Chat Work From Home for G5 Live – *No Longer Operating*

Update 1/19/15 – It appears this company is no longer operating.

G5 Live is one more company you can work for if you are looking for a chat job from home. I will say right off that this is just extra money (or extra change at that) based on the reviews I’ve read from others, and if you apply I would definitely recommend having another non-phone job you can do on the side because this company won’t pay all your bills. You work for this company as an independent contractor, not an employee.

What kind of company is G5 Live?

They offer live chat software for various companies as well as chat operators (which is where you come in, doing the chat work from home). They have been in existence since 2008.

What do you do for G5 Live?

This is a customer service job similar to what you would do for many other companies that only offer phone work. You chat with the customers of G5 Live’s clients and answer their questions. They also hire sales chat agents.

How much do they pay?

The money is not fantastic. Actually, it would be OK if they had a lot of chat volume but word is that they don’t. As a chat operator, you earn 25 cents per chat you do. Apparently they also offer performance bonuses and other additional rewards to go along with this rate. G5 Live used to have a minimum cashout threshold of $20, but now you can get paid no matter how much you have in your account. You can get your money once a month via check or Paypal.

What are the required hours?

G5 Live schedules you in eight hour shifts, so you do have to sit there for a long time, waiting for chats to come in. This is why it would be a good idea to have another non-phone job you could do when you aren’t getting any chats because from what I’ve read you are not likely to make minimum wage here since the chat volume isn’t high enough.

What do other people say?

I’ve done a lot of digging and while there are plenty of people who reported being paid, many of these same people said not to bother with G5 Live because you don’t make enough money for it to be worth it. In the past, the cashout threshold was $20 and it would take people a long time to ever get there and most would give up before they did. Apparently now the cashout threshold is gone so you wouldn’t have to wait till you had $20 to get whatever money you do earn.

My Thoughts

Most of the time when so many people say “don’t bother,” I don’t even list the opportunity on my site. But non-phone chat jobs that are not adult-oriented like this one are in high demand and even though the money isn’t good, there’s a chance someone out there may enjoy it for a few bucks here and there on top of whatever else they do from home. It would be great if, at some point in the future, things changed and it became a good opportunity. I don’t know if that will ever happen. For now, I would just look at this as extra cash (maybe even extra change from what I’ve read).

If you really need a chat job but don’t want to try this company, there are some other options. I have a list of all the companies I’m aware of that hire for chat on this page in my directory.

How do you apply?

To sign up, just visit the careers page for details on how to send your resume to the company.

I would love it if you’d share your own experience working for this company if you have it in the comments. Your experience (good or bad) may help others decide if this is worth it or not.

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  1. Amy says

    DO NOT work for this company!! I worked for them for about 2 months, and after 3 days, I was promoted to team lead. Let’s just say, the shine wore off in a hurry. I did projects, extra shifts (which should have earned me more money), and basically worked about 60 hours a week. The first month I earned less than $300, and for the second month, I was told that the owner had issues with Paypal. I am very, very unhappy and I regret that I recommended this job to some of my friends.

  2. Previous Employee says

    I wish to remain anonymous, which is why I am not including my name or email address. I used to work for G5live a few months ago. At that time they did still pay 25 cent per chat. However, not many people make more then $100-$200 a month. It is a very small company(like less then 20 people small) and the turnover rate seems to be high. I think with better managing, the company would take off even better then it has. They may be able to keep people there longer too as well. They do have several clients but some hardly have any chats coming in. Most people that you work with are great and the job is pretty easy.However, I would not recommend it as it is not a real professional workplace. This may seem great at first, but in the end you will realize it is not.

  3. Sean says

    hello guys,

    i just sent in for the chat position here hopefully i get a response I need some extra side cash and $100-$300 a month seems good for me so my fingers are crossed.

  4. Susan says

    I can say i do work at G5live and love it although I have read the negitives there are a lot of positives such as people are saying they do not make much at all such as not even $20 this is not true as even though our chat volume is not very high yet it is there and no matter what you have agents that is they are there and work their shifts they will make their performance bonus which ranges from $70 to $90 depending on the shift. Also its a great opportunity for someone that is home with kids or family as you can pretty much do what you want to do in between chats we have many agents that clean house do laundry play with the kids whatever and when a chat comes in they take it. Now we may not be that big yet but we are growing as major growth is on the way daily with new clients. So even though you may only average between $100-$300 a month you will still get paid.

    • Sean says

      hello Anna,

      i have a question do you know how they pay? do they offer paypal, Check in mail, and or Direct Deposit?

    • Veronica Fischer says

      I worked there for 2 weeks, didn’t break $20… I couldn’t spend any time with my kids because I was strapped to my computer. I couldn’t make dinner because I had this growth that would ring at me every now and then. I couldn’t do laundry because my laundry is in another room and I got yelled at for leaving a room and missing ONE chat. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the supervisor’s job (NOT TEAM LEAD) to make sure the chats get answered? hmmm…
      As for this company growing, I don’t see how because you’re not going to keep anyone on staff. If things don’t clear up with this company I will start messaging the companies that you use and inform them of the way the G5Live employees are treated.

      Also, punctuation is a KEY factor in chatting…or posting comments.

  5. Bernice Jenkins says

    I am just shocked they have not gone out of business. I worked for them when they first opened and gave them 9 mos due to them being new and needing to build up their clients. But I should of realized when theyu suddenly changed the pay rate from hourly to 25cents per chat. Well if you had chats during your shift then that would not be a problem. But literally I would get one or two chats a week!! After 9 mos. I resigned. Well I decided since they had been around a bit now maybe things have changes and went to work with them again in March. And still not much is different. Well let me correct that. I would on avg get 1 or 2 chats a day. So thats an entire dollar!! And what is irritating is that insist you be available for your 8 hour shift but dont even give you a nickel for sitting there. And unless you have another computer or install a virt computer on your work computer, doing other work during the shift is not allowed. And there software they use for the chats now has a VPN built in so they can see any internet activity you may be doing. You could run software installed and do work but no internet without getting caught. The job itsself is easy and if they had the client base this would be great. But working for 4 dollars a week is just not worth it. Especially when i cannot even get it since payout is $20.

    • says

      Thank you for sharing this, Bernice. I appreciate the honest feedback. I am really hopeful that one day things will turn around and perhaps this will become a better opportunity since these kinds of jobs are in such high demand.

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