Your Best Bets for Data Entry Work From Home

data entry work from homeI get a fair number of emails every single month from people looking for data entry work from home. Pretty much everyone wants to do this because it’s easy and also non-phone. If you really, really want to do this kind of work, you actually have some options even though many people will try to tell you that all data entry job openings are technically scams (and many are). But don’t get too excited because the possibilities that are realistic are often very low-paying.

Virtual Bee

Virtual Bee (formerly known as Key for Cash) has been hiring people to do data entry from home for several years now. They are a legitimate company although the work is not always consistent and there were some people a few months ago who were complaining about not getting paid on time. You can see some of those comments on my post about them here. To get hired by this company, you have to take a test to see how good and fast you are at keying. If you do well on the test, you might hear back from them. I listed this company as a realistic option for data entry because I know they do hire occasionally. I was hired by them last year. However, there are a lot of people who tested and did well and have still not heard back. So their staffing needs clearly fluctuate.

One negative about this company is that they don’t pay well at all. The work is very easy, but it takes forever to build up much money. A lot of people start working for them and then stop because they decide it isn’t worth it.

Great American Opportunities

Great American is one of the few companies I’m aware of that pays well for data entry, but they have very low turnover so there is a waiting list. The work is seasonal and most of their workers do end up coming back season after season, so they don’t often hire a lot of new people. They have a waiting list with potential workers on it that has stretched up to five years before. They allow potential applicants the opportunity to test once or twice a year, and if you pass, you’ll receive notification that you are on their waiting list. I was fortunate enough to work for this company during fall/winter 2012 and would certainly recommend testing for the position — and waiting — if you get the chance.


The work you do for SigTracker involves updating voter registrations. You have to have an account at Elance to get started and a test is involved. The pay is per piece. Work fluctuates so you can’t count on it to be steady, but it may be worth getting in here for when there is work. They pay weekly on Wednesdays.

Amazon MTurk

I recently revisited Amazon MTurk myself and have been doing a lot of HITS there. A lot of data entry short tasks actually do get posted there quite regularly. For the most part, they don’t pay all that well. But if you enjoy data entry and want to earn some money, you can log on there (or create an account if you don’t have one) and see what data work you can find there to do. They pay through either direct deposit to your bank account (with a minimum payout of $10) or through Amazon gift card. If you are not from the U.S., you can only get the Amazon cash it seems unless you happen to be from India, where you can request your pay in Indian rupees. To find the data entry work, just type in “data entry” in the search bar under “HITS” and see what comes up. The tasks available change all the time, so you never know what may be listed.

Other Short Task Sites

I am not as familiar with any other short task sites as much as I am with MTurk, so I didn’t list them individually. But there may occasionally be opportunities for data entry within some of these other sites, particularly Clickworker and possibly Cloud Crowd on occasion. I think sites like Microworkers and Minute Workers are not as likely to have data entry jobs posted.


oDesk is another place to find the occasional data entry job. You can browse by job type and look for data entry. If you see one that piques your interest, you can apply for it. You’ll be asked to put in a bid on the work (and you should see what the client’s budget is) and then you may or may not get hired to do the job depending on what the client decides based on the amount of your bid and your skills/expertise compared to others who have also applied. If you don’t already have an account at oDesk, it’s easy and free to create one.

Other Freelancer Sites

There are a large number of other freelancer sites that operate in much the same way as oDesk, and you can find work entering data on these sites as well. Elance is another good one to consider as well as Guru and Freelancer. You can check my directory for a list of similar sites.


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Also …

In my directory, I have been building a list of legitimate companies that either are or have at one point hired for data entry work from home. This list will continue to grow as I come across real opportunities for data entry. You can read through it here.

Know of any other good options? Please comment and let me know!

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  1. WindyCat says

    Virtual Bee (formerly KeyforCash) only hires people with a 100% percentile rate. I took the data entry tests the first time and got a 98%. I didn’t hear from them. Then I sent them an email and asked, ‘what gives?’ They emailed me back and told me that they only hire people who gets a 100% rating. So I took the tests a second time and got 100%. Now, I am keying for Virtual Bee (formerly KeyforCash). The only bad thing is that you get $.30 cents per every 1,000 keystrokes. That’s not alot. If you are not a good typist, you wont make much. I’ve been a data entry operator for 10 years in financial institutions so I can type really fast with no errors. Virtual Bee pay you after you make your first $30. I read, on another forum, where a woman said it took her two months to make her first $30. It took me only two days to make $30 (and typing for 6 hours each day). Like I said, I have data entry experience. If you don’t…I suggest finding another way to make money. You can’t pay bills on these ‘work from home’ jobs.

