Get Paid to Participate in University Research

Sign up for university research and get paid for your time.

Colleges and universities regularly conduct research studies, and you can get paid for your participation. The reason I really like these is because the whole process is very serious — you are almost always paid in cash for your time and the questions are usually very straightforward. Many of these studies are psychological and you usually won’t be asked your opinion of a product or service.

Please note that there are a few of these that will require you to show up in person to do the studies, but I believe that most also send out survey invites via email too. I know I always did them online and don’t recall being asked to physically go anywhere.

Sweepstakes Entries

There are a few university panels that only offer sweepstakes entries for your time spent (although most pay in cash), but the difference here is that they usually don’t have as many people participating in each study, so your chances of winning are greater. I remember winning $50 from a university study I did about five years ago! I used it to go toward buying a nice stroller for my son. :)

My Experience

I have participated in some of these university studies in the past and was paid for my time. Unlike most other survey panels, you probably won’t get invites every single day or even several times a week. With each university panel you’re signed up with, you may get anywhere from one to two survey invites every month or every couple of months. This is just my best guess and things may have changed since I was actively participating in these kinds of studies, but that was my experience with them.

You may find these to be a refreshing change from the types of paid surveys you might be used to taking. Here’s a list of 21 university research panels to get you started. I will be adding these and more to the directory as I find them:

Sign up for university studies online and get paid!
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Good luck! Please share with us in the comments below if you’ve ever participated in any of these types of studies and how your experience was.

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  1. Jessica says

    Do you have to be living in that state to do the research or survey? I’m not sure how this work>

    • says

      It depends on the study. Some are open nationwide, but some might be for a specific location. Just read the requirements carefully and it should say.

  2. Jim Davolt says

    Hi Anna, thanks for this nice list. I have a lot of these on my list but see a few new ones to check out. I never used to do the sweepstakes surveys but decided to try a few a couple years back and actually won $100 on one and $75 on another (so it is actually possible to win these) so I have done a lot more of them from that point on.

    • Jim Davolt says

      I also should add that University research are some of my favorite survey sites. They always pay quicker than a regular survey business site and for the most part I find their surveys to be shorter most of the time.There is a lot of survey companies I wouldn’t do the sweepstakes surveys for just because I have my suspicions whether they really hold them.

  3. says

    Anna, I have to hand it to you, you always make my day brighter. Just now I got this post in my email. As soon as I saw that lovely picture, I felt so much better. I’d just been surrounded by this sleazy website money-making deal and I was so grossed out by all of it that I sure needed some bolstering. Your picture and your post on a respectable subject like universities made me feel so much better! Thank you so much! You have quite a list of links there. That’s extremely impressive. I’ve done university studies via Mechanical Turk before because I know I can trust them and they tend to pay more than other HITs. I’ll indeed be checking out your links.

    • says

      Oh, I had to pop back by. Harvard has the coolest study, well, it’s not really a study, though it is a contest to win a Wii Fit. You sign up at The Healthy Lifestyle Network which is a Harvard site and you select your health interests, like mine is nutrition and so forth and then they match you with buddies who have like interests. That’s all the further I’ve gotten, but I think it’s just so super cute! Thanks again, Anna! With this interesting tidbit, I’m sure your other links have so much wealth in store.

    • says

      Thanks so much Victoria for the compliments! These are extremely cool, I remember I always enjoyed doing these studies so much more than anything for Opinion Outpost, Survey Spot, or any of those other places because they just seemed so professional. There are actually a bunch more universities with research departments that I need to get listed. I only stopped at 21 there because I was running out of time, so be sure to look for more in the near future. I’m going to add them to the directory.

  4. says

    My future son-in-law was involved with one of these university studies, and he was offered a good bit of money for his participation. This is a great list. Thanks for sharing!

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