answer before I turn this in, but if I am rejected again and get yet ANOTHER chance, I’d like to know.

    • emma says

      It sounds like you were actually looking at a captioning job, which I remember it took me a long time to figure it out that in some places they are listed as transcription. If it was straight transcription you would just use the VLC recorder they give you a link to. But the caption files can’t be downloaded, they can only be done within their window. I couldn’t find any option for time-stamping from their windows app. Thought it was just me that couldn’t find it, so I think its just more of their poopoo, which you have probably already concluded by now.

    • Kay says

      Hi, If you try using the free version of NCH’s Express Scribe, you can set the time to hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds if you want. You can also program a hotkey to copy the time. Simply add your square bracket at the start and end, which you can do in the settings or options tab. The free version will do most audios. If you want to be able to use it for video, then you’ll have to pay for the pro version. I find the thing invaluable.

  21. injin.grace says

    “If you are working through Speechpad’s job board, you can get paid every two weeks with Paypal.”

    –It’s been two weeks and I’m not getting paid for the job/s I have done. :(

    • says

      Injin I would email relentlessly until I got paid. I’ve been in situations like that before with other companies.

      I hate that everyone is having such negative experiences, it’s really surprising because Speechpad/Speechink has been around for a long time, paying people through Mturk. I guess I’ll have to put a disclaimer at the top of this post until things turn around …

  22. JT says

    Hey, I have submitted my qualification submission and received a email from someone with speechpad. Is it safe for me to give her my personal information?

    • says

      If you heard back and the email you received is from Speechpad, then I would think it’s fine to follow through with the application process. Just check the extension on the email that it came from speechpad.com.

  23. Heather says

    This job intrigues me. I visited the Speechpad website and reviewed the data available. It is fairly straightforward although some links are ineffective. Still, I was able to access the majority of information and download(s) to perform the qualification test. The template provided is a bonus. While this work is vastly time consuming, it is an excellent way to earn from home authentically. I believe that I will try it. I am curious as to how many actual hours I will spend in relation to the minutes of transcription rate. I will post after I experience the work and qualification firsthand.

    Thanks for the referral to this type of work and to Speechpad!

    • Kristie says

      Hopefully you have better luck than me. My results are still pending from all the way back in May. I was excited about this post last month, but if they’re so backlogged with applications it takes over a month to get in, I’m not too excited about the amount of work I would get if/once accepted. I think I’ve lost my interest whether they respond or not. It seems they got their job board working, and after that nothing else.

      • says

        Sorry guys, I have no idea what is going on. I was excited about it, too, for all of you. I just checked Mturk and I see that Speechpad/Speechink still has plenty of jobs posted there. But as far as their website and new job board, not sure. I will certainly let you all know if I hear something.

  24. injin grace says

    I am transcribing a long audio (due in 5 days) now on the Speechpad job board, however I am not sure whether I’ll type it verbatim or cleaned verbatim. I e-mailed Maryann but heard nothing. Hope she’ll answer my query.

  25. says

    Am I missing something?

    When I click the link above, it takes me to https://www.speechpad.com/worker/register and under CREATE A FREE TRANSCRIBER ACCOUNT, it reads: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris id adipiscing urna. Cras id arcu sit amet justo ullamcorper vehicula, which translated (Latin), reads: We will be sure to post a comment. Miss that customer support. Tomorrow this bow not be published dozens of new vehicles.

    What the heck?!

    Am I supposed to take this company seriously? Especially, when everyone above says they are not hearing anything back.

    • says

      The Latin is there I think because the website is new. I know with WordPress (which is what I use) certain themes show some default Latin sort of as an example until you get your site fully set up. I am guessing they aren’t done setting the site up.

      As far as people not hearing back, I am not sure what that means unless they are just swamped right now. It happens. But I can vouch for SpeechPad/SpeechInk overall. They’ve been paying people on Mturk for a LONG time and are just now getting set up to allow people to work independently of Mturk.

  26. Saff S says

    I completed the qualification for Web Video Captioning but am still waiting for it to be approved. Any idea how long this takes?

    • Kristie says

      I too am curious how long it takes to be approved. I completed a qualification test back on May 31 but have not heard anything as of yet from the site or email.

      • Mary Ann Mosley says

        All the open requests have been gone through a while back. We did get a little behind but we’ve automated the system and now qualification requests are responded to almost instantaneously.


