38 Survey Panels That Still Pay in Cash

Survey Sites That Still Pay in Cash

I did a lot of research over the weekend to find out what survey panels still pay in cash because, as you may know, most of them now use these confusing points systems rather than just telling us how much we’re going to earn per survey. I came up with a list of 38 that do pay in cash (although depending on the company they might also occasionally offer other rewards like Amazon GC instead), but what they all have in common is that they don’t follow points systems.

Are Paid Surveys Worth It?

If you don’t mind the fact it’s just extra money, then sure! I’ve done paid surveys for quite a few years now, and I always enjoy the little Paypal payments and Amazon gift cards I get for doing them. Every little bit adds up, and the great thing is you’re not committed. If you get a survey invitation to your email and don’t feel like bothering with it, just trash it. Getting an invitation doesn’t mean you have to do the survey.

Tip – If you want to make a substantial amount of extra money doing paid surveys, it’s best to sign up with multiple panels so you’ll get the maximum amount of paid survey invitations in your email. I would recommend using an alternate email for registering to kind of keep your survey invites separate from your regular email.

The following is a list of all the panels that, as far as I can tell, do not use a points system to pay you and for the most part offer cash as rewards although other things may be offered as well:

38+ Cash Paying Survey Panels

Many of the panels below are open worldwide, but if you are not in the US and you’re looking for panels specific to your country, you can see a list of international survey panels separated by country here.

  • Mindfield Online – Old, reputable panel I have used that still pays in cash. They also have an option for Amazon cashout if you would prefer that.
  • Survey Savvy – Every survey pays in cash via check. You can also earn money here for referring your friends.
  • Springboard America – Take surveys and earn cash. You must have at least $50 accumulated to request your earnings.
  • Survey Downline – Pays in cash or sweepstakes entries. You can get your money via Paypal.
  • Paid Viewpoint – Pays in cash, and the surveys are very short and easy. Cash out to Paypal at $15.
  • Instant Cash Sweepstakes – Earn small change for every survey completed. Really short surveys.
  • iPoll – Pays in cash to Paypal or you can choose Amazon GC. This panel will even give you $5 just for signing up.
  • YourWord – They pay in cash you can redeem for Amazon gift codes or gift codes to other retailers. The cashout threshold is just $5.
  • Crowdology – Pays in cash to Paypal, they have both US and UK versions of their panel. You need $8 in your account to cash out.
  • iQuestion – A panel for business professionals. Earn $6 for every 20 minute survey you take.
  • Amplitude Research – Pays via Paypal or Target gift card. Surveys start off paying at $2 each and go up from there.
  • Baker Street Solutions – Pays in Amazon gift cards or cash for surveys you complete.
  • Bellwether Surveys – Pays in cash to Paypal, surveys by email invitation.
  • Brand Institute – Open worldwide. Pays with Paypal or check.
  • Capitol Research – Frequently you will receive cash or a gift certificate in appreciation of your time and opinions.
  • Clear Voice Surveys – Get paid in cash via prepaid Visa card or Amazon GC.
  • Crowdology – This is a US based panel that pays in cash. You only need $8 to cash out to Paypal.
  • Daily Survey Panel – Pays in cash or Amazon vouchers, also pays fast.
  • E-Research Global – Pays in cash to Paypal for every survey completed within two weeks of close of the survey.
  • Esearch – Pays in cash honorariums via Paypal payment for surveys completed.
  • Focus Fwd Online – Pays with cash or check. Sign up as a consumer or business professional.
  • Game Play Surveys – Concerning video games. Earn cash for your participation made through Paypal ($25 min.)
  • IDG Tech Panel – Pays in Paypal cash and other rewards for filling out technology surveys.
  • IOCS – When payments are made, they are made in Paypal cash.
  • iThink Panel – Once your rewards balance reaches $35, you can cash out to Paypal, Visa, Amazon, etc.
  • Leger Web – Earn survey dollars, cash out when you hit the $20 mark. Also has a program where you can earn $1 per friend referred.
  • Pure Profile – Open worldwide and pays in cash.
  • Reckner Opinions – Rewards are typically in the form of cash though you may occasionally receive other things too.
  • Research Participants – You will receive a check in the mail.  These are normally sent at the end of the month.
  • Resonance Research – Pays in cash to Paypal for every survey. Must complete entire survey to get paid.
  • Socratic Forum – Get paid in cash, Amazon GC, or receive sweeps entries for surveys taken.
  • Survey Lion – Pays in cash and/or gift cards as an incentive for answering surveys. Open to Canada, too.
  • Survey Spree – By Opinion Place. They give $5 for signing up and you also qualify for other rewards for completing surveys (Paypal cash).
  • 1Q – Earn .25 to .50 cents for every question answered. Pays immediately via Paypal.
  • Triaba Panel – Pays $1 to $5 per survey. Invites come via email.
  • Vizu Panel – Pays in cash to Paypal, $5 just for signing up.
  • VocaLab – Pays via Paypal within five days of taking surveys.

