Make Money Selling Kid’s Clothes to thredUP

If you’re like most parents,  you have plenty of kid’s clothes that you need to get rid of on a regular basis because of how quickly kids outgrow their stuff! You might have another child or know someone else you can hand these clothes down to, but if you don’t you can earn money selling them with thredUP. This is actually a pretty unique opportunity and thredUP has lots going for it when compared to Ebay, Craigslist, etc. Here’s how it works:

Order a thredUp Bag

The first step is ordering a thredUP bag to put your kid’s clothes in. You do have to pay a $4.95 deposit to get this bag, but they refund that to you in full once you send it to them stuffed with clothes, so technically it doesn’t cost you anything as long as you do send them clothes. The reason for the charge is because there’s a financial and environmental cost associated with distributing the bags.

Leave Your Bag Outside for the Mail Carrier

Once your bag is full, just leave it for your mail carrier (or the UPS man) to pick up. Return shipping is 100 percent free, so it doesn’t cost you anything to actually send the clothes to thredUP.

Earn Money

Once thredUP has your bag, they will go through it and determine what can be resold. You’ll get a Paypal payment for the items they can use that you can cash out anytime once the funds are showing up in your account. It’s also possible to get a credit instead for purchasing clothes on thredUP if you would prefer to do that (and with school starting back soon, that might be a good idea!).

How much are people earning?

A list is posted on the thredUP site with how much has been awarded to some of the most recent bags to come through. The amounts vary a lot. I’ve seen some go for up over $100 and others as little as $7. You can look at the list yourself here.

Some Specifics

  • Send kid’s clothes only, nothing for adults and/or juniors
  • Don’t send clothes sized smaller than 12 months
  • No clothing with rips, stains, or missing labels. Everything should be in excellent condition.
  • You can only send clothes. Non-clothing items will not be accepted.
  • Nothing homemade or altered
  • No sleepwear, socks, or underwear
  • Do not send the following brands, which are hard to resell: Faded Glory, Garanimals, Kid Connection, George, Sonoma, Athletic Works, and Koala Kids
You can earn even more for each bag you send if they contain popular, name brand clothing that is appropriate to the current season (which means they’ll sell faster). You can also get more for clothes that are brand new with the tags still on.

Get Started

thredUP has a handy little form you can fill out so you can get idea of what you’ll earn for different items you have to send. That should help you decide whether or not it would be worthwhile to order a bag.

Go here to get started and find out what your items are worth!

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  1. Dawn says

    You may not be SELLING your clothes to thredup…you may just be TRADING them for store credit. Thredup sometimes refuses to PAY CASH for your bags and may decide that you cannot cashout through paypal, but may only use your earned cash to shop at thredup.

  2. isobella and chloe says

    Kids grow so fast their clothes wear out very soon and we have to buy clothes every trimester. It is great that these clothes can be sold again.

  3. Jen says

    Really like the information you provide, Its clean, new and fresh, and even the old ones are quite valuable too. I love the layout of your site, and I can tell a lot of hard work goes into it. I keep visiting so I decide to subscribe. Also signed up with thredup, hopefully I can make some extra cash.

    Thanks for all the info and keep up the good work!

    • says

      Thanks, Jen and thank you so much for subscribing! I hope you enjoy the newsletter when it comes, I normally send it on Saturday (sometimes it doesn’t make it out until Sunday). Please let me know how thredUP goes!

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