What Is Virtual Bee?

Virtual Bee is one of the few online companies in existence that you can do legitimate data entry work from home for. You may already be familiar with this company if you know anything about Key for Cash, which is the name Virtual Bee used to go by. Why have I decided to review Virtual Bee when I already have a Key for Cash review on this blog? The reason is primarily because they are going by a different name now and also some changes have been made since I did the old review. However, I still plan to leave the old review in place because it has some value (particularly in the comments section). So feel free to refer to it at any time.

International workers – this opportunity is open worldwide provided you meet certain requirements. More detail on that is below.

What kind of work do you do for Virtual Bee?

The same data entry tasks that were available when the company was known as Key for Cash are still available. This involves looking at scanned images displaying numbers, dollars and cents, dates, or names and addresses and inputting them as they come across your screen. Virtual Bee has recently partnered with Lionbridge aka The Smart Crowd so their workers can do some other types of tasks. These tasks involve doing basic internet research (example – finding names and addresses for businesses online) and also making phone calls to gather information. For the most part it is easy, mindless work that you don’t need a lot of special skills for.

How much does Virtual Bee pay?

The amount you earn will vary per task. Some tasks pay more while others pay a lot less. For example, right now I am looking at my dashboard and I’m seeing data entry tasks that pay anywhere from .20 cents per 1000 keystrokes to .60 cents per 1000 keystrokes. The work you do through The Smart Crowd is right around the same amount.

Virtual Bee unfortunately is not a good option for an actual online job because the pay is so low you likely won’t even be making minimum wage. This is why I tell people not to really bother with it for anything apart from just extra money and data entry experience. Honestly, if you look at this as your “job,” you are going to get really frustrated because of how little you are making. When I do it, I just think of it as something for a little extra money — kind of like I do when I’m taking surveys, etc.

How and when does Virtual Bee pay?

Virtual Bee pays with a paper check mailed to you once a week provided you have met the cash out threshold. The Virtual Bee site says that you have to have at least $30 to get paid and The Smart Crowd site says you need $50. If you don’t earn enough money in one week to get paid, the amount will just roll over until you do have enough to get a check.

Update – Virtual Bee now has a direct deposit option.

Who can apply?

Virtual Bee explains on their website that they have their workers divided into two groups — US workers and international workers. If you’re in the US, you can apply as long as you are at least 18 years old. For non-US residents, the site says this, “the individual maintained a physical presence outside of the United States for the previous 3 consecutive calendar years. Entering the United States makes you ineligible to participate in our international program.”

Do you need experience to get in?

No, you do not need any prior experience. However, you will have to take a test on the website to gauge your data entry skills. The percentile you are in will determine whether or not they invite you to join. Obviously the higher your percentile, the better. If you don’t do so well the first time you test, you can take the test again the next day if you want.

Is there a schedule you must adhere to?

No, you are not bound by any schedule. You can log in and out and work whenever you want provided work is available.

Are you an independent contractor or an employee?

You work for Virtual Bee as an independent contractor. Therefore, it will be your responsibility to keep track of your payments for tax purposes as they will not send you a W-2.


As you might have already guessed, this is far from a perfect work at home opportunity (and don’t forget there is no such thing as that anyway). The primary gripes I see online from people who actually do work for Virtual Bee is the seriously low pay and the occasional lack of work. This is why you just can’t depend on it for income. Some people who apply also complain because they never hear back despite having a very high percentile score after taking the test.

The company does pay their workers, but there have been complaints in the past about slow payments.


There are some good things about Virtual Bee. First off, the work is kind of fun to do, especially if you’re someone who occasionally enjoys little mindless tasks. It also will give you some data entry experience. This will be super helpful if you ever decide to pursue some more lucrative data entry opportunities. Although they’re hard to find, these do exist. Great American Opportunities is one that comes to mind here. And, as stated above, the company is known for paying so you don’t have to worry about it being some shady data entry scam. If you wanted to spend a little bit of time on it each week, this could be some extra money for you every month.

My Experience

I have had an account with Virtual Bee for over a year. I was excited to get in because I enjoy data entry, but I have yet to make enough money to get paid. At the time I started, I was also doing a lot of freelance writing which paid considerably more so it just made sense for me to spend most of my time on that. However, I’ve been known to log into Virtual Bee here and there and do some keying just because it’s fun and one day I probably will accumulate enough to actually get a payment from them.

More Information

WAHM.com has an entire sub-forum devoted to Virtual Bee that stays pretty active. This is a good place to go read real user experiences and find out if anything new happens with the company. Work Place Like Home does not have a sub-forum for Virtual Bee, but people do discuss them pretty frequently on the transcription, coding, and data entry forum. You must be a registered member to view that forum, but registration is free.

Signing Up

If you want to go ahead and test for Virtual Bee, you can begin the sign up process here. Good luck, and please comment below if you have experience with the company you would like to share.