    • says

      I agree that Virtual Bee is definitely not enough to be considered an income, but you actually can pay bills with some work from home jobs. In fact, you can certainly pay bills with some of the data entry positions listed above. I currently work for Great American Opportunities, and it is real work from home that pay bills for me every week.

  2. Mindy says

    I currently work for a company called American Support that provides work from home opportunities as well as traditional opportunities. You are hired as an employee and not a contractor, with the starting pay rate of $9.50 an hour. My shift is 5 PM to 9 PM Monday through Friday with the option to start at 2 PM or sooner at times. If there are hours available on the weekends you can sign up to work.

    They handle campaigns for cable, internet, and phone companies and hire At Home CSR’s, At Home Telemarketers, Tech Support, etc…and all you need is high speed internet, mostly quiet work area, and a USB Headset.

    I really enjoy working for them. Everyone has been very nice and helpful through the whole hiring and training process. And still are. Thanks for reading. I just thought someone might be interested in one of their opportunities.

    • Teri Z says

      Mindy, does American Support require past call center experience? When you say that they hire you on as an employee, do they also offer you benefits like paid time off or health insurance, etc.? Thanks for any information you can provide.

      • Mindy says

        Hi Teri Z.

        They do not require past call center experience and they do offer benefits but I believe you have to be full time. Don’t quote me on that though.

        Good luck!!

  3. Bubbie says

    I tried Virtual Bee and MTurk and it just took way too long to earn anything. In fact, MTurk never paid me even after I passed the payment threshold. MTurk was also frustrating because the site is just not informative on how to get the certifications/authorizations to get access to more jobs. It really is not worth the time after averaging about $2.00 per hour. I do type very fast and worked completely uninterrupted to get that rate. Megatypers is another I tried that paid so little it was not worth turning my computer on. The site says you can earn $200 per month but discovered that “could” happen if you worked nearly full-time hours the whole month. Other time wasters that paid nearly nothing are cloudcrowd and clickworker.

  4. Gayle says

    Thanks for the list. I’ve never heard of AmazonMTurk and some of the other companies. They’re now on my list to check out. If you’re interested in ghostwriting, then Textbroker might be worth looking at. None of the writing sites pay well anymore but I’ve had good luck with them.

  5. mahender says

    (This Mahi from Hyderabad, India)
    i would like to know is there is any company providing e-publishing works like xml coding, typesetting(Indesign), double keyboarding, epub, .mob etc.,
    plz mention them or mail to me ASAP.


  6. Marette says

    I have worked for Working Solutions on several projects over the past four years. Most of the projects they do are call center work. I have done 2 short term data entry type jobs for them but those are very rare. Their ongoing data entry projects haven’t had any openings in the last 4 years. They do pay well for call center work, most is $.24 per minute and require at least 20 hours per week. They pay bi-weekly on Wednesdays with time being turned in every Sunday by midnight. For every $1000 you make you will get a $10 bonus added to your paycheck. All in all they are a great company to work for if you want to do call center work. They do require Windows 7, broadband internet is preferred for will accept DSL also, a separate phone line, and you can schedule your hours for anytime – it doesn’t have to be in 4 hour increments like some I’ve seen.

    • says

      Jean, how long ago was it that you applied to Quicktate? I remember I applied and didn’t hear back until three or four months later, so I think it sometimes takes them a while. So maybe you will still hear back at some point.

      • Jean says

        It’s been quite awhile ago I applied for Quicktate. It was actually the 2nd time applying since when i applied the 1st time same results never heard back.

  7. Clauemi says

    Those are some good options but it’s very difficult for someone without any experience in data entry to get hired. I took the test for Key For Cash a long time ago but never heard from them and I think I did pretty good. I like Mturk for the small tasks but did not even know they have data entry tasks, might check that out. Freelancing sites are also difficult if you have no real experience. You have to build up your profile, take tests and keep on applying until you finally get a break and get hired. I learned lesson a long time ago about all the scams out there. Thanks for the post, lots of good information!

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