Working at Home for Apple

Did you know that Apple has a ton of people currently working from home for them? This came as a surprise to me initially. I did a quick search on their “Jobs” page and was honestly floored by how many virtual positions they actually do have available. While the work is location-based, there is no shortage of areas across the US where they are hiring. They may occasionally have openings in other countries, as well.

What home jobs are available at Apple?

There are several different home-based jobs listed currently. Here’s what I’m seeing right now:

  • At-home Team Manager
  • At-home Advisor
  • Applecare At-home Advisor
  • At-home Japanese Team Manager
  • Agreement Admin At-home Advisor
  • Customer Relations – Tier 1
  • Applecare Area Manager
  • At-home Advisor, Chat

As you can see, these are primarily customer service related positions that you will need a land line phone for as well as a quiet background to work. Some of the customer support is also chat-based. The Apple At-home Advisor position appears to have the most openings available and most of the information in this post is going to apply to that position since it’s the most common and also possibly the easiest one to get in on.

How much does Apple pay their home-based workers?

From what I understand, there is not a set amount. It will vary depending on the job and your qualifications. The pay is competitive however and your recruiter will discuss your rate with you once you’re offered the job. I have seen some quotes on various forums stating $14 an hour or better, but again this isn’t set in stone. Your rate could be less or more than that.

Are you considered an employee or an independent contractor?

Apple hires home-based workers as employees. This means benefits! You can qualify for 401K, lots of insurance including medical, and Apple might also give you an employee discount on their products. I will be adding Apple to my list of companies that hire you as an employee.

Is it full or part-time?

This varies. I have seen some positions listed at part-time and others at full-time. Most of the At-home Advisor positions list a minimum of 20 hours per week, requesting that you work six hour shifts.

Your schedule may vary from time to time and you might occasionally be working weekends. This isn’t a super flexible position because your hours are your hours and they expect you to work around them, not vice versa. So if you are looking for flexibility, this is probably not the company to look at.

Who is qualified for the job?

It depends on the job, but the Apple At-home Advisor should have some troubleshooting/tech experience and a familiarity with Apple products is preferred, though not required. Having some prior customer service experience as well as experience working from home doing customer support might also help you land this job.

What are the tech requirements?

You need high-speed internet service from a reliable provider, a land line phone with no features, and a quiet work space. I’ve been reading that the Apple At-home Advisors also receive brand new iMacs to do the work on from Apple! These are for business use only though.

How does the application process work?

I’ve been reading that after submitting your resume, you’ll have about three interviews with Apple before receiving an offer letter. Many current workers said that some of their interviews were done via Facetime. You also must submit to a criminal and employment check before being hired.

You will have to go through a few weeks of training (paid) before you actually start working.

Is this location-based?

You will notice on the Apple jobs page that these positions are all associated with a specific location. You do not have to live in the city listed in order to be considered. If you are even in the same state as the city listed, you probably still have a shot at getting in, so apply!

What is the feedback on Apple?

The feedback I’m finding states that this is a very professional company to work for. Most people love the job, the pay, the benefits, etc. I am not finding complaints at all. However, some people do find that the company isn’t a fit for them because the schedule isn’t that flexible.

You may also want to check out this interview with one of my readers who has done chat work from home for Apple.

Would you like to apply to work from home for Apple?

Go here to browse their listings for home-based jobs. Good luck!

Interested primarily in the work from home chat position at Apple? Go here for more details.

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  1. Nikki says

    I applied for the position for Work at home chat team for tech support. Got the job within 3 weeks. My training will still in 4 weeks and they send a computer for you to use for working! great benefits from day 1 and over $16/hr

  2. alicia says

    How do I do this? I have already applied but never received confirmation of them even getting my application much less telling me I was denied or not. I applied directly to the apple site for my city and its still posted but no one ever gets back to me. anyone else have this problem? I looked over Kelly sservices and they have nothing for apple.

  3. Destiny says

    I got the same email SDot about the position pending on background check. I called the number and spoke to a lady because I was scared they didnt get my fax about the phone and internet proof since I got a email saying they hadn’t got it yet so I then emailed it and was calling to confirm and while she had me on the line she said she would look to see if everything was in order and she told me that everything looked good to her that I was all set for the 22nd.

    I went ahead and invested in a landline, because Ive applied other places and some places say no magic jack or anything like that and seemed like alot of places preferred a landline.

    I feel silly not to ask about pay periods. and googling hasnt led me to much information either other than it’s weekly but I dont know what day or if they hold you a week behind or any of that stuff I was hoping they would go over it on the 22nd. Also Im curious about the equipment, if we can use them for personal use not that I need another computer for personal use it’s just been a while since Ive used a imac and would like to familiarize myself with it and the ipod touch. I guess Im really excited for the 22nd.. glad I posted and know a few people who will be there also :)

    • SDot says

      Great..same class! I’m glad everything worked out for you.

      I initially asked the woman that interviewed me about the pay schedule and she only knew the rate. She wasn’t able to tell me that it was weekly lol. I did see in the handbook and online that they pay weekly.

      In some other posts, people stated they received information that the equipment is for work use only. I am getting my questions to ask ready on 7/22.

  4. Ladhie says

    I’m just reading the positive comments about Apple, but I want to be clear, is this a chat/phone position or strictly CST/Tech support via phone?

