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What is a search engine evaluatorI know many people are interested in what a search engine evaluator does, so I’m going to try to explain it to you. I hope this helps some!

What is a search engine evaluator?

Basically, this is a person who evaluates search engine results to determine if they are relevant or not to the term typed in. This is just one way that major search engines ensure that when you type something into search, you find what you’re hoping to find. For example, if you were doing a search on “the Atlanta Braves,” hopefully their official website would show up either at the top or near the top of the results. That’s because that’s probably the most relevant result out there. Other sites, like personal blogs about the Braves or new stories involving them, would also be relevant, but not quite so much as the official site. A result that was about soccer would of course not be relevant at all.

As a search evaluator, it’s your job to determine the relevancy of these pages based on specific search terms. There are also other little jobs and tasks you might do as well depending on the company you’re working for, but this is the experience that I have with it. This was the main thing I did when I worked as a search evaluator.

How much does it pay?

The pay is pretty good, generally more than $13 per hour. I think most of these companies don’t want you to state the exact rate of pay if you know it.

How hard is it to get hired?

You have to take a lengthy test, but you’ll get a lot of material to study before you take it. If you really pay attention to the study material and refer back to it while you test, you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble getting hired.

How many search evaluation companies are there to work for?

I know about five. The links below will take you to my reviews of these companies, and these reviews should include information on where to apply if that company is hiring.

And you can also find search engine evaluation tasks on Amazon MTurk through CrowdSource.

The Pros

Here are the great things about doing search engine evaluation from home:

  • Good pay
  • Very flexible work (although some companies do require you put in a certain number of hours per week)
  • Non-phone (this is a plus if you need non-phone work)
  • Some people find that they really enjoy the nature of the work

The Cons

And here are the not-so-good things about it:

  • Keeping up with your time. The company I worked for required that you track your own time and send them an invoice. Not sure if they all work this way.
  • Monthly pay
  • No Paypal (with the exception of iSoftStone who does have a Paypal option). I know you may not think this is bad if you don’t like getting paid with Paypal, but I prefer it. When I did search evaluation, the options were check or direct deposit. I hate waiting on a check to get mailed to me :(
  • Not so easy to do around the kids. While this is non-phone and would seem ideal to do around kids, it’s not. The fact that you do have to track your own time makes it rather tedious when you get interrupted. And if you have kids at home with you, you probably get interrupted a lot. I would advise trying to do it while they’re at school or in the bed.
  • Not always consistent. Sometimes the work comes and goes.
  • Contract-based employment. If your contact for whatever reason does not get renewed, you do not have a job. And you can never be sure that your contract will get renewed.
  • With all of these companies except for iSoftStone, you cannot work for more than one at a time. For example, if you have a contract with Leapforce, you cannot work for Lionbridge and vice versa. iSoftStone is the exception to this rule and doesn’t mind what other companies you’re working for.

So I hope this answers some questions about it and makes it a little more clear. If you have further questions, just post them in the comments below and I’ll try to help answer them if I can. And if you’ve done this before and I have something wrong, please feel free to correct me. I only have experience with one company, so there may be some differences with some of the others although from the research I’ve done, it seems most of them are a lot alike.

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  1. wayne says

    That should have been NOW, not NOT. Most of Leapforce’s work is now on a smartphone, preferable android.

  2. says

    I applied for Leapforce today. However, I had to say no to the Google Play, Google Reader, and I do not have a smart phone. I do have a Bachelor of Science degree, and I feel I did well on their 15 question test. Will I still have a chance even though I do not have a smartphone? Or is this an absolute must?

    • wayne says

      Catherine, you can buy cheap smartphones (prepaid), and dont even connect a service. but yes, a majority of Leapforces work is not via a smarthphone, the other companies are doing the same. so spend a few bucks if you wanna do It. I actually have worked for LF for over 2 years, I love it.

  3. Ray says

    I got a hiring process email today finally for the website evaluation job , but with all these NDA things etc , I am not sure what is safe to say ..this is a long term project 6 months plus .

  4. Helena says

    Do you find these type of jobs good for someone seeking permanent part time employment? Or are these mostly temporary jobs than have an end date? Have you found that some ppl can actually stay employed with any of these companies? Hoping so.

  5. Bill B says

    I applied for Leapforce. In the application it asked if I used Google Reader, Google Player and did I have a smartphone. They didn’t offer any study material before the test. I have not seen Google Reader and it is obsolete. I haven’t used Google Player and I don’t have a smartphone. I pay for 4 cell phones. My kids have smartphones.Lionbridge also requires you to have a smartphone.

    Working at home as a search evaluator would be a good fit for me. I have hearing aids in both ears that make it hard for me to hear people on the phone and I had a spinal cord injury that makes it hard for me to get around.

    Is there any company out there for search evaluators without cell phones?


    • says

      There’s also Appen, ZeroChaos, and iSoftStone. I think the links are in the post above, but if not let me know and I can grab them for you. I’m not sure if those companies require smartphones or not, but if they do, most likely they don’t for all of their positions. I know that Lionbridge has a ton of positions — I’m surprised that they would all require a smartphone now.

