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TryMyUI is another website usability testing company, similar to User Feel or What Users Do. After doing a lot of research on this and other companies, I’ve noticed there’s really not a lot of difference in how they operate. In short, you are visiting websites and recording your thoughts and interactions in order to help the website creator fix things that need fixing, in some cases before they go “live.” Sometimes the site might already be live and they just want the feedback to tweak things around.

How much does TryMyUI pay?

The pay is $10 per test, which is pretty much the amount most of these other companies pay. The tests are not supposed to take more than maybe 20 minutes to do. TryMyUI will pay you with Paypal once your test(s) are completed and accepted. They say that this can take anywhere from a few hours to three days.

Is the work consistent?

TryMyUI makes it clear on their website that this should not be viewed as either full- or part-time work and that the average user should not expect to get more than a few tests per week. The money is good for the time spent, but it should for sure be counted as just extra cash.

If you happen to be a member of Amazon MTurk, they occasionally post user tests to do there as well.

How do you do the test for TryMyUI?

You have to do a screencast as you visit the website. This screencast is a recording of your computer screen, showing your interactions on the site while also recording your voice. You have to say what you are thinking out loud as you navigate the test site. From what I’ve read, most people feel kind of funny doing this at first, but get used to it and much more comfortable with it the more tests they do. You can do this recording via  a Java Applet that they will redirect you to. After the recording, you also have to fill out a survey, answering written questions about your user experience.

Keep in mind that getting a test invite in your email is not a guarantee that you’ll get to do the test. You’ll have to answer some questions first, kind of like you do with paid surveys, and if you don’t fit the demographic, you won’t get to take the test from what I’ve read.

Can you just sign up and get started?

You’ll have to do a sample test after you sign up and also fill out some demographic information so they can better target tests to you. If they don’t like your sample test, they might not accept you.

What are the drawbacks to this type of work?

The main thing I’m seeing is that the work is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. So if you get that email in your inbox saying you have a test ready to take, you have to grab it quick before someone else does. This is true with all of these website usability testing companies. I’ve been doing reviews of usability testing sites for a while now, and if you read in the comments on most of my reviews, you’ll see that the primary complaint is that it’s too hard to grab the tests before someone else does.

Are TryMYUI and sites like it worth bothering with?

I think that as long as you don’t expect to get rich, it doesn’t hurt to be signed up in case you are able to grab some tests on occasion. I would also guess that the more of these sites you’re registered with, the better your chances might be of grabbing a test invite from one of them.

What about the feedback on TryMyUI?

I always like to provide you with some feedback from others if I can, so here are a few links to check out:

Go here to sign up for user tests at TryMyUI.



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  1. Heather says

    This company sends out jobs weekly. So it is worth applying with them. I received three notifications within the last 5 days. They also post on Mturk.

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