Good Work at Home Posts to Read

I am running short on time today and don’t think I’m going to get the post I had planned written, but I still wanted to share something so I figured I could do a round-up of some other good reading regarding work at home :) If you really want some good stuff to read, check out these:

7+ Reactive Steps to Get Your Freelance Pay

I really like this one from The Work at Home Wife this week. I know a lot of you are freelance writers who occasionally (or normally) do work for private clients. There’s always that risk that you won’t get your pay! Here are some great steps to take to ensure you get your money after someone has flaked out on you.

Want to Work at Home? Stop Chasing the Easy Solution

Holly Hanna of The Work at Home Woman posted something that really hits home. A lot of people who want to work from home are looking for an “easy” way to do it. That just doesn’t really exist. Getting a work at home job can be just as, if not more, challenging in many cases than getting a job outside the home.

Is a Scam?

This is a very detailed, thorough look at Cash Texts by Eddy over at Work at Home No Scams. I’m sure you’ve heard of these as they have been popping up everywhere lately — sign up your cell number, agree to receive ads via text, then get paid for reading. Eddy always does a great job with his reviews and gives it to you straight, so this will really help you decide if you’ve been considering this company (or others like it) for extra money.

ACD Direct

Moms R Bomb provided an overview of ACD Direct. I have heard repeatedly that if you can do the phone work, this is a really good company to get on with. The work may not always be steady, but it’s flexible.

HowtoHint – Are They Legit?

Work at Home Adventures is another site that always does a great job providing lots of detailed reviews. This one is no exception — How to Hint has been getting a lot of “buzz” lately (I’m actually planning my own review of this in a few weeks after I’ve tried it for a bit) and Faith, one of the writers for WAHA, does a great job of sharing some of her own experience as well as providing facts.

How to Set Up a Home-Based Bakery

A guest poster for 1099 Mom wrote a great article about the ins and outs of setting up a home-based bakery. I know there are so many people who are sooo good at baking! Even if it’s on the small scale, you could potentially profit from a business like this.

Put a Billboard On Your House & This Guy Will Pay Your Mortgage

Well, you can always count on the Penny Hoarder to have an “outside the box” way to earn money :) This post is no exception. Even if it’s not anything you’d ever do, it’s still interesting to consider.

I am sure there is some other great reading that I didn’t mention! If you read an awesome article somewhere else online this week about working from home (or if you have your own), feel free to share the link in the comments :)

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    Thanks Anna, you already know I’m a fan. But now I’m stalker because you’ve showed me a little love on your blog. Now you’re in trouble. lol

    Seriously thanks for the mention. I love what you do here and you provide me sources of inspiration and other options when I have a mental block. So keep up the good work.

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      Hahaha, thank you so much! I’m a fan of your site too I love all the detail you provide in your reviews and the research you do. I know how time consuming that can be, and you really do a great job.