How Can You Earn Money With Jingit?

There is something called Jingit a lot of people are using to make extra money with. You can use Jingit and earn money for doing simple things like watching ads/short commercials and also taking surveys. Jingit is for sure not going to make you rich, but it could be fun to do here and there for extra money if this type of thing is your cup of tea.

How do you make money with this app?

As stated above, there are a few ways. What a lot of people do is watch ads online. You get paid a little money for each ad you watch. The ads come and go so you have to keep a watch on things to see when they’re available. There are also occasional surveys you can do.

To get your money, you can either sign up to get your own Jingit Visa debit card or download music in lieu of getting cash. The debit card doesn’t require a credit check to apply for, and while it does ask for your social security number, Jingit is fine with you just typing in zeroes in the field if you would prefer not to give it out online.

How long is the wait time for getting the card?

It could take a few weeks to get the card, so if you think that’s how you would prefer to be paid, you should for sure request it as soon as you can.

Is Jingit legit?

Yes. They’ve been around for many months now and people are getting paid. Another thing that’s positive about Jingit is that there are some major brands tied in with them, like Kraft, Wal-Mart, Elmer’s etc. It’s highly unlikely that these major brands would choose to associate themselves with a rip-off company.

How much money can you earn per week on Jingit?

Everyone who signs up has a weekly earn limit. It is set at $5 for each new user until friends are referred. For every friend you refer, your weekly earn limit will go up by a quarter. Your earn limit can go as high as $10 per week, so that gives you potential to earn up to $40 per month just using Jingit.

So, how do you get started on Jingit?

Just go here to get started. Good luck!

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  1. Jen says

    I find it very strange that a company of that sort would require social security #. I don’t think people should be quick to give out such information.

    • says

      Visa is actually requiring the information, not the company. The social is for the debit card. Visa generally doesn’t issue debit cards (banks included) without asking for a social. But if you are not comfortable giving out your social for whatever reason, even to Visa, then don’t do it. I totally understand being careful with it.

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