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quality-gal-now-hiringQuality Gal is currently looking for more freelance writers to add to their team. Many thanks to Jess Weaver, one of my readers and occasional guest posters, for alerting me to that fact! Quality Gal pays every single week. The pay varies depending on the type of article you’re doing, but apparently ranges between $6 and $28 per assignment.

The company just posted on WAHM.com advertising for writers the other day. The thread is about three pages long and as you can see, Quality Gal was great about responding to all questions/concerns posted in that thread. You can learn a lot about how this company works just from reading through that.

I also posted a review on Quality Gal here a few years ago. It may need updating because I’m sure some things have changed since I wrote it, but you might still find it useful.

You can go here to apply to be a Quality Gal writer. If you’re looking for steady, weekly pay and you like to write, this might be a good “egg” to add to your basket.

Want more job leads? Check the job board to see what else is new!

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