Work at Home Jobs That Pay Weekly or More Often

Huge list of 100 percent legit work at home jobs that send paycheck every single week. A great list if you need to work at home and see money every Friday.I’ve made a list of work at home jobs and money-earning opportunities that pay either weekly, daily, or multiple times a week.  There are a lot of work at home opportunities that only pay monthly or twice a month, and getting paid that infrequently may not do much to help with immediate financial needs. Please know that this list isn’t done and I plan to add to it continuously as I find things that meet this criteria.

Update 7/25/15 – This post gets updated regularly, so the info below should be accurate despite the post date. :)

Please keep in mind that the companies below may or may not be hiring right this moment:

Work at Home

Pay Daily or Multiple Times Per Week

Pay Weekly

Extra Money

Paid Daily or Multiple Times Per Week

  • Quick Rewards – A rewards site similar to Swagbucks that has no minimum on cashing out and will pay multiple times per week. Has been around since 2001.
  • Qmee – A neat little browser extension that will pay you when you do searches on Google, Amazon, etc. They have no limits on cash out amounts or the frequency you cash out. I’ve received many payments from Qmee.
  • Ibotta – Get paid instantly for buying things at the store and for referrals. Just $5 to cash out. I’ve been paid many times.
  • Instant Cash Sweepstakes – Quick Polls. Small change -$2 Cash Out Threshold – Be sure to enter your coins and tickets into the drawings, I’ve won a few times, and received many payments from this company.
  • Sponsored Tweets – Paid Tweets on Twitter. Cash Out at anytime, but there’s a $2 fee on withdrawals below $50. I’ve been paid.
  • Field Agent – Smartphone App. Pays 48 hours after completion of each job. Haven’t accepted any jobs, but many of my readers do this and have been paid.
  • Gigwalk – Smartphone App. Pays within 5 days after customer accepts your job.
  • Slice the Pie – Pays on Tuesdays & Fridays, I’ve received several payments.
  • Scribie – Transcription suitable for beginners. Very low pay which is why it’s in the “extra money” section.
  • Post Loop – Forum Posting. $5 Cash Out Threshold. One of my favorite side-earners, I’ve been paid many times.
  • Paid Forum Posting – Similar to Post Loop but pays a little more. They usually pay within 24 hours via Paypal after you send in a request for pay.

Pays Weekly

  • User Feel – Website Usability Testing
  • StartUpLift – Website Review (Weekly $5 & $10 Rewards)
  • User Testing – Website Usability Testing
  • TryMyUI – Website Usability Testing (Tests pay once accepted, which could be once a week if you managed to grab a test a week from here)
  • MyLikes – Twitter/Facebook Postings
  • BoostCTR – Crowdsourced ad copy writing, Paypal
  • Humanatic – Call reviewing (Pays every Monday)

Please note that survey sites are another great source for extra cash paid regularly. You can only get paid as often as you have money pending. Even though the cash out threshold is low on these, you won’t be able to cash out if you aren’t getting survey invites and qualifying into the surveys. But if you have money in your account, the potential is there to get the money almost as soon as you need it.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see the disclosure for more information.

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  1. Lorelai says

    I’m curious. How many of the work from jobs are employeexpected and not independent contractor? I’ve looked at a few but the majority seem to be looking for independent contractors.

  2. mana says

    I worked for Try My UI and it is awful. The most disorganized testing company! And the have no support whatsoever. There is an email for support, but no one replies to you when you have a problem. There is also a phone number which usually goes on answering machine. All in all, not recommended.

  3. bullet says

    Hey Anna can u choose one better task for a college student from one of them to make easier money.

  4. Dee Tinn says

    Peace again Anna
    (sorry for the misspelling of your name in the last comment).

    I forgot to also share that I will be starting work with On Point as an Advocacy Coordinator too. It sounds like a great job that helps our fellow Americans keep informed about political issues. On Point is the voice of the average citizens that may have an opinion to share with their politicians but have no way of knowing how to contact them. On Point makes sure those voices get heard. In orientation the trainer said she will be hiring agents again around the middle of June. If you have good writing skills and are a good conversationalist then you may want to check it out. It also seems like if you put forth a little effort, you can make decent wages with them and they do pay weekly. I’m not big into politics but excited about this new venture.

    Thanks again Anna… Your one of the special ingredients in the awesome sauce.. Be Blessed.

  5. Dee Tinn says

    Peace Anna and fellow WAH agents,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have been hired by Maritz (Thank you Annie) and working with them for almost 30 days now (perfect attendance gets you a $.25 raise after 30 days too). The company has us calling customers from different businesses (banks, insurance co. etc..) and asking them to please complete a survey of how their customer service experience was between 1 (poor) and 10 (excellent). They pay you the minimum wage of your state weekly by direct deposit and pay on time. The staff is great and helpful and they make the job easy and enjoyable. Thanks again Annie and bless you for all your great and helpful information that you share with us.

