Work at Home Transcription for SpeechInk

Today’s post covers yet another work at home opportunity that is done through Amazon MTurk (similar to that I posted about last week). If you’re interested in doing transcription from home and you have no prior experience, you can definitely get your feet wet by doing some short jobs through SpeechInk. Most of these files are either business presentations, voicemails, or insurance claims.

SpeechInk has their own domain and website set up here, but you must have an account at Amazon MTurk to do the transcription jobs. You can read more about Amazon MTurk here.

How much does SpeechInk pay?

It will vary depending on the length of the file you transcribe. For example, I’m looking at a list of jobs they have posted now and it appears that max is at $37.79 for  a two hour long file (video transcription) and the least is around three cents for a seven second file. And there are several more that are in between those two amounts. Is this good pay for transcription? Most experienced transcribers would probably tell you it isn’t that great. But I personally do see value in spending time working for SpeechInk and other companies that hire beginners if you have no experience in the industry and are looking to get it. Then after you’ve built up your confidence and skill level, you can apply for some better paying work.

SpeechInk does normally give out bonuses on top of the money you earned as a reward for doing good work.

How and when does SpeechInk pay?

Because the work is done on MTurk, you’re getting paid by MTurk. This means that you can either request a payout deposited into your bank account when you hit the $10 cashout threshold or you can transfer your balance over to your Amazon Payments account when you have accumulated at least $1.

How do you get signed up?

Signing up is as easy as creating an account at MTurk if you don’t already have one. Then, just do a search for the SpeechInk requester and attempt the files you want to try. You will probably notice that most of the jobs require various qualifications before you can do them. To get the qualification, just click on the “Request Qualification” button and do whatever is asked to get it. You might have to take a test, or getting the qualification might be as simple as agreeing to the terms of confidentiality agreement. It will vary depending on the type of file you’re doing.

What do people say about SpeechInk?

Many people who do these files on MTurk seem to enjoy them because they are easy to understand and there usually isn’t more than two speakers at a time per file. This makes it much easier for a beginner to keep up and do the transcription. SpeechInk is also known for paying (something that a lot of other requesters on MTurk slack on — thus giving them a bad reputation) although at various times SpeechInk has been slow to pay, but they always do.

Want to get started?

There is a ton of information here on the SpeechInk site to get you going, including a link to their Style Guide for doing the insurance transcriptions. Another popular requester for transcription on MTurk is CastingWords. You can also read this newer review of SpeechInk aka SpeechPad here.

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  1. Rob says

    No information provided for workers.
    No Style guide for non verbatim work.

    Company advertizes that they have thousands of qualified employees to do the work for customers, and they turn around and submit that work to crowd sourcing platforms like MTurk. False advertizing to get people to give them work.

    If you are a beginner, it might be nice to know, speechink and speechpad (same company), considers you a qualified employee.. But, I would be careful, if you are a beginner.. investing too much time in transcribing with the potential of your work being rejected, could be a bad thing.. They make it sound so easy and great.. It’s hard work, very time consuming and the pay is really poor.

    While it might sound nice to get paid 37.79 for a two hour file. Consider that a decent transcriptionist can do around 15 to 20 minutes of audio in an hour. That makes for several hours work for 37.79. And if you are a beginner, you have a pretty high chance of your work being rejected, and they won’t give you a style guide for non verbatim hits. Take your chances if you want to, I personally have.. I won’t anymore. I have never been rejected, but I have also found much better paying jobs.

  2. says

    I worked for SpeechInk way back when at the same time I was just starting with Demand Studios. I did a lot of insurance transcription for SpeechInk where you’re typing out conversations between the insurance agent and someone whose been in a car accident (there’s nothing gory or horrible to listen to). That’s all they had then. Now they have a bunch more. I know their top-paying transcription gig nowadays are their court videos. I liked SpeechInk because it was easy to learn their guidelines, especially compared to another MTurk transcriber Casting Words, which has page after page of guidelines, plus SI pays more than CW. For MTurk gigs, I recommend SI as it pays better than most of the stuff on there.

  3. mel says

    I have done some of the SpeechInk work via MTurk before. I stopped doing it because they went through a phase where they were taking quite a bit of time to approve the work. After I got to the point of requesting to what the problem was, they ended up paying only the base rate, no bonus pay was given even though my accuracy was high on that job. My suggestion is to start slowly and see if they got their payments back on track before doing a lot of jobs.

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