      • Bill B says

        I will check these other sites. I hope I find one that doesn’t require smartphone. Maybe I should apply for Lionbridge even though I don’t have a smartphone. Maybe Google Chrome works the same way as using a smartphone. Thanks Anna

  6. Chavon Cortez says

    Is it possible to work FULL TIME for this type of thing? I am desperately trying to figure a way to work from home, but I currently make $28/hr. I knwo WHY would I ever want to leave my awesome paying job? Because my son and being close to home for him is MUCH MORE important, so I need to find somethign full time as close to $28/hr as possible. Hubby can make up the rest. :) I noticed you said somethign about 30 hours a week. If I wanted to work 40 a week, is it possible?

  7. Robert says

    I recently applied at Leapforce, a little over a week ago, and have not heard back from them yet. Is there a time frame that I can expect to wait until I do hear from them? According to my status page on their site, my qualification package is in progress. I wasn’t applying to any specific opening that I saw so perhaps it depends on their current business opportunities available?
    Would it be advisable to apply to another search evaluation company while this one is in progress?

  8. albatros says

    Hey all, very interesting all this. I am already a rater and I like that, as long as you do your task they expect in average im not getting tracked the hours I get paid. In other words if 20 tasks per hour expected and I do 120 in 2 hours I get paid 6 hours anyway. Who can tell, is that how it is on Leapfrog, Butler hill and Lionbridge, Workforce the same, or do any of them track your life hours on top of expecting average tasks per hour?

    Kind Regards


    • mini.imi says

      im working for lionbridge, at first i used to track my time manually but lately they have upgraded their software so they can actually track your work automatically.

  9. Jules says

    I worked for one of those companies for a couple of years and I gotta say it was quite a good position. My colleagues were awesome, some of my managers were amazing people and the pay was amazing.

    Now the caveats: it’s high pressure and it requires sustained effort to meet the company’s expectations day after day. There is very little margin of error and you can get fired at a moment’s notice.

    But if you can take it for long periods of time, or if you’re just looking to make a little extra, I definitely recommend it.

    • Annonymous says

      Leapforce has a minimum of 100 tasks a month, which is like 10 hours a month i think. There is no maximum for users outside America, otherwise it is 40 hours a week if you are from USA.

  10. Daniel says

    I have got questions.

    Once you have completed the training, how long before you get hired?

    How long do they take to correct the test you take?

    And once the result is out, how long before you get started with the actual job?

  11. J says

    I am interested in hiring a “search engine evaluator” to tutor me so i wont come across as a newbie and to pass my qualification test. Anybody interested email me.

  12. Chris says

    What do you do if research you are assigned is something offensive to your beliefs or you find uncomfortable? Anyone have that experience with any of these companies?


    • says

      I believe it can easily be part-time. A lot of people do it part-time. If you work for Leapforce or Lionbridge, you can pretty much control you schedule and work when you have time.

  13. Chloe says

    I just applied to Leapforce and I will receive my study guide and testing materials shortly. My question is if you don’t meet the qualifications for whatever reason will they email and let you know before the test?

    • says

      I think if you are going to receive the study guide and testing materials, then they know you meet the qualifications. So now all you have to do is prepare for the test and take it. If you pass, you are in. Good luck to you!

  14. jenny says

    I’d like to apply for one of these jobs but I’m wondering how lenient these companies are, as far as college degrees are concerned. For the last six years, I’ve spent over 90% of my time researching specific topics online…and, trust me, I know a thing or two about optimizing my searches for the best results! Unfortunately, I don’t have the degree they’re looking for, though!

    Any ideas about how lenient they might be?

    • says

      Jenny, if it helps — I worked for Leapforce for a few months last year and I have no college degree. They accepted my application anyway. So you should still try applying. I don’t think they are all that strict about it, though it may depend on the company. Leapforce at least is not strict about it. Pretty sure Lionbridge isn’t either.

  15. Annette says

    Do any of these require credit check? I was reading on another part of this site, where companies asked for these.

    • says

      No, I don’t believe the search engine evaluation companies do this. I worked for Leapforce and did not have to submit to one.

      You’re mainly going to see the mandatory credit check with some of the customer service type phone positions where you’re receiving sensitive information from customers.

  16. Markato says

    I have worked for Workforce and I can say I’ve never had a problem – about $15/hr., maximum of 30 hours a week, constant work supply, paid on time by Direct Deposit every week, etc. I have heard varying things about Leapforce from two friends who worked for the company at the same time. One friend reported there was never any work, the tasks were difficult, the guidelines were difficult to understand or entirely missing directions for specific tasks. Another reported that he could always find work and the guidelines didn’t give him any problems.

    So…who knows? Heh.

    If you apply for Workforce, you will be given a set of test tasks after you’re hired. Really, these are quite simple. I spent about 2 hours going through all of the guidelines, and then I took the tests. I passed, having never before had any experience in search engine evaluation.

    Go for it. I’d imagine it’s difficult to fail.

  17. Jean says

    That’s what i have been doing through crowdsource lately. I would like to apply for LF, LB or 1 of the others but intimidated by the tests.

  18. Katie Jones says

    When I worked for LB, I could only get paid through a Wire Transfer. Thankfully, my student account had free wire transfers, but these can be costly depending on the bank. I enjoyed working for LB, but they were constantly changing their guidelines and it confused me so much! It is great work if you do get accepted and just keep the guidelines handy at all time! :) Great post Anna!

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