  6. Trevor says

    Great information, I see transcribe me was added recently, what do you suggest is best to make around 200 a week?

  7. Dan Clay says

    Here is what I found on Ripoff Report about Rezbiz LLC, which is listed on your website. Just wanted to keep you updated.

    RezBizLLC They are a fraud. They cannot guaruntee employment and they use templates from the internet! Carlsbad California

    *REBUTTAL Owner of company: This is a false claim against RezBiz LLC

    RezBiz LLC. is a company that owns at least three resume websites. They prey on unsuspecting job seekers promising them that the resume produced will yield a guaranteed interview/job. Here’s the truth. No one can make such claims. They rip off desperate jobseekers by charging an outrageous amount of money for a resume template that is easily found all over the internet. They employ everyday joes as contractors who only have a background in writing. So when you think you’re speaking with a real human resources generalist/specialist, in reality you are not. It is a predatory practice used to ensnare unemployed people into falling for the hype.

    They have no background in reworking military or federal resumes. So if you’re thinking about shelling out the fee they charge for your resume to get on a federal agency’s list of qualified candidates on any job at, you might want to think again. In the end, you’d do better writing your own resume. At least you won’t waste money on a company that preys on jobseekers.

  8. Arionia C says

    I am looking for a fulltime work from home job that doesn’t require much writing. I would like to be paid weekly or every two weeks! Your website is great! thank you for sharing. Could you please refer me to some great full-time online jobs?

  9. Rashmi Kumari says

    Hey Anna,

    It would be of great help if you can please let me know of some medical transcription companies that hire worldwide.


    • says

      If I come across any I will let you know, but at the moment none are coming to mind. I have a list of medical transcription companies in my directory but I think the majority of those are US only.

      What country are you in?

  10. Saundra says

    I just love this list, my husband was none too happy when he found out that I had paid 100 dollars to an online scam…. So getting frustrated and just about giving up hope on getting a job for home I ran across this…. I was just wondering if there happened to be anymore job opportunities now since it has been a couple of years…. I have three children and I want to afford their extracurricular activities such as baseball and gymnastics… I don’t want to get a job that would keep me from taking them to practice and or games so I have been trying the online job search and as I have mentioned its basically one scam after the next…. I just really want to make it a little more easier on my husband since he is working so hard and going to school so our children and I can have a good life. So to make it easier I want to work from home and help some with bills without the cost of childcare and just putting more stress on him… We don’t have a lot of money as it is…

      • Saundra says

        Thank you, I am so glad I even showed my husband and this time he said yes to give it a try lol…. The scam I just did hurt us… So I am glad some good has come of this…. So thank you again….

  11. Fay says

    Any idea how long it takes Textbroker to get back to you after you have registered and completed your writing sample to start?

    • says

      How long have you been waiting? It’s been quite a few years since I went through their application process, but I’m thinking it was only a day, maybe two.

      • Fay says

        Just one day so far… I guess I figured that with in 24 hrs you would be accepted and ready to get started. Since so many people speak of how quick and easy it is to get going with them… I would like to work for them for years to come and find me another stable customer service job like my old one also that’s long term land consistent. But I also am looking for the quickest and fastest way to make real money now. Where would you suggest I start? Need fast cash for some bills right now as well….

        • Fay says

          Textbroker just got back to me. Looks like I just was not patient enough.
          Thanks Anna – Also if you have time to respond to the message above i’d appreciate the assistance… :)

        • says

          Fay — I have a few posts up that list ways to get fast cash, but if you’re looking for bill money, those might not help much because the things I listed there are mostly good for gas money, pizza money, etc. Just a little extra. I know that with the phone positions there’s often a few weeks or more worth of wait time while you’re getting a background check done, training, and so forth. The sales positions (things like Helios, which has actually received negative feedback lately from some of my readers) could probably have you up and working and making money quickly. I do have a post on this blog covering Helios. But not everyone likes sales, so that may not be the route you’d want to take.

          From my own experience, I’ve used Textbroker to make quick cash for bills. They pay every week on Fridays and if you work a lot every day, you can usually have a substantial amount accumulated by the end of the week — definitely more than the $10 cash out threshold. The only bad thing there is you never know how much work they’ll have up to grab from the order board. But I would say that for me Textbroker has been an excellent source for getting bill money together when I need it quick. Amazon Mturk is another idea. You can cash out there at just $1 and it transfers to your bank account. There is an entire sub-forum about Mturk over at the Work Place Like Home forum where people discuss the best tasks to accept to make the most money. Mturk has a reputation for being just an extra money option, but I know for a fact there are some people making more than just extra money over there.

