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Update 8/8/14 – It appears Kaibell may no longer be operating.

Kaibell is a company that hires people for contract positions to do ESL tutoring remotely from their computers. From what I’ve read online, this looks like you could be tutoring adults or children who do not have English as their first language. The work is done via Skype. Please keep in mind that while their current openings page is up and running on the website, there’s still a chance they may not be actively hiring right now. But it looks like you can apply regardless since the page is up.

How much does Kaibell pay?

Sorry, the rate of pay and method pay, etc. are not advertised here and details online are sketchy. Your rate of pay per session will vary depending on if you are tutoring just one or more than one student at a time. Some people discussing Kaibell on forums have said the pay here is comparable to what you get from other ESL tutoring jobs online.

Do you have to have a college degree to sign up?

Yes, you do need to have a college degree or above to become a tutor for Kaibell, but the degree doesn’t have to be in teaching to tutor the adults from what I understand. It can be in anything as long as you do have one. However, if you are interested in being a K-12 tutor for children, then you will need to have some background teaching K-12 students in American schools.

What are the other requirements to apply?

You must be a US citizen, a native speaker of American English, and have an up to date PC with a high-speed internet connection. If you don’t have Skype and a headset, you’ll also need to get that. But Skype is free and headsets can be pretty inexpensive.

What is scheduling like?

This is taken from the Kaibell website,

The tutoring time is very flexible. Tutors will online register their availability at least 24 hours prior to the tutoring sessions; Students will then pick up the tutors and the timeslots on an appointment system.

You do not have an hourly minimum to meet each week, so you may be able to work things around your schedule.

What do people say about Kaibell?

This is one of several ESL tutoring jobs I see recommended a good bit on forums, and the feedback is pretty good overall. One person did say something about it being little pay for a lot of preparation time considering that she didn’t get any more students to tutor after the first few when she started the job, but I have not found anything else too negative. As always, I welcome your comments if you have any experience or suggestions to potential applicants!

Would you like to apply here? Visit this link for their careers page which gives additional information and has a link to apply at the bottom.

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