Former KGB USA Workers, Check Your Bank Accounts

Remember KGB? The company similar to ChaCha? If you worked for them between 2009 and 2012, you may have gotten some money deposited into your bank account as a result of a settlement. Apparently the company got into some trouble for treating their independent contractors like employees (requiring them to work shifts, etc.) while not even paying minimum wage. More details on the settlement are here.

The money would have gotten deposited into the bank account you were using when you worked for the company. Unless you worked a great deal, the amount may not have been very much. I found out about this while browsing Work Place Like Home, and some former workers there claimed anywhere from $13 to $100 back. I only worked for KGB for one month and made about $40, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t get much back at all. I am also no longer using the same bank account I was then so I’m not sure what becomes of my money with that being the case?

If you moved and/or changed banks, you are still entitled to your money. One of my helpful readers on Facebook provided this information if you know you will receive money but aren’t sure where it’s at:

UPDATED INFO ON KGB. The lady over at the Dept. of Labor called me back today with a phone number for inquiries.

If someone no longer has their bank account that was registered with KGB, they can call 866-665-8420 9am-8pm EST M-F.

They will be sending paper checks to these affected people. The cannot tell you how much you are getting.

In closing, I have to say this is a good thing. There are SO many companies that hire people as IC’s and then work them like employees, not even paying minimum wage. I’ve seen this a lot while studying home-based jobs … all these companies just walk that fine line and get by with whatever they can. Maybe this will scare some of the others into doing things right.

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  1. monika says

    Connie or anyone else who knows the answer, did you ever find out who to contact since the number was disconnected? They issued my W2 under my old business tax id and not my social, I closed the business and the tax id back in 2011 and am not sure how to go about filing my taxes with this w2 now. =(

  2. Connie says

    …meant to say that since the number listed above is disconnected, does anyone have any idea who to contact regarding this?


  3. Connie says

    I just got a W-2 in the mail today and never received a deposit. Of course the number is disconnected. Funny thing is that I am using the same bank account that i did back then and I never got a check.

    I wouldn’t worry except now that I have this W-2 for 2013 I’ll have to pay taxes on something I never received.

  4. Michelle Ridenour says

    I just got a check in the mail from them today. I knew nothing about the settlement or suit and thought it was bogus as well until I searched online for it. I am surprised but very happy with the amount I received.

  5. Deana says

    I just got a check in the mail today from KGB! I was surprised at how much it was for because I didn’t work for them that long! I probably would have thought it was a bogus check and thrown it away if you hadn’t let us know about the settlement! Thanks!!!

  6. says

    Thanks for letting folks know about KGB, Anna! What a way to rip off ICs (independent contractors), using a bogus employee status to justify paying slave wages…

  7. Samantha Ewell says

    I was wondering what that random deposit into my account was for! Lol yay!

  8. Sandra says

    Texting companies do this also and pretty much take advantage. Anyone working for text121chat knows this, but there are more. All of these companies should get reported.