Other Things to Check Out

I have a list here of survey panels that pay in points, BUT they give you the option of exchanging your points for Paypal cash — which means they’re almost the same as the panels listed above.

I’ve also done some research to determine the 10 BEST survey panels out there. If you want to sign up for the ones that are the “cream of the crop,” you’ll want to use this list as your guide.

Good luck!

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  1. says

    i belong to onlycash, mommytalk, talkbacksurveys There was a fourth one I joined ….called watch and tell, or something similar…….(they originally had another name) …Somehow I deleted the site, …and cannot find it when searching for it. It was related to the first sites I named. ….I was ready to cash out, …and cannot find it. Anyone know the name?????

  2. Marie says

    I’ve had bad experiences with iPoll. I’ll answer the “screening” questions and am told I qualify to take the survey, then once the survey is around 90% complete, I’m told the survey is “closed”. My guess is this is how they’re getting their data without having to pay participants. I’ve also gotten “invalid website” in the middle of some of their surveys as well, of course, after answering 15 minutes of questions.

      • sam says

        not only ipoll..even survey scouts you sign in and after giving them your information they lock you account…give me an example of a real survey job that is friendly to work with

  3. Bethany says

    I’m finding that I don’t qualify for most on the MommyTalk site. Of course, you don’t find out you don’t qualify until you’ve answered a bunch of questions already. :/

    • says

      That stinks, Bethany. I have found that to be the case with most survey sites unfortunately, apart from Pinecone and maybe just a few others. That’s one of the big downsides to taking surveys for pay.

  4. Lemons says

    I like mypoints.com bit others like swagbucks.com for surveys. Mypoints gives points if you qualify or not, referrals, printing coupons shopping and web searches. Swagbucks is similar, as well as I hear superpoints,com I think and a few others but I know that mypoints has been around for longer than swagbucks for sure bbb ratings and information.

    • Lemons says

      Oh I forgot to add that at least mypoints uses some of the listed above and others for surveys. vindale.com ( I have tried and was ok. I got paid but lots of work for not always getting into/doing survey although there are higher amounts you have to buy and so 35 might be like 10.00 after you buy things so be careful) and panda research is similar.

  5. Katherine Haag says

    http://www.ConsumerOpinionServices.com (I believe that is the web address). Otherwise known as Consumer Opinion Services… They have panels they invite me to occasionally. Can’t absolutely guarantee you get paid as I haven’t yet, but it seems to check out…

    It’s possible they only issue invitations in certain areas. I’m in the Pacific Northwest, and their office hours are listed as being Pacific Standard Time.

    Though I’ve had a couple of invitations, I haven’t actually done one yet, because I got lost in the big city the one time I accepted… never made it to their panel. (We got a GPS in preparation for “next time”.)

    But they would have paid me $100 with a check at the end of the last one if I’d gotten there, they said. And last night I just got another invitation to join one of their community services panels. It would be worth checking out, at least. They do actively solicit your input and pay up front as soon as you take part in their panels.

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