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Skyword is a website I’ve gotten interested in lately because I keep finding leads to post from them on my weekly job leads posts for different little writing programs. I had heard the name in passing before but honestly didn’t know much about them. After doing some digging, I’ve learned that you can sign up to write for them and then apply to different programs that interest you for various major brands. For example, there is a Pampers program in Skyword that was open a while back and there is a program for Daily Glow that you can apply to now.

How much does Skyword pay?

When you sign up, you’ll see that there are different programs to join. How much you earn will depend on the company/brand you are writing for. Some of these only pay per page view and don’t offer a flat rate upfront, but others do. The flat rate amount varies, but just from what I was able to see while I was looking around on the site was anywhere from $5 to $40 per article. The amount for page views also varies. For example, they have a Gather program right now and the compensation for that is pay per page views only. Gather is actually a sister company to Skyword so this program appears to always be up. The structure for that looks like this:

payment structure

Other programs that pay a flat rate that are going right now include Daily Glow ($5 an article plus performance), Info Boom ($40 an article plus performance), What to Expect ($10 an article plus performance). They have also been advertising looking for Pampers writers although it appears they are all filled up for that now.

How and when does Skyword pay?

Skyword pays twice monthly with Paypal.

How long does it take to get articles reviewed?

I have seen people complain about long article review times, so even though they pay regularly, there’s a good chance your article might sit for a while before anyone looks at it. However, this problem does seem to vary per program. Some programs have slower review times than others.

How do you get in on the different writing programs?

You just have to click on the program you’re interested in joining and fill out the info. You’ll be asked for a byline to use, a writing sample, and your writing qualifications and requirements. Before you can join any programs, you’ll also have to register at Skyword. Absolutely anyone can register with Skyword and they don’t ask you for a lot of info to do this, but I still think they have to approve you just for that because the email confirmation I got said, “Once you’re approved as a Skywriter ….”. But signing up at Skyword just seems to be  a way to access the programs available to join. Then if you decide to sign up for certain programs, you may or may not be accepted into those.

Is there a monthly article minimum?

Again, this may depend on the program you’re in. All of the programs have different requirements. The amount of work available to do will also vary depending on the program you’re writing for.

Are you assigned articles to write?

Apparently each program has it’s own pool of titles/topics to choose from to write.

Does Skyword hire writers outside the US?

When you sign up, they do want to know your country of residency and also you have to pick what languages you can write in. So I would think that, while you may not be eligible for every program that is open, you can still sign up to get access to those programs if you are not in the US.

What do people say about Skyword?

Here are some links to read through if you want to see what people are saying:

  • WAHM
  • Work Place Like Home (thread is from 2010)
  • KillFive (This is not a user review, but a very informative Q&A with someone at Skyword which explains more about the company.)
  • WAH Adventures (Great review of Skyword here and also more details in the comments)

Do you want to try Skyword out?

You can go here to sign up as a “SkyWriter”  and then once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to view and apply to the different programs they have going.

Do you or have you ever written for Skyword? What was your experience?

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  1. Jayda says

    Skyword rates can get pretty competitive. One project I am working on pays $90 per 350-word approved article. The only downfall is that this particular client only needs about three to five articles per month. All in all though, Skyword is pretty decent. The one thing I’d like to change is the time it takes for editors to actually get to articles. On some projects, I’ve had to wait over two weeks.

  2. says

    I have applied to two skyword programs and one application has already been rejected after almost 2 days. Crossing my fingers on the second one.

    Thanks Anna for great info. We are always on the lookout for such awesome opportunities.

  3. says

    Hi Anna,

    Thank you for taking some time to provide your writers with a review of Skyword. I am responsible for providing support to the writers on Skyword. If my team can answer any questions for you, please send us an email.

    I am proud of the level of Support we offer writers on the site. We offer Live Help six days a week which provides an opportunity for Skywriters to chat with us in real-time to discuss problems, writing tips, troubleshooting for beginners, etc. We also offer STIR sessions regularly. These are group discussions with a specific focus that gives writers the opportunity to learn best practices that could make them more successful.

    As I discussed in the KillFive interview you have linked to above, Skyword writers can gain several things from writing on our site:

    1. Skyword writers write for the best brands in the market. They develop their portfolios and receive direct exposure to these brands when they write.

    2. We help teach Skyword writers the craft of writing in the digital space. Our Article Scorecard, for example, is a user-friendly tool that will help teach someone with no SEO experience how to create articles for this search-driven world. The Skyword help sections provide detailed screenshots, videos, and step-by-step instructions on best practices for writing online including promoting articles on social media sites, using links and pictures in articles, using keywords, and more.

    3. We are there for our writers every step of the way. We receive a lot of great feedback about how helpful and friendly the Skyword managers and editors have been for newer writers.

    If I can be of any help, please let me know.

    -Adam, support@skyword.com

    • says

      Thank you so much for stopping by with this additional info, Adam! Overall, I think that Skyword sounds like a good opportunity. I appreciate your feedback!

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