    • SDot says

      When working directly with Apple, I believe they offer a chat position as well. I was hired through Kelly and was told it will be CST/Tech support via phone.

  5. Destiny says

    every time I search about this process I get different answers. Today I had my phone interview, the guy told me that I’ll recieve an email and to fill out the paper work and background check, training begins July 21st.. its july 7th so Im hoping that I do start training

    • SDot says

      Hi Destiny,

      I completed my online i-9 forms on Sunday and on Monday I received a call from Kelly Services going over the info for the new employee orientation. The recruiter said my background check is still currently pending. They sent me an email documenting the orientation scheduled for 7/22 then a one day training on 7/26. This is for the class starting on 7/28. Did you go through this process also?

      • Destiny says

        Yes!! those are the dates that I am going to be attending also, my background check is also still pending and I had to show proof of my internet and phone service. So Im happy about that. Everything I read though I feel as though my process was done a little different, I got a call took the over the phone assessment, then got a second call and I dont know if that was an assessment or not because we really only talked about getting these forms filled out and the day after my I9 was completed they called with an offer, and the orientation email. Im not sure when the background check started, not that Im worried but I read somewhere that you couldn’t work till it came back and can take up to 2 weeks. Ive googled and googled till my eyes are blood shot I dont have much else info on time periods for background checks because the one thread I found was from 2011 I believe they are faster now but who knows.. but Im glad that I know someone who will be there on the 22nd :)

        • fjb says

          I submitted my background check last Thursday, my I-9 and new hire paperwork on Monday morning, and was given an official offer and sent the orientation/training e-mail Monday afternoon with the same dates you mentioned.
          I’m guessing the background check process is quicker than a few years back.
          Would they make am official offer if it was still pending?

          • SDot says


            I submitted my I-9 forms on Sunday evening and on Monday afternoon I received the phone call discussing a contingent offer. The rep then sent an email with the instructions to send in the phone/internet info and the information for the training on 7/22, 7/26 and then the info on the training beginning on 7/28.

            The contingent offer letter states, “Please note that this offer is contingent upon the return of favorable background screens and the completion of hiring forms that were provided to you in the I-9 email.” I haven’t received an Official Offer letter as of yet. I would think that if you received an Official offer, you are good.

        • SDot says

          Yes, I have been reading forums since I began the Kelly process lol. I keep searching just to see if anything new comes up and that is how I found this post.

          So far, its Thurs 7/17 and I still only have the email providing me with the dates of the phone call for 7/22 and orientation on 7/26. I also submitted proof of my telephone and internet. I see that some people have mentioned in other forums receiving a final offer letter via email. For now, I am just anxious to start the training.

          The rep I spoke with over the phone stated it will be weekly but I am not sure if the 7/22 and 7/26 dates are considered a part of the “paid training.” Did your rep discuss the pay schedule with you?

          Thanks for responding!

      • Laura says

        I’m in the same boat as you. On the 22nd my orientation is taking place and the 26th we will set up the equipment and then on the 28th is my first day. Have you guys got a land line set up or VoIP? Well good luck and I’ll probably hit you up asking some other questions along the way. It’s good to finally find people who are starting in the same boat as me!

        • SDot says

          Hi All!

          I called into the staffing hotline today to check the status on my paperwork, proof of internet, background check. My rep said that everything is a go for 7/22. I do not believe they will be sending a new offer letter to me, she just asked if I still have the contingent letter.

          Laura, so far I sent in my info for BasicTalk, which is on their list. I did read the fine print and this company does state that they will suspend your service should you get to about 3000 a month. I am thinking that since BasicTalk was suggested to us, we may not be approaching the 3000 minute mark per month. If you are using a Voip, which one are you selecting?

          Thanks everyone for your feedback and responses.

  6. Nicki says

    It takes about two weeks. If you pass they will call you to discuss getting all of your paperwork submitted. Make sure you submit paperwork on time or you will not get a formal job offer.

  7. Cindy Nourse says

    I applied over a month ago thru Kelly Connect, had all testing, then phone interview, she said I had an excellent chance. never heard anything back from them. I was very disappointed, as I thought they would be an excellent company to work for.

  8. Shotina Gilliam says

    Hello Guys I filled out and application with KElly Connect and i have went through the phone interview and after that they sent me a more detailed application to do online that has been a week ago what should i expect next…how long does it take after the phone interview and the detailed application and background check.

    • kim says

      I want to know the same thing because its been like a week and a half since I completed the info for the background check

  9. Cheri says

    Hi Anna! I just completed my telephone interview with Kelly Connect. They are hiring Customer Service Reps for Apple! I have passed the interview and after my background check, I will start my training. Apparently, the background check is the final stage in the interview process..

  10. Lissa says

    I got to my third interview with them – I have years of customer service experience with them as well as technical experience and a high level of experience with Apple products in particular. My first two interviews were over the phone but the third was face-time. I thought it went extremely well as far as my answers but for some reason I was told shortly thereafter they did not choose me. Interesting….

    • Elsie Greene says

      Yahoo did WAH, but sent their folks back to the brick and mortar sites since productivity and Cust Sat dropped. Apple has a high standard and keeps it high so WAH is growing.

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