          • Pete McDaniel says

            You might want to take CloudCrowd off the list. They were bought out by CrouwdSource and the CloudCrowd platform will be gone at the end of this month. They have been closed to new apps for months now.

  12. Chris Maloof says

    Thank you so much for your extremely helpful site! I was able to find a perfect WAH position and it’s a God send.. I can’t thank you enough!

  13. Scot says

    Hi, first I want to thank you for posting this info. and taking the time to help everyone. I am wondering if there are any jobs posted here that can be done from a smart phone? I’m on the road without a cpu, but would like to bring in some extra money. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • says

      Scot, you might want to try downloading Field Agent, GigWalk, and Easy Shift. Those are three task-based apps where you can use your smartphone to make a little money.

  14. Krystal says

    I am also new to the work from home world but not that new. I have done some work with MCA and SFI. Neither worked for me well. But I am a young stay at home mother of four, all children being 5 and under. And I’m looking for some part time or full time work to support me and the kids. Phone or non-phone is great. I prefer non-phone work because of the kids. And non-writing as well. Thanks for your help. :)

  15. Teneisheia Gordon says

    Hello everyone my name is Teneisheia and i am new to the work from home world but i was wondering if u all knew where should i start as i am a beginner. im looking for full time work to support me and my children please help

  16. Marianne says

    Hi Anna,
    Infoarmy is going out of business and Blogmutt now pays weekly (but I just signed up and haven’t actually written anything yet). Let you know how it goes.

  17. Rynna says

    Amazon Mturk has recently lowered their cash out to $1.00 for bank deposit. The GC option has always been $1.00.

  18. Kerry says

    Dear Anna:

    Thank you so much for your website. It is one of the best, if not THE best websites around. I find tips and links here I haven’t found anywhere else. You do a wonderful service for people like me. You rock!

    • says

      Yay! Thanks Kerry :) Comments like yours make my day!! I love this website and genuinely enjoying working on it and making it better. Thank you!!!!

    • says

      No problem! It honestly needs a little more updating. I need to dig in and really do some research. I know there are lots more companies.

  19. Alisa says

    Hey Anna, I was wondering about the site Job boy. Is it a legit company to work for and do you get paid regularly? I tried to do my own independent search but I came you with mixed reviews!

  20. Trent Adams says

    AOL SEED has been on hold for a long time. I sold a few things there. Last I checked, there’s still no work there.

    Thanks for the list. There’s several here I’ve never heard of.

    • says

      They pay monthly if you opt for direct deposit. They pay as often as you need them to though (provided you have the funds in your account) if you sign up for their ChaCha debit card (free to do, works just like a regular debit card). You can take your money out whenever you want with that, but they do charge a $2 fee each time you use it.

      I’ll make a note in the post clarifying that that option is with the card only.

      • Gloria Morse-Stoll says

        ChaCha pays by paypal now! They have done this several months now. I like making a few bucks with chacha but I don’t ever believe you would make any big money! and the questions are fun


    • says

      Athena, I have done some checking and I think the BMR thing is a gig through ODesk as there are several different jobs there listed with “BMR” in the title. However, I have not been able to find one offering $1 for every 150 words. The ones I am coming across are only paying .40 to .50 cents for that many words.

  21. Janis Bennett says

    What a great post! I have two that can be added to your list fFor weekly pay:
    1) Valley Media Direct. The pay period ends about 8PM EST on Thursdays and payments are sent out via PayPal on Friday afternoons/early evenings. This is a writing job where you are emailed a batch of work, typically 400 words for $4 each.

    2) BMR. This is another writing job. Pay period ends on Friday early evening, and then payment is sent via PayPal a couple hours later. This job consists of writing 150 word blurbs for $1.00 each. No research required. Even though the pay is low per word, you can easily make $15 or $20 an hour because it is a very simple and easy job.

  22. Canesha says

    Thank you so much for this insightful list. It’s incredibly helpful for those of us who are unemployed!

    • sarina khan says

      u can also work and earn even more by doing simple tasks on crowdflower…..if u want help about it me avail.

  23. Kelley says

    It is $10.00 (100 opinion points) to request a PayPal payout at Opinion Outpost. You can cash out at $5.00 (50 opinion points) but for an Amazon gift card. Thanks for the post. :)

    • says

      Thank you Kelley! I’ll update that then. Actually, I think I’ll just remove them from the list because I doubt you could cash out often that way.

      • says

        I cash out from Paypal every 2 days for at least $10 from doing surveys. The minimum is no problem. I just do the surveys that are available every morning, which takes about 2 hours maybe…sometimes less, sometimes more. I also do surveys as they come to my email.