and Six Other Crowdsourcing Contest Sites

Update Nov. 5, 2012 – no longer exists, but the sites linked below should still be working if you want to enter some crowdsourced contests. is a website that is becoming very popular. It’s technically a crowdsourcing contest site that is owned by Google. The way it works is pretty simple — when you sign up, you can create your own contests, enter contests others have created, or do both! Of course there is no guarantee you’ll win the contests you enter, but if you find something you know you’d be pretty good at, it’s worth a shot. And sometimes the dollar amount is pretty respectable. I’ve seen everything from “Design a logo for me” for $500 to “Help me name my dog” for $25.

Even if you are not interested in creating a contest or entering one, it’s still fun to go through and vote on entries for active contests. The winner of each contest is ultimately determined by the owner, but if the owner doesn’t come back at the closing of the contest to select the winner, the prize goes to the person with the most user votes.

I’d also recommend reading this review by Work at Home Adventures that goes a little more in depth on how works.

**12-18-2011: Just a quick update here on — I officially love this site! I entered a contest and won $25. I received the money in about one week after entering :) They are the real deal!**

If you think you would enjoy, you might also like these sites that work in a similar way:


Companies submit links to their start up websites and ask for feedback from StartUpLift’s users on specific aspects of their sites. The people who leave the most useful, constructive feedback are given $5 awards (sometimes $10). In most cases there are anywhere from three to five awards given. I’ve done this one before and won the $5 on two different occasions. They pay with Paypal.

Naming Force

Help businesses create domain names, product names, and business names. If the client chooses your idea for a name, you get the award. Payments are made via Paypal.


Very similar to Naming Force. Enter contests helping people pick out business names, domain names, etc. You can cash out at $20 and payments are made to Paypal.

Bounty IT

Help people solve their problems. Get paid they award posted if your solution is chosen. This one includes a little of everything kind of like does — domain names, name ideas for e-books, website feedback, logo design, and more.


This one is strictly for people who can design logos. Prizes range from $200 to $1000. If you submit a logo design to an open contest and your entry is picked, you win the  money. You have to apply to get accepted as a logo designer here by uploading at least 10 logos that you’ve done.

Picky Domains

Earn between $25 and $35 for coming up with winning slogans, domain names, and business names.

I really like contests because if you’re truly good enough, you’ve got a good shot at winning. This is unlike sweepstakes and the lottery where it’s all just based on complete luck.

Good luck if you enter anything, and please comment below if you know of any other sites like these!


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  1. freelancers2all says

    HI RWTEMOL, is another crowd sourced naming contest site. Here not only you get paid winning entry but the entries liked by the contest holders awared points for which paypal payment is made. A great site worth trying where I have won 23 contests during the last one year.

  2. April says

    Awesome resources Anna! I will have to check some of these out! I just recently started doing the crowdsourcing thing and just won $250 today on one you didn’t mention…CrowdSpring. The hardest part (aside from the fact that you are sometimes competing against ALOT of creatives, is the waiting. Some of the projects can go on for months before a decision is made, so I only have been doing it in my spare time. On a rare occasion,someone will have an article contest. I do those since I can post them on CC if they don’t win. These sites are fun and a big payout if you win! :-)

    Funny, I just searched “crowdsourcing” on here this morning to see if you had any listed! 😉

      • Anna says

        Congratulations on your win! I had not heard of CrowdSpring. That is one I will have to check out and maybe review later.

        I am really fascinated by these sites. I think they offer a great opportunity for people to have a real chance at winning some cash.

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