        Mary Ann

  27. Husna Rafiq says

    Hi im interested in working for your company but live in the netherlands….is it possible to work from here?



  28. Derek says

    Just out of curiosity, what type of times are typical for approval of these tasks?

    • Mary Ann says

      Hi Derek, thanks for the question. Are you asking how long it takes to receive approval for the individual files? These have a very short turn around time, so are approved within 24 hours of being submitted. If that’s not your question, please let me know.


      Mary Ann

        • Barbara says

          Have things gotten any better? I stopped doing any work because it took too long for work to be approved and paid. They seem like nice people but that doesn’t pay the bills. I hope things get better for them.

          • says

            Please email me at jill@speechpad.com so we can resolve this issue. I would be happy to discuss the different payments options and any other questions that you have about working for Speechpad.com.

  29. Jen says

    This sound like a good work-at-home opportunity. However, the training seems somewhat challenging especially for a beginner or inexperienced person. I’m definitely going to give this one a try.

    Thanks for the info the refreshing info you continue to provide.

  30. Ladislav says

    I was hired by Speechpad through a non-Mturk platform for SDH captioning, and told that there would be a qualification test before I could actually begin work. So far, my emails asking about how and where to take the test have been ignored. I sent them to the person they directed me to. No mention was made of Mturk or their own job board (which appears not be working) in any communication I received. I don’t have a very high opinion of Mturk and I generally avoid companies that use it.

    So Mturk and their lack of response to a new-hire raises two red flags with Speechpad, IMO. It would be nice to hear from someone who has completed a few jobs for them.

    • says

      Did you see the email I listed above? You can message MaryAnn @ speechpad dot com with your questions. She may be able to send you a test to take.

    • Mary Ann says

      Please email me directly at the email listed in the article. I would love to help to get you started. Also, we just launched our Job Board this Monday, so it was not active before then. However, since then, we have had quite a few workers working on it, so it’s definitely functioning now.

      Right now, the SDH Captioning jobs are NOT done through the Job Board, but this is something we are working on now. We currently have a few different processes we’re working with on these captioning files while we try to find the best and easiest way for our workers. Once we get these on the Job Board, which is expected to be within a month, everyone will be transitioned to the Job Board, where their payment, etc. will be automated and easier to track for the worker.

      Our goal is to make the experience for the transcriber as easy as possible. Like I said, please email me and I’ll send you the current test video for this work and answer any questions or concerns you have. I started out as a transcriber, so I understand all of your concerns and will be happy to address them.


      Mary Ann

      • Faraz Abdullah says

        Hi! Really willing to work for you guys. But, I don’t have a Paypal account as it is not available in my country. Could you please add Moneybookers or Pyaza to your payment options? Thanks

          • Mary Ann says


            As of right now, that is not currently an option, but I will look into the possibility.


            Mary Ann

    • Ladi says

      I still have not received a response from Speechpad. So three weeks after being hired, still no actual work and no response to the first file I completed a week ago. I’ll give it another try, but if there’s no response the third time, I’ll move on.

      If they ever respond and reject the work, at least I will know not to keep wondering about it. If they accept the work and I eventually actually get paid, I will likely not try to continue with this company.

      That said, the Speechpad staff seemed decent, the only exception being lack of communication. It could be that they are just swamped. While I’m disappointed, I don’t think that my experience with them should necessarily prevent others from applying.

  31. says

    I really really hate to have to post this, and please understand that the VAST MAJORITY of you are not offenders here, but I have recently had a rash of people leaving spiteful, hateful comments on this post. The comments have been directed towards specific people, and some of it has been downright insulting.

    While I encourage you to share your experiences, positive or negative, I will not publish comments that insult other people directly. Some things that have been said were really hitting below the belt. My blog is not a platform for that. If you have an issue with a specific person you work with or for, you should probably take it up with that person rather than venting about them here. There is a “comment policy” printed above each and every post here that states as much, so it’s not a rule you haven’t been warned about prior to posting.

    Again, feel free to discuss your dissatisfaction with any company, but I won’t be publishing any comments that insult a specific person. There is a mature way to express dissatisfaction without getting mean and hitting below the belt. Comments on this post may be closed if it continues to happen.

    Thanks for understanding! And please know that vast majority of you are not doing this.