Top Reward Programs to Use

Rewards programs are fun to get involved with because you can get paid back for things you’re going to do anyway. Some great examples include My Coke Rewards, Pampers Gifts to Grow, etc.

Here is a list of some different rewards programs that are out there if this kind of thing interests you:


This is a new one I recently found out about, and it looks really good. You register at Plink and then dine and shop offline like you normally would. If you use the debit/credit card you registered with Plink to pay, you’ll get cash and rewards back from reputable retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart, iTunes, Home Depot, and more. Plink has deals with thousands of reputable retailers nationwide to help thank you for your business. I was a little hesitant about connecting my debit card with Plink, but I felt better about it after reading that they use bank-level encryption and that their system only scans the transactions so they can reward you for your purchases.

Some of Plink’s investors include MemoLink and (owned by AOL) and they are members of the National Restaurant Association, so I feel pretty safe with this one. Another plus is that feedback so far from other Plink users is very, very good. I plan to do a full review once I’ve had time to really try this program out. If you would like to sign up and start earning rewards back for the money you spend shopping, dining, and buying gas you do frequently, you can sign up for Plink here.

Pampers Gifts to Grow

If you’re a mom to a baby, then chances are good you go through a lot of diapers. The Pampers Gifts to Grow program gives you points for every Pampers product you purchase that you can redeem for toys and other things. They give you 100 points just for signing up.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Do you buy lots of Kellogg’s products? They now have a rewards program you can use to snag things like books, toys, magazine subscriptions, and also high value coupons. Each participating Kellogg’s product will have a 16-digit code you can enter so you can start building up your points. To sign up for Kellogg’s Family Rewards, click the banner:

Shell Fuel Rewards

Buying gas admittedly hasn’t given us much to smile about the last few years as prices at the pump increase, but fortunately Shell does have a rewards program you can use to get something back for all that money you spend. With this program,  you earn rewards when you shop and dine. Redeem rewards to save on fuel. Never pay full price for fuel again. This one is only open in certain states, including Louisiana, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Maine, Ohio, Rhode Island, Washington DC, Nebraska, Utah, Arkansas, Indiana, and Kansas.

My Coke Rewards

The Coke program has been around for a long time and it’s one I’ve used a little. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a great experience with it because I saved up codes and the item I redeemed for never actually came. It was just a magazine subscription so no great loss, but it kind of put me off about it. I did try to contact them as well but didn’t really get any help. Still, I know my experience isn’t the norm because it seems most people do actually get the products they redeem for. You can read more details on the Coke rewards program here.

Huggies Enjoy the Ride

Huggies has a rewards program very similar to the Pampers program mentioned above. I have not tried this one, but it’s pretty popular. Just like with the Pampers program, you get points with the Huggies products you buy and you can redeem these for different merchandise. They have their catalog viewable online if you want to see what you can cash your points in for.

Do you use rewards programs? Care to share your experience? What are your favorites to use?

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