How I’m Earning My Money From Home

Figured I’d update you all on what I’m doing now to earn money at home. Up until a few days ago, I was doing title quality assurance for Demand Media. But as you might have heard, they did away with this position entirely which really didn’t come as a shock to anyone because of all the firing sprees over the last few months where people were being let go right and left for no apparent reason. So I’ve known for a few months that I was on borrowed time there! Anyway, because I saw it coming, I’ve been lining up some other things and I’m currently debating on whether or not to jump back into freelance writing.

Here’s what I’m doing now to earn money:


This and my other blogs earn me some money every month, although it certainly doesn’t pay all the bills. Thanks to ad revenue, affiliates, and the paid advertisers I’ve had, I’ve been able to keep some money coming in. I wish this blog was all I had to do to earn my money since it’s by far my favorite way to do it! I love researching work at home and have for years now. I’m forever on the lookout for new things for myself anyway.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, keep in mind it takes a good while before you start earning money. Also, be sure to start one on something you love researching and talking about — otherwise keeping up with it will feel like a chore instead of like a hobby and you may give up on it during those first several months when you’re not seeing much return on your efforts. I read a few good e-books (one by Angie Nelson and one by Kelby Carr) that really helped me learn what the heck I was doing with a blog. Check the bottom of this page for my recommendations if you’re interested in learning all you can about earning an income with your blog.

ODesk Work 

I’m part of a project on oDesk right now where you’re given 300 keywords in a specific category and you have  to write roughly two sentences consisting of at least 150 characters containing those keywords (in any order as long as they’re in there). Out of the 300 keywords given, you only have to write the sentences for 250 which is great because there are some that are too hard or too nonsensical to make anything out of.

This is paying $70 for every batch of 250 keywords. I have enjoyed this because it’s very, very easy writing. It really doesn’t take that long to come up with a couple of sentences on some keywords. I’ve been doing it since probably December and they’ve paid reliably. Unfortunately, they are not hiring for this project right now, but I’ll update you with some more information when they are. The work kind of came and went during January (a lot of us didn’t have batches to work on at all times) but I’m hoping that it will begin to be more consistent soon.


I’m also working daily on the Humanatic call reviewing job I posted about several weeks ago. This is really just something I’m doing in between working on my batch for oDesk. The calls are not consistent and the pay is, in all honesty, not spectacular so there is no way I could ever depend on this by itself unless it either began to pay more and the work came in more steadily. Still, I really like it for something to do when I need a break from my oDesk work and unless it’s my imagination, it has seemed like the calls have been a little more frequent the past few weeks.

Humanatic also occasionally gives you bonuses, which is nice considering that reviewing the calls doesn’t pay all that much by itself. But — this job is fun! I actually really like doing this, so it will be exciting if it ever turns into something more. They were supposed to be hiring again in late February and it’s now late February, but I haven’t heard any info as to whether or not they’ve started hiring. I will update you again when they are.

And that about sums up what I’m doing to earn money for now. I fear that my monthly income is going to take a bit of a hit with TQA gone or I’m going to be working more hours per day than before because these other things just take longer to make the same money. For this reason, I am seriously thinking about going back to freelance writing. I haven’t done it for a long time and I’ve gotten really used to just blogging, but maybe I can sort of transition back into it :)


I also do some things for extra money to bring in a couple of dollars here and there. Some of my favorites lately are Share Magnet, Sponsored Tweets, various survey panels, Instant Cash Sweepstakes, and Superpoints. None of these amount to a whole lot by themselves, but together they can add up.

Anyway, I’ve rambled long enough. How are you earning your money from home? I would love to hear! Maybe it will give some ideas on what else I can do :)

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  1. Chandra says

    Yes,Jean. Arise does not hire individuals. So you have to be incorporated or work under someone else that is incorporated. I am incorporated and have people working under me.

  2. says

    Thank you for the post. :) I have been working from home with Arise as a customer service rep. I love the flexibility in choosing hours and the client I work for. However, I would also like a non-phone also but haven’t been able to find anything. I would LOVE to do Humanatics. I used to do Call Center QA for years. But, they are not hiring now. :(

    • Jean says

      Is Arise the company you have to incorporate with? I would like 1 more phone egg where I can set my own hrs as a backup egg.

  3. Portia says

    Thanx for the post! I currently am working Live Ops and Working Solutions..I have recently began trying to find a non-phone gig to give me a break from the phones.

  4. Markato says

    I work for Workforce Logic and I’m writing for HowtoHint. I have accounts on several other writing sites –, odesk, iwriter, Demand Studios, MTurk and Textbroker, but to be honest besides articledocument and Demand Studios, I’ve never actually written for any of the others. They are however available should the day come that I need them. And considering that my stint with Workforce Logic is up in the fall, I’ve been doing my best to diversify or it’s off to my flex job…back to substitute teaching, which I did for two years prior to WAH stuff.

    Substitute teaching is rough if only because you wind up catching every sickness the kids have. Every time I went back to work, I caught something else and had to stay home.

  5. Jean says

    i love this site. I worked with West for 6 yrs until they fired me in Jan. Now I am working with Live oops but I have been so desperately been trying to find a non-phone wah job since my daughter was born almost 4 yrs ago.

  6. Clauemi says

    I love this blog! You have so many opportunities listed and good reviews over them, I don’t know how you find the time lol. I hope one day I am able to earn a little from blogging since I like doing it as well but since I am just starting out sometimes I find it difficult to find topics to write about.

    • says

      Thank you, Clauemi! Blogging can for sure be a challenge. You have to keep writing consistently and it becomes a lot to keep up with. But if you really enjoy it, it does help.

  7. says

    I am really excited that the blog is earning enough to consider it a steady income stream!! You have come so far in the last year. Imagine what this year will bring!!

  8. says

    Thanks for posting this. I am trying to find different ways to earn without being on the phone. I was doing tasks at Cloud Crowd, but I am frustrated there. :( Just when I thought things were getting better, they got worse.

    My son has special needs which is one of the main reasons why I stay home.

    I hope you have a great day! :)

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