Get Paid to Try Apps With Elusive Stars

There is a new company called Elusive Stars that has been around since November of last year. If you sign up with them, you can get paid to test out new apps from various developers on your smartphone. This is just going to be a general overview of the info I’ve been able to gather so far because I have not yet tried this out. Here’s what I know:

What You Do

As stated above, you are testing out apps. Currently, you can sign up if you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or an Android device. It is up to the app developers who gets to test what, and for this reason your device has to be registered with the Elusive Stars site. The developers go through and choose what devices they want their apps tested out on. Depending on your device and your demographic, you may or may not be selected.

How Much You Earn

The amount you receive is not set. It depends on, first of all, how much the developer is paying for the app to be tested. Elusive Stars themselves have posted on WAHM with a good example of how the earnings work: Every person signed up has a multiplier that is set to a certain percentage. So if your multiplier is 50 percent and the app developer is paying $4 for each test, you would earn $2 for doing the test. This multiplier can go up to as high as 90 percent, but when you first start out it is set to 40 percent. One way to get the multiplier to increase is by inviting your friends to try out Elusive Stars.

How to Get Paid

Once you have accumulated $10, you should receive a Paypal payment from Elusive Stars. As of now, it may not be possible to get a lot of apps to test because they’re still new and they ¬†need more developers to register. The more developers that register, the more apps there will be for you to test. So getting that $10 might take a bit at first.

I have followed along reading this thread on the WAHM forum (which you should read before signing up) where they initially introduced their opportunity, wanting people to sign up and try it out. This is how I found out about it. I have been extremely impressed with how quick they have been to answer questions from others. They have stayed very active on this forum and haven’t just posted and disappeared like so many other companies introducing their opportunities seem to do there. Even though this is a new thing and it always pays to be suspicious of new opportunities, the fact that they are so helpful and responsive has given me a lot more confidence in this.

I’ve been meaning to try this one out for myself but still have not gotten around to it.

If you would like to sign up, you can visit the Elusive Stars site here and click the “Join” button at the top. Please note that you will have to download their app in order to be set up to test apps from developers.

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  1. Lisa says

    Have you had any success with this or heard any updates from anyone about this opportunity? I’m interested but I have yet to see anyone online mention if they were actually able to get work and get paid. Thanks!

    • says

      Thanks! yeah, from what I understand they are getting more developers. As they get more developers signed, you’ll have more of a chance at work.

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