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outbound calling work from homeMost phone work at home falls into one of two categories — outbound calling or inbound calling. And then there are many companies that offer both. Some people prefer inbound calling because they don’t like calling people or businesses directly and would rather just answer calls as they come in. Others actually enjoy being the one doing the calling and tend to seek out outbound calling work.

Types of Outbound Calling Jobs

When you think about outbound calling, you probably think of sales/telemarketing jobs. While it’s true that many outbound calling jobs are sales-related, not all of them are. Some outbound calling is done for research and data collection. Companies like Apptical, for example, hire you to call people and conduct interviews for insurance purposes. So if sales stuff isn’t for you, there may still be some other types of outbound calling you’d be comfortable doing.

Outbound Calling Perks

One advantage of outbound calling when compared to inbound is that you *sometimes* have more control over when you’re on the phone. I say sometimes because there are certain companies that use predictive dialers that make the calls for you through their systems (thanks Miranda @ WAH Adventures for telling me about those!). But in many other cases you are the one actually doing the dialing.

Your phone setup might also not have to be quite as complicated with outbound work. Again, this won’t always be the case because different companies have their own little requirements, but there are some, like OnPoint, that just let you use a VOIP application to do the calling.

And finally, outbound calling jobs sometimes pay more. This is especially true when the work does involve sales because companies often have difficulty getting workers since a lot of people don’t like the idea of cold calling.

Companies to Consider for Outbound Calling

Please keep in mind that these companies may or may not be hiring right now:

No Sales

  • OnPoint Advocacy – Talking to people about political, healthcare issues
  • Apptical – Conducting interviews with people who have applied for insurance
  • Pierce-Eislen – Conducting rent surveys. Background noise OK.
  • Westat – A social science research firm that pays you to call people, collecting various data
  • Perception Strategies – Healthcare phone mystery shopping
  • Advanis – Telephone interviewers (Canada only)
  • Prince Market Research – Telephone interviews
  • TeLCare Retention Services – They do some phone customer satisfaction surveys. Can’t find the employment page, so you may want to just use the contact form. (Training in Florida)
  • ParaMeds – Data Retrieval. You may use Skype for the calls.
  • Televated – Courtesy calls, market research. Also listed in the section below because they do sales/lead generation, too.
  • GoodStartU – Medication reminders for people who have signed up for the service (contract position – 2 to 3 months max)
  • InteliChek – Phone mystery shopping
  • TeleXpertise – Phone mystery shopping
  • Awesomeness Reminders – Call people who have signed up for it to tell them they’re wonderful
  • LifeBushido – Some of their outbound calling does not involve sales
  • Next Wave Advocacy – Similar to OnPoint (listed above)
  • Ipsos – Conduct market research surveys over the phone

Sales Related/Lead Generation

This list is not really complete. I’d love to add to it if you could help me out! What other outbound companies are worthy of mention?

Also, please note that there are several other companies that can be found under phone jobs that are not listed here. Many of those are inbound that also do a little outbound too. But if you think any of those should be added, please let me know!

If outbound calling just isn’t for you, check out my list of companies for inbound calling.

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