Get Paid to “Go Look” for We Go Look

As far as independent work goes, there’s a lot out there that doesn’t necessarily take place inside the home. You can do mystery shopping, product merchandising, court research, and even sign up to run errands for people. We Go Look is a company that kind of falls under the “errand running” category. You can apply to be something called a “looker” through their website. And as the name implies, “looking” is pretty much what you do.

Some Examples

Let’s say a person from out of state is interested in buying a car in your area that he found on Craigslist or on the website of a car dealership. The price is right and everything looks good, but he’s hesitant to actually pay for it because he can’t go check it out. So, this person contacts We Go Look to send one of their lookers out to give this car a once-over and make sure everything is as it appears to be. The looker goes to check the car out, take pictures, and writes up a short report. Then, the buyer either does or doesn’t make the purchase depending on what the looker reported.

Another example: A person wants to vacation in your area and comes across a condo or vacation home online they’re interested in renting. Same scenario — they don’t want to put a deposit down on it until they have checked it out, but they can’t because they aren’t immediately available to do so. This person contacts We Go Look to send one of their lookers over to the vacation home to make sure everything is OK before the decision is made to rent the vacation home.

How much do Lookers get paid?

The payment amount is listed as starting at $25 per assignment and going up from there. Payments are made via either Paypal, check, or you can set yourself up with ACH deposits. You are generally also not reimbursed for your mileage without written approval from We Go Look, so that is something to keep in mind before accepting assignments that are many miles away.

What is the previous experience required to do this job?

You don’t have to have any experience at all. Even when the assignment is to check out a car, you won’t need to have any mechanical knowledge. From what I’ve been reading, you’re just checking out very basic things. They also may run a background check on you before hiring you.

Do you have to take all assignments given to you?

You are not obligated to take all the assignments offered. However, if you do accept a job, they want you to try to get it done within 48 hours of accepting it.

Are you an employee or an independent contractor?

All lookers are independent contractors.

Who do you report to?

As a Looker, you report your findings to We Go Look — not to the person who requested Looker services. You will not ever have to have any contact with the person who hired your services. I think this is a good thing for the most part. You can just send whatever photos you’ve taken or reports you’ve written directly to We Go Look, and then they’ll deal with the other person.

My Thoughts

I think this could be extra money, maybe something to sign up for and take on assignments when it would be convenient and you could use the cash. The job sounds simple enough. As always, exercise caution any time you’re going out to meet a stranger privately. Especially with these Craigslist ads — always be careful. If possible, meet someone in a very public area.

I found an article about We Go Look that was published recently on Forbes here if you want to read it. 

If you’d like to sign up to be a Looker for We Go Look, you can go here.

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  1. SW says

    I am currently working for them and they are very easy to communicate with, flexible and lenient. The pay is very decent considering the type of work you are doing and they notify you if anything needs to be corrected from your submissions. The only drawback is that work is not frequent. Also, you have to keep an eye on your email for new orders and be quick to accept them before someone else does. Other than that, this is a no brainer.

      • SW says

        This might be a bummer for ALOT of people interested in this job that really on frequent pay like myself.

        1) They say they process payments every Friday but I have completed work recently for them and have yet to be compensated for my time (its going on two weeks now).

        This made me send an inquiry only to be told this:
        2) They do not pay via Paypal and are actually switching to doing checks only. This was explained despite the Paypal info being listed in their Looker FAQs.

        Let me play devil’s advocate here…they give you a 48 hour turnaround time on assignments and I’m guessing its because of pending client approval then going through the necessary channels not to mention snail mail that delays payment. So use your better judgement.

        • SW says

          NEW UPDATE:

          Ok, so apparently they do pay via Paypal but its not something automatic. You may have to request it and they will honor it though. I’m not sure if they require you to get paid by check first and then they allow you to receive it via Paypal once requested. However, with Paypal, you are going to be a charged their standard merchant fee which is 2.9% + $.30. Additionally, its recommended that you request business cards to present to people you may come across while on assignments as an identifier.

    • Linda Hoffman says

      Their website says something about you needing to put them on your insurance. How much does the insurance cost? I would think this would be a deal breaker if the jobs are spotty.

  2. cheryl says

    This is really interesting, I would love to try it. I doubt I would get many jobs in my rural area but I would like to know how legit this is before I give them my S.S. and all my info.

  3. Denise says

    I tried to apply for this and it wouldn’t advance to the next page to confirm acceptance. Weird. Has anyone else had this problem?

    Thanks!! :)

    • Tamara says

      No. The applying and paperwork went well. I’ve done quit of bit of research on it. So far it seems pretty legit. I even checked the BBB on WeGoLook. It shows an A rating with ZERO complaints in 3 years. Although, it is NOT BBB Accredited, because they have not sought out BBB Accreditation. Which that does not mean they aren’t real. On YouTube it shows video of the Founders explaining it, some videos “Lookers” have done for customers, as well as showing a legit video of it being on Channel 9 News. I’ve only been hesitant, because after I applied and was accepted…before I could get started on “Looking” jobs they want me to fill out a W-9 form for taxes (which means giving my SSN), and filling out the consent form for a background check. Which also means giving my SSN, my DOB and my driver’s license number(DLN). Found this Eddy guy’s blog that he did one about He said he was wanting to check it out and try it. He has been pretty experienced since 1993 on what is and isn’t scams on the net. So I emailed him to get a followup to see if he tried it out or not. That’s what I’m waiting on before I finish the W-9 and the background check consent form.

  4. Agatha @ Free Money Tips says

    There really are bazillions of ways to make money these days. Never heard of this before but it’s really interesting. Maybe asking for a pre-payment would be a way to make sure you got paid?

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