Five Writing Sites Like Textbroker

Writing Sites Like TextbrokerTextbroker is an incredibly popular place to write for because they’re hard to beat in many areas: they now pay weekly, they accept people with no writing experience, and their editors give you quality reviews that will actually help you become a better writer over time. And if you’re lucky enough to get promoted to level 5, the amount you can earn for the articles you write is pretty impressive.

The point of this post is to give you a list of a few other writing sites like Textbroker in case you wanted more options and were looking for something with a similar sort of setup. I cannot say that any of the sites I’m about to mention are as good as Textbroker, but they might be good to apply with just in case Textbroker or any other site you write for are having article droughts.

The Content Authority

This site is very similar to Textbroker, but has a few disadvantages. First off, everyone who applies starts off at the first writing level (lowest pay) regardless of writing quality. As you may know, Textbroker assigns your writing level based on your initial writing sample. People who are really good often get placed at level 4 right off the bat. It doesn’t work that way at The Content Authority. You cannot get your writing level up unless you consistently submit quality content. However, Textbroker only hires US writers while The Content Authority will accept people worldwide provided they can get paid by Paypal and have a good understanding of the English language. Payments are also made weekly here every Saturday. *Just discovered that the site says they are not accepting writers right now, but you can go ahead and apply and they will keep your application on file for when they are.

London Brokers

London Brokers is similar to Textbroker in a way because they have a pool of articles to choose from and you are technically doing the work for their clients, not for London Brokers. Also, many of the articles are very SEO oriented, just like with Textbroker. The main difference here though is that London Brokers offers pretty low pay and unfortunately I’ve had a lot of comments from readers who did not have good experiences here. But if you’re looking for writing sites like Textbroker, you might want to consider applying and just keeping them on the backburner in case you can’t find anything to write anywhere else. They pay every Friday via Paypal and they claim to accept people from countries outside the US provided they have a strong grasp of the English language, although a few of my readers from countries such as Africa who speak English perfectly have had a hard time getting accepted in spite of their fluency.

Writer Access

This site actually pays a little more than Textbroker, but it’s much harder to grab the assignments. Writer Access usually does not have that much work up on the board. When work orders get dropped, it generally happens in the wee hours of the morning so unless you are up at that time, it might be hard to actually snag any jobs. I really like the pay and setup of this site, but I wish there were more work to do. Writer Access pays monthly with Paypal and you only need $10 in your account to get paid. Currently, only writers in the United States are eligible to submit content here.

Need An Article

I have never applied to this site so I have no personal experience, but from what I understand they do operate in much the same way as Textbroker. The pay rate here is somewhere between $5 and $10-$12 per article depending on the writing topics and styles you are approved to write on. One great thing about this place is that they do pay every week with Paypal. To apply, you have to visit this link and submit a ticket there asking if they are hiring. If they need writers, you’ll be sent instructions on how to apply.


This is a new site that I absolutely love the layout/setup of. I signed up here but have yet to submit any work. Anyway, it’s like TB because there is an available assignments board, most of the work is SEO/keyword related, and you are writing for their clients, not directly for iWriter. The one big downside to iWriter is that the pay is very low when you start out. Most articles do not pay more than a few bucks to maybe $5 maximum. However, after you’ve signed up there is a message at the top of the screen saying that once you get promoted to “Top Writer” you can start earning between $5 and $10 per article. Most of the articles on the board look fairly easy to me, so if you can get through them quickly, the low pay might not be all that bad.

I hope this list helps you if you were looking for more Textbroker-like options. And if you’ve never signed up for Textbroker and believe that you have no interest in earning any money writing, I suggest trying it out! You might be surprised by how much you like it, and you can’t beat the weekly pay.

Do you know of any other sites like Textbroker? 

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  1. Eric Hodecker says

    I have been a fan of iWriter for years. If you put in the time, it doesn’t take long to become an elite writer.

    The review system can be frustrating, as reviews can often be based on the client’s mood. Regardless of how talented you are, you WILL get rejections for one reason or another.

    I would encourage anyone to give iWriter a try, and I would be more than happy to share my experiences.

    Eric Hodecker

    • Kioko says

      Thank you for this great list Anna! I have written for a number of these sites including iwriter and LB or londonbrokers. I need to discuss something with you off this page. I wouldn’t mind if you spare some time and ping me through my email:

  2. Andrew says

    Just wanted to let you know that the family owned small business has moved to a cents per-word platform starting at $0.0129 per word on up,and has an affiliate program that writers could join and earn 50% of the monthly membership of $9.95 for the life of the account of the person they refer to request content or services with NAA.

    And we upgraded our system to run more smoothly and I like your site. :p


    • says

      Thank you so much Andrew for stopping in with this new information! I do not believe I’ve done a full review of Need an Article here on my site, so I may do that soon and provide the new information you’ve given me. Also, it’s great you have an affiliate program — that’s one additional way option some writers could take advantage of to earn more money.

  3. Rio C. says

    CloudCrowd ( is a growing content production and management site. After you pass a few tests to determine your skill level, you can then get paid to write, edit, research, etc. The pay is comparable to Texbroker and some other sites–sometimes higher.

    It’s actually a Facebook app. The interface is clean; the workflow is organized, and if you finish some tasks today, you get paid through PayPal tomorrow!

  4. Karen Gordon says

    Does iwriter pay automatically after 20? I can’t find their payout button. I set up for payment on the 25th. I have over 20 in my author account.

  5. sayhum says

    hi,can you tell me if i can write articles on any site using a java phone? MS word is not availaible in my phone and i dont have an access to a computer :(

    • says

      Hi Sayhum, I am honestly not sure. I have never tried. I know that on my smartphone (not sure if that is the same as a java phone) I can type things, but it would definitely take a long time to do an article that way. But I guess you could try it if you have internet access on your phone and a keypad.

  6. Tasha says

    Are there any such sites out there that pay some way other than paypal? I got notified over Christmas that my paypal account had been suspended. When I called to find out why, I was simply told that their network had attached an association to me from some source that they considered a problem. They wouldn’t tell me who or what or how to fix it. They said only that there wasn’t anything I could do. most of the sites listed pay through paypal. So, any suggestions?

  7. Jared says

    I really like how iwriter is setup, but are all the articles claimed (just discovered how to claim them) due within a matter of HOURS? That is very unique!

    • says

      After you are logged in, go to the top of the page where it says “Write Articles.” Then, find something in the list that interests you and hit the little gray plus sign to the left of the article title. This will expand the information and you should see a button there that says “Write Article.” I believe that is how you claim articles to write.

  8. Jenine says

    I signed up for iwriter last week. They have thousands of assignments to choose from. I submitted a few articles for them and they were accepted. They just want you to follow the client’s instructions and write in your own words. They warn that if you plagiarize your article will be rejected immediately. Right now, I’m being started off with payments between $1-$3, but if I keep submitting good content I can get paid between $4-$10.

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