The Best Work at Home Job You Ever Had

I’ve done so many things over the years to make money from home and some stand out in my mind more than others. Today I figured I would share some of the best work at home jobs I’ve ever had and invite you to do the same (if you’ve ever had a work at home job).

Unfortunately most of the things I’m about to list are not really options anymore. If they were, I’d probably still be spending time on some of them. Here’s my list (this is in chronological order too by the way):


ChaCha used to be both lucrative and fun and it was the first thing I ever did that made me any “real” money from home. I remember a time when I could easily clear $9 or more dollars an hour working as a guide, answering the mostly silly although occasionally serious questions people would text in. And getting my pay was as easy as hitting the “Pay Me” button anytime I wanted to. While ChaCha is still there to do, it’s barely possible to make $1 an hour working. Such a shame, and I do hope that that turns around one day. It was fun work.


I’ve done freelance writing for many different content sites over the last few years, and wiseGEEK was by far my favorite. There were always plenty of interesting titles to choose from in their title pool and you got the same editor every time so it wasn’t difficult to learn to write according to their preferences, which meant almost no rewrite requests. I know many people would scoff at the pay, but I got fast enough that I could easily crank out three articles an hour. This usually meant that I was making more than $30 an hour. Also, you could get paid multiple times in a week via Paypal.

While wiseGEEK does still exist, they are not hiring freelance writers at this time and I’m not sure when they will again. They felt the effects of the infamous Panda update and things haven’t been the same there since.

Titling for Demand

Doing titling for Demand Media is probably the closest I’ve ever come to pushing a button and getting paid for it. As a part of the title quality assurance team, all that was expected of me was to determine if the titles that came through should be accepted as is, edited, or rejected. I got fast and it became very easy for me to simply glance at a title, make my selection, and go on to the next title in just a few seconds. Sometimes I was making over $20 an hour doing this and I got paid twice a week with Paypal.

The way Demand handled things when this good thing came to an end still leaves me with a sick feeling. There were so many of us who were terminated from this position with no warning at all :( But there’s no denying that it was one of the easiest and best paying work at home jobs I’ve done so far.

Fancy Hands

I love my job as a virtual assistant for Fancy Hands because it’s flexible work and I never know what I might be doing. Calling to check on someone’s dry cleaning, researching hotel rates, or even something as simple as adding events to a person’s online calendar. I have almost no complaints with this job and I believe they are still hiring if this sounds like something you would want in on. It’s task-based work that you can do any hour of the day or night provided the work is there. Lately they have had a lot of work available but I’ve also seen the work dry up, so be sure to have something else you can do on the backburner.

Data Entry for GAO

This is something I am currently doing and my non-disclosure agreement that I signed prevents me from saying much about it. I will say that I had to wait an entire year to get this job. Some people have had to wait even longer than that. The work is seasonal and the pay is fair for what you do. There are a few times a year when you can test to get on the waiting list. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know when that happens because I try to alert everyone there when they can test.


What was once just a hobby for me has, over the last few years, turned into a hobby that I actually earn some money from. Blogging is very much like running my own business because I own the blogs I run. However, blog earnings (or at least my blog earnings) are rather unpredictable. I always want to have another work at home job (or two) to bring in additional income just in case.

So that is my list :) I would love if you’d share, too. What is the best work at home job (or jobs) you’ve ever had? 

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  1. Jessica says

    I am a ex cha cha ER too and been w west at home since 2008! I am also w butler hill and LOVe them. Also do wordgigs, textbroker, mturks and many others too. I also got canned at DMS randomly and then was a title manager at how to hint who closed w NO warning. I made GOOD there. About 900 every 2 weeks

  2. peter lopez says

    Also an ex ChaCha employee. Now work with Humanatic and and Lionbridge getting paid well and on time. Found them on this website, thanks.

  3. says

    I used to work for ChaCha as well. Now I do not because of the same reason you stated. It’s not worth my time. I used to could make at least an extra hundred a month there, now no way!
    I did however find a better way to make posting and you do not have to be timed and you can post where and what you want. I do Post Loop. Please if you sign up use the referral link or copy & paste it. I WILL help you do well there.

  4. says

    Worked for student of fortune. the money is not that good and the worst part is you stay a whole month after asking for your payment to receive in Paypal. For the whole month after the withdraw they tell you that they are processing.

  5. clauemi says

    ChaCha used to be one of my favorites as well, aahhh the good old days! I’ve been working at Odesk these past few weeks and that was thanks to you and the job leads you posted. I gave up applying to jobs at Odesk a long time ago and if it hadn’t been for your post then I would have never gone back. Other than those two most of the sites I have tried are for chump change. I like Slicethepie, Postloop, Irazoo and Clickworker for a few bucks.

  6. Alyssa says

    I know that alot of people dislike phone jobs, but I really liked the benefits of working for Teletech. I worked with them for over a year, but did finally leave due to their client (not them). I just didn’t like the ethics of the company that I had to represent and the way they wanted us to handle their clients. The pay wasn’t that great I’ll admit, but the benefits were rather good, scheduling was easy, and there was always extra work to do which led to more money by picking up hours. They have a great health program offering free personal coaches and a health reimbursement account in which they paid $25 into every pay period. That $25 added up quickly and after some time I was able to afford an eye exam and a contact prescription for an entire year that I didn’t have to pay into. They really are a great company as far as telecommunications go and I highly suggest them for someone just starting out looking for a phone job. They’re always hiring.

    I found some good writing contacts on freelance sites like Odesk and Elance that led to interesting opportunities, but most of the work is short-term contracted and is unstable as far as guaranteeing an income. I’ve pretty much put my freelance career on hold because I found a new job that’s paid hourly. There’s opportunity that can be found in freelance, but I must admit I prefer stability.

    Really there’s many great choices for work at home work these days and I feel like all of us WAH employees are just the beginning. I tell people constantly that WAH is the new wave of working and will become more prevalent in the future, because I’ve seen it explode over the last few years and even know of local companies that have converted.

  7. says

    It does seem like just about the time you find a great work-at-home gig and get settled in, that opportunity disappears. I’ve learned the hard way to always keep cultivating new streams of income. Because you never know what’s ahead!

  8. Markato says

    Workforce Logic. Paid on time, pay was good, they were quick to respond to my needs, etc. Excellent, excellent company. I can’t wait to get in with them again.

  9. aerin184 says

    I was a title editor for Demand, and I haven’t been able to find work as simple AND lucrative since! I definitely didn’t make as much as you did per hour, but there was almost always steady work. I wish I’d taken more advantage of it at the time.

  10. Michelle says

    I too loved ChaCha in the beginning and wish it stayed like that. I was just hired with Fancy Hands and have had great success with Elance.

  11. Melissa says

    Clickworker. I have been able to pay off a new computer and a hospital bill. Been working since April, and still earning money.

    Only good if you are in the US though….thanks to UHRS.

  12. says

    I too enjoyed ChaCha in their early days! Then I made good money with Leapforce and now my favorite work at home job is working as a freelance web designer. It’s like a dream come true for me. Blogging is of course, the best thing ever! I get to interact with people, help others and be creative- all while adding to my monthly income. But like you said, too bad it’s not more stable.

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