Installing Displays for Movie Theaters With Deluxe Display


Update March 5, 2012: The Deluxe Display site appears to be down at the moment. However, they are still posting for openings at Simply Hired if you’d like to apply.

Deluxe Display is a company that will pay you to visit theaters and install displays/standees at movie theaters. This job falls into the category of merchandising work, which is something that I have covered here a little bit, but not nearly enough. Merchandising, while not done at home or online, is great for many people who are interested in working from home because of the flexibility. Most merchandising work you can do on  your own schedule and without anyone looking over your shoulder.

How much does Deluxe Display pay?

If Deluxe Display hires you to install movie standees and displays, you’ll get paid for each individual project plus they will add a 4 percent bonus to each check for your gas mileage. They don’t list the exact pay on their website, but someone on WAHM said that it pays $25 to $35 per project.

When do they send the checks?

They send out checks every week for completed projects, and you can usually expect to get yours two weeks after each project.

What exactly do you do?

As stated above, you are visiting movie theaters and installing standees and other types of displays (posters, banners, etc). They will send the standee/displays to be put together to your home, then you will take it to the movie theater(s) you’ve been assigned and put it together there. I didn’t see anything about it, but I’m assuming they do provide you with instructions. After you’ve put the stand together, you take two pictures of it with your digital camera and then get the name of the manager at the theater. Then you send them the pictures and the info when you’re done. They try to notify you of upcoming projects a few days before you’ll need to do them and get the stuff.

Who is eligible to do this?

Deluxe Display has a list of requirements on their website, and they read as follows:

  • Lots of bending and stretching.
  • Some heavy lifting up to 50 plus pounds.
  • Must have a reliable vehicle capable of hauling large boxes.
  • Must be self-motivated and able to work flexible hours.
  • Have a cell phone with a camera.
  • Must have Internet access
  • Must be able to attend training sessions
  • Must report your work within a certain timeframe.

The only thing that concerns me about this is the “must attend training sessions” part. I can’t find any info on where training sessions would be held at, and this could be a problem if you don’t live nearby. Still, if they need installers in your area, maybe it wouldn’t be too far away to go.

How do you get assigned to theaters?

The website says that after you sign up, you’ll get a list of theaters to pick from and you choose the ones you know you’d be able to install for. Then, you’ll automatically get work for those theaters.

How often do you get projects?

This is to be considered part-time work and you may only get a few theater visits per month. But someone on WAHM said that you get paid per standee/display installation, so if you go to a theater with a lot of screens, you’ll get the $25 to $35 for each installation you do. So this could add up!

Is Deluxe Display open to workers worldwide?

In addition to the United States, Deluxe Display has people working for them from Canada and also in Puerto Rico.

Where does Deluxe Display currently need installers?

This page on their website gives info on finding where they need installers. I’ve also noticed that they publish a lot of their job listings on Zip R go here to see what’s been listed on Zip Recruiter for Deluxe Display.

I found out about this job while browsing the WAHM forum, so you can read this thread there for some more info.

If you are interested in becoming a part-time installer for Deluxe Display, you can fill out an application on their website here.


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