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  1. Scott says

    tried it for fun money, useless site. Most of the text is garbage that you can’t read and they won’t pay you for filtering it indicating it is barbage. Your real rate is about 3 cents per 1000 keystrokes. Not even worth it for fun spending

  2. Kathlein1 says

    I have worked for Virtual Bee for a couple years now. When I started it was Key For Cash. Stated above it says .20 to .60 per 1000 keystrokes. This is just not so. Once in a while you will see these, but very rarely. The typical pay is about 0.15 per 1000 keystrokes. This is a fun mindless work at home position but the pay is very very low. Mind you – every one of those thousand keystrokes must be correct, you do not get paid for incorrect keystrokes. Even a very fast typist with a very high quality rate can not make any feasable income on this site. You can not make minimum wage here, it is just not possible. When I first started there was work 24/7 any time you wanted it and my highest paying check was around $100 a week, this was when I was mostly online and spent A LOT of time typing for them. Summer months are very slow with little to no work available. Around tax time you can stay fairly busy. I would not recommend this company to anyone until they raised their rate of pay. It is truly sad the amount you make. Most people who are good and fast typers I would say make around 5 dollars an hour tops on the work they usually have posted which is mainly typing numerics. There are plenty of other opportunities for work at home positions, I hate to see people work so much for so little like I did for a while because I really needed the extra income. I kick myself when I think of all the time I spent working for them at such a low rate, so low for the amount of work and time I put in that it is actually embarassing. If people would stop working for this amount then maybe they would raise their rate some but as long as they can find someone to work for half of min. wage then nothing will change for this company. The up side is they are legit. Any time I made over $30 I was mailed a check, never cheated not once. A couple times my checks were late but they did always come so they are not a scam -they are just taking advantage of people with such low rates in my opinion.

    • says

      The .20 to .60 per task was what I saw at that time when I checked my dashboard. I did mention above that the rate can vary, and the rate listed was just an example based on what I saw at that time when I logged in.

      I agree with you that it’s nothing to depend on for an income, and I certainly wasn’t trying to imply in my post that it is. I would never recommend anyone try to make a living using this site and I think it’s a shame that their pay does nothing but drop. Unfortunately though it is one of the only legit options for data entry out there, which is why it’s even mentioned on this site at all.

      A person who wants to make better money doing data entry should probably try to get in with Great American Opportunities for their seasonal fall work, or possibly find a client on oDesk, Elance, etc. that needs data entry work done and is willing to pay a fair rate. I remember people used to talk about Key for Cash favorably because they paid fairly. Now it seems it’s becoming like ChaCha — something that used to be worth it but now is barely worth bothering with. :(

  3. Zack says

    I took the evaluation back when it was Key For Cash, scored in the 97th percentile, and never heard back from them. Just signed into my account now that it’s Virtual Bee, and nothing has changed. Was looking forward to some mindless plugging away to augment a podcast or two. Are there any comparable sites to Virtual Bee?

  4. Annie says

    When I first started with this company I loved it. Over the years it has changed so much so that it’s just not worth it anymore. The snippets are terrible to read and then they reprimand you for not entering something you can’t read when they tell you if you can’t read it to pass on it. I don’t see much ever good ever coming out of this company anymore. It’s sad because at one time it was a good egg for a part time job.

  5. pat says

    Do you know of the site lionbridge which are connected to virtual bee and if and how often they have task available. And if they have any available task now.

  6. WindyCat says

    I currently work for Virtual Bee (as of Nov 2013). The pay is .30cents for every 1000 keystrokes. As far I know, it’s been this way since 2013. I don’t know of being paid .60cents per 1000 keystrokes…no one who I know who types for Virtual Bee is getting paid that much. Nope..it’s .30cents per 1000 keystrokes for everyone whether you’re good at it or not.

    • says

      This review was written back in March of this year. At the time I wrote the review, I checked my dashboard and did see some tasks that paid the .60 cents. So I was reporting what I saw for myself at that time.

  7. sakthu says

    They are looking for slow workers. If you complain for payment, works are not available forever. And they will silent forever. They don’t like fast workers. Low percentiles get the works. COMPLAIN = NO WORK !

  8. Cheryl says

    This was a good company when I got in some years ago when it was called Key For Cash but it has changed a lot over the years. When I started the pay was .60 cents per 1,000 keystrokes and you could make some okay money with it because the work was consistent. Now the pay has been cut down to .20-.30 cents per 1,000 keystrokes and the work is very inconsistent. Making payout with them monthly has become impossible. I have since dropped this egg. It’s just not worth the money. It’s sad too because the work is not hard and it could be a good egg if they just worked at it a bit. It’s a legit company that does pay but truth is there are other better paying jobs out there without having to waste time with this one.

  9. Rachel says

    I applied to do data entry with Virtual Bee in April 2013 and scored in the 99th percentile, I think. After a temp job at a law firm went sour in November 2013, I was fairly excited to get an email from Virtual Bee saying I could start keying. PROS: Easy, mindless typing work. Slightly addictive. CONS: Low pay (~ $2/hr even if you’re fast and accurate), long periods of no work (usually work on Tuesday-Thursday but even that’s not reliable lately), not the friendliest technical service. I contacted them recently to find out why I hadn’t received my most recent check… they said my bank info was wrong/missing (for direct deposit) and that my check would be mailed the next week. I told them that was great as I preferred checks and they said eventually everyone will have to switch over to direct deposit. Setting up direct deposit was a whole different ballpark :/ but I worked it out. I’m a little aggravated that I even bothered as there has been precious little work lately. It’s not even worth logging into check their website anymore.

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