Master List of Work at Home General Transcription Companies

transcription master listHere is a list of companies that regularly hire people for work at home transcription. The list is broken down by companies that will accept entry level transcribers with little to no experience and companies that require experience. Please note this list is primarily for general transcription although many of these companies do hire for legal, medical, and other types of transcription in addition to general.

I’ll be transferring this list over to my directory soon. I hope this helps some of you! Please feel free to suggest additions to this list.

Entry Level OK

  • AccuTran Global – Prefers experience but will hire newbies if skills test is passed.
  • Allegis Communications – Hires occasionally for people to transcribe 20 hours per week. Pays twice a month with direct deposit. Hires newbies if grammar and transcription tests are passed.
  • Appenscribe – Will hire newbies. Open worldwide. Company is based out of Australia.
  • BAM! Transcription – This company will hire beginners if a skills test is passed. The app is not on their site, so you’ll have to contact them via their contact form to get info on applying.
  • Casting Words – Beginners OK. All work done through Amazon MTurk.
  • GMR Transcription – Entry level OK. Hires from US and also Canada.
  • Quicktate – No experience needed. Must take a test before being hired. Hires in US & other countries.
  • Scribie – No experience needed. Must take test. Hires worldwide.
  • SpeechInk – Beginners OK. All work is done through Amazon MTurk.
  • Tigerfish – Entry level OK. Must take test. US only.
  • TranscribeMe – This is another company that’s open to hiring beginners. Pays via Paypal, no exp. needed to get in.
  • Ubiqus – Hires for all types of transcription. Will consider beginners. Must type at least 70 wpm.
  • Verbal Ink – Occasionally hiring for general transcription. They hire US-based transcribers only and do prefer experience, but you can still get in if you do well on their test.

Requires Experience

  • Accuro Transcription – UK based company, hires people w/experience for legal and medical transcription.
  • At Home Typing Service – The transcription positions here require at least five years of experience.
  • AVTranz – Always looking for experienced transcribers. Email resume.
  • Cambridge Transcription – Hires for legal and corporate transcription, experience required.
  • Chromolume Transcription – Requires some experience. You must email them to find out if they are hiring.
  • Cyber Dictate – Are currently looking for US based workers with experience in legal transcription.
  • eTranscription Solutions – Typing speed of no less than 80 wpm required. Experience needed, details on career page.
  • Expedict – Hires only experienced audio transcriptionists. They receive a lot of applications so it may take a while to hear back if you apply.
  • Fantastic Transcripts – Requires experience. Not currently hiring, but will keep your info on file.
  • Focus Forward – This company is often hiring (I see their ads on Craigslist a lot). Experience required, accepts both English and Spanish language transcriptionists.
  • Hollywood Transcription – This company may require experience though it is not stated as a requirement on the website. You must type at least 65 wpm.
  • Landmark Associates – Must take test, and they require experience.
  • Modern Day Scribe – Must contact them via email to find out if they are hiring. US only.
  • Mulberry Studio – Requires two years of past experience. Must type a minimum of 75 wpm.
  • Neal R. Gross & Co. – Hires experienced transcribers on a 1099 basis.
  • Net Transcripts – Lots of law enforcement based work, must pass background check for this work. Also hires for financial transcription.
  • On the Record Reporting and Transcription – Must live in Austin, TX area because you will be required to work in the office during training time.
  • Pioneer Transcription Services – Experience needed. Accepting workers for all types of transcription, also needs bilingual transcribers.
  • Preferred Transcriptions – Does medical, legal, and general transcription. One year experience required for general.
  • Production Transcripts – Must be experienced. Fill out online application. Hires sporadically.
  • Same Day Transcriptions – Professional transcribers only. Some federal work.
  • Say It Back – Entertainment transcription. Must have digital foot pedal and software.
  • Silent Secretary – Full and part-time positions. Prefers experience.
  • Speak Write – Does both legal and general transcription. Work is on a contract basis and you must have experience.
  • Take 1 – Entertainment transcription. Appears to be a UK based company. Prefers experience.
  • Talking Type Captions – Must email them via their contact page for more info on transcription positions.
  • Terescription – Does entertainment, business, legal, and education transcription. Requires experience.
  • TSI Transcription Services – They prefer experience, but you may be able to get in with some very limited experience provided you meet their minimum qualifications.
  • Transcription Experts – US only for remote work. Minimum 2 years experience.
  • Transcription Outsourcing – Hiring professional and committed transcriptionists. Many types of transcription.
  • Voxtab – Hires transcribers from around the world.
  • We Scribe It – Must have at least six months experience in the last two years for general transcription.
  • WorldWide Dictation – Not always hiring. You have to keep a watch on the opportunities page for openings.

Please note that not all of these companies are hiring right now. Be sure to check their career pages for open employment opportunities (if they have a career page), before emailing about jobs. For a larger, more detailed list, please check out the transcription and captioning page in my directory. Good luck!

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  1. says

    Thank you for putting together this list.

    I really enjoy reading your articles; they’re always very helpful and informative.

    Note for editors and writers:
    Transcription HUB is currently inviting transcribers and editors to join their remote freelance transcription team.You to apply and learn more about our company. – It is a great opportunity to work remote or from home.

  2. mai says

    hi Anna , firstly thank you a lot for all of your effort to help us and please i want to ask you something according to all your experience in transcription companies
    that because all the companies you get us and thank you very much for that but it is US companies and all the tests and sevices on it is US accents and iam my accent is uk
    Iam acually from Egypt but all lessons i take and the study in school was uk english
    so please can you get me uk transcription company general and will be so thankful to you

  3. Rhiannon says

    Thank you so much for the list of transcription companies that are open to hiring beginners. You putting these companies in their own category is a blessing because I had given up on looking for at-home transcription jobs because, after looking at the sites of a few, I assumed they all required previous experience. It’s so helpful and gives me so much hope to know that there are quite a few companies according to your list who will consider you if you do well on their assessment. I was wondering though if most of these places require that you already have transcription software/hardware and what those would be? Could you let me know?

    • says

      Hi Rhiannon – I’m so glad you find the list helpful! I believe that most of the companies that hire beginners do not require any equipment to start, although you may find as you do the work that you would benefit from some software or a foot pedal. I think Tigerfish requires you buy some software to do the work, but it’s not necessary unless you get the job and it is possible to find that software pretty inexpensively.

  4. says

    Thanks for this list. I have 1 class left to get my MT certificate, and I am hoping that I can land a job either through school references or through the companies you’ve listed. My concern is that they probably don’t pay well.

  5. says

    Would like to thank you for compiling such a great list, but I would like to acknowledge you that our company is not listed in your list.
    Transcription Vendors, based in Santa Ana, California, is among the foremost transcription services and transcription job providing company, adept in catering to all transcription and translation needs. They provide quality work within the TAT and at a budget within one’s reach.

  6. SunshineMom says


    I found your site via I want to rock the WAHM life and leave my 9 to 5 job but the set of skills I have are particularly for corporate. Been here in the corporate world for 10 years already. I have created a small business here while working but am not sure if this will be enough to support us when I finally do decide to leave my present job. I just want to thank you for the very comprehensive list. This is of a big help to me. Knowing that I have other options really make me hopeful that I can resign from my job soon.

    Sunnily yours,

    • says

      Thanks so much for the compliments! I am glad you found the list helpful. I know there are actually lots of other resources I can add at some point.

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