Get Paid for Using Your Grocery Store Loyalty Cards

You’re going to want to read this post all the way through because this is an actual way you can get paid for doing nothing more than using your grocery rewards cards! And by paid, I do mean Paypal payments (or Amazon GC if that suits you more).

I found out about an amazing little program today involving your store loyalty cards that I think a lot of you may be able to really reap the benefits of! And it’s not just another coupon site – this place will pay you actual money. If you’re like me, you’ve probably got a couple of grocery store/drug store rewards cards floating around in your wallet that you use all the time for when you go shopping so you can be sure to get the deals when the stores have them. Well, there is a website called Saving Star that will actually pay you every time you use your rewards card to buy certain things! And the best part is, it’s stuff you’d probably buy anyway so it adds up. Here is how it works:

Sign up for a Saving Star account

This is free and very easy to do. They don’t ask for a whole lot of personal information, just the basics. And if you want to make it really easy on yourself, you can just link your Saving Star account with your Facebook and then choose a password. But then I know there are some of you that don’t do Facebook, so fortunately having a Facebook isn’t required, it’s just an option that’s there to make logging in easier if you happen to do Facebook and want to link it.

Put in Your Zip Code

Put in your zip code to find out what stores in your area are participating in this. Some won’t be, but for me I found many that were. Kroger, Bi-Lo, Ingles, CVS, Food Lion, and Rite Aid. There are probably plenty of other stores in your area that are participating, but those are just the ones where I live. Stores that don’t offer rewards cards (Wal-Mart, etc.) are unfortunately not participating.

Pick Out Your Deals

You’ll come to a screen with all kinds of groceries and merchandise. The items are displayed like this:

Saving Star

You’ll see images of things you might buy. If you see something you know you’ll probably end up purchasing within the next month (most deals are good for a month), just click the “I Want This!” button. You can see it in orange at the bottom of the item. Then, notice the dollar amount next to the item? Once you make that purchase, you’ll get that amount deposited into your Saving Star account! It might take a few weeks for the deal to credit, but as long as you buy it using your store loyalty cards from any of the ones you have registered on the site, the purchase will be tracked and Saving Star will know you made it because you linked your Rewards card up with their site.

As you can probably see, this can really accumulate. For example, if you went to Food Lion on grocery day and happened to buy (from my example above) two packs of Cheetos and two 12 packs of Pepsi, you’d have $3 in your Saving Star account, not to mention any other things you might have bought that also qualified.

Cash Out Your Earnings

You can cash out on Saving Star once you have  $5 in your account! I think that’s great, because I’m seeing a lot of purchases here that you could make that would get you to that $5 threshold pretty easily. You can also let your money build up in your account if you want to save up for something.

The options available for cash out are bank deposit, Amazon gift cards, Paypal, or I believe you can make a charitable donation to American Forests if you choose. I love this because these are all options most people could use.

How long does it take to get the credits after you make a qualified purchase?

It varies from store to store, there’s no set guaranteed time. The site says it usually takes anywhere from two to fourteen days for your purchases to credit, but in some cases it might take 30.

Can you use the same deals again and again?

No. For example, if you bought the Cheetos in the image above, that 0ffer would no longer be available to your for that month. But there’s always a chance it might show up again the next month. The things available get renewed generally every month.

Do you have to click the “I Want This!” button to get the credits?

Absolutely! Don’t forget to do this. If you see something there’s even a chance you might buy, click that button and then try to remember it when you go shopping. It would also be a good idea to use any coupons you  might already have for these items too just to maximize your savings.

Saving Star Smartphone Apps

Saving Star does have apps available for both the iPhone and Android so you can use them when you go shopping. That way, you can browse in store for things you know you could get credit on instead of trying to plan ahead and do it and then remember what you clicked that you wanted.

Would you like to go ahead and try this?

Sign up here to register your store loyalty cards and get started.


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  1. Barb says

    Hi Anna,

    SavingStar is great! I have had nothing but good experience with this website, including customer service.

    I live in PA and the stores that I shop are Giant, Redners, CVS, Rite Aid, and Shurfine. I do most of my shopping at Redners, Giant and Rite Aid. The longest it has ever taken for me to get credited was one week. A couple of times a few things I bought that I activated, did not credit. I emailed and I only had to upload a copy of my receipt. The one time it was for Yoplait Yogurt. You had to buy 6 to get $.40. There was only 5 transactions, but one consisted of 2 yogurts, making it a total of 6 yogurts purchased. My account was credited within a couple days.

    I am setup with PayPal and I cashed out several times with this company. I checked to see if they pay for referrals, they only pay affiliates.

    I would emphasize keeping your receipts until your account is credited, just in case something you bought doesn’t get credited, at least you can scan your receipt and email them a copy to receive credit.

    Also, you can use manufacturer coupons on the items you activate for DOUBLE savings. Like with the Yoplait Yogurt I bought, I printed a manufacturer coupon from online ($.40 off the purchase of 6). I used that coupon at the grocery store checkout, so I saved $.40 at the checkout and then I received another $.40 from SavingStar.

    Oh, and I also got paid $.05 from QuickRewards for printing and redeeming the coupon. This payment took a few months to credit.

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