Get Paid to Share Deals With Moolala

I’ve mentioned Moolala a few times in passing, but I thought it would be a great site to write a review on for my Save While You Earn series. Moolala essentially provides a way for you to earn money by sharing their deals. It’s a site kind of like Groupon or any other daily deal site, but with some unique perks. Keep reading, coupon/deal bloggers as this site could seriously benefit you guys in particular!

Currently Moolala is only available for people in the U.S., but they are trying to expand to other countries.

More About How Moolala Works

After creating your account, you can invite your friends to sign up. You’ll be given a unique invite link to use that ensures you will get credit for your friend’s sign-ups if they purchase anything. You will automatically earn two percent back on any purchases that you make yourself, which is cool because not all sites like this let you earn from your own purchases. But if you refer friends to Moolala and they make a purchase at any time, you’ll get another two percent back on the purchases they make. And then if their friends sign up, you’ll also get two percent back on their purchases. This actually continues on for five levels of referrals! So yeah — two percent back isn’t a lot, but it can truly add up when you figure how many people it’s possible to earn cash back from (and this includes your own purchases!)

Getting Paid

The money you earn can be used to go toward deals you find on Moolala or you can just ask them to mail you a check once you have accumulated $5. If you use it toward deals, they’ll give you another five percent cash back bonus.

Earning More Money

In addition to the friend referral system, you can also earn in another way called “Buy and Share.” The way this works is if you buy something from Moolala for yourself, you can share the deal with your friends and earn even more money. Some things they will pay you as much as $10 and up per item if you share it after buying it yourself and your friend’s buy it, too.

Who Can Truly Benefit?

If you have a large social circle, using Moolala could certainly benefit you, especially since your referrals can go down for five levels. And if you are a deal/coupon blogger, you can absolutely benefit because you can freely share these deals with your readers every day if you wanted to.

They even have lots of little widgets, banners, and other link-building tools you can use to help promote.

Interested in trying Moolala? Sign up here.

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