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This is an overview of a virtual assistant company that you may be able to work at home for. Included is info on pay, hours, how to apply, and more.Fancy Hands is a company that there has been a lot of buzz about lately. They hire people to work from home as virtual assistants and I think one thing that is making this company so popular is that you’re free to work whenever you want and also much of the work is non-phone! Fancy Hands is new and growing quickly. They were hiring a lot of new folks a couple of months back but it seemed they stopped for a bit. As of the date of this blog post, it appears they are looking for new workers again so I thought this would be a good time for me to do a complete review of them here.

How much does Fancy Hands pay?

The pay is per task you do and the tasks might pay anywhere from $1 to $5 each depending on how complex they are. As of January 1st, 2014, Fancy Hands will ONLY be paying with Dwolla. They have done away with their Paypal option.

What kinds of tasks would you be doing?

As I said, a lot of the work is non-phone. Some of it might be researching things and gathering info through Google searches. There are also phone tasks, but even those are not supposed to be very complicated. So if you’ve shied away from phone work before, you might actually consider doing it for Fancy Hands.

What are the requirements to apply?

The requirements are not extremely specific. As far as tech requirements go, you just need a good computer with internet. It says on the website they want self-starters with good communication skills who are knowledgeable in lots of different areas. No official word on whether or not they hire outside the US, but I know that on the application it asks if you are legally eligible to work in the US so I’m guessing that’s a must. Also, you must have a Google account to sign up. Don’t worry — if you don’t have a Google account, setting one up is very very easy. You can set one up here.

Can Fancy Hands supply a full-time income?

I think it might be possible to make decent money here, but you always will need some other type of work to fall back on. From what I’ve heard from other people who are currently doing tasks for Fancy Hands, sometimes there are good tasks up to do and sometimes there are not. Many people log on and just aren’t able to find much work to do that’s easy or would be worth the pay. It seems that the good tasks get grabbed up quickly, so you have to be quick and check it often. So while I encourage you to apply here if the job sounds appealing to you, remember that you should always have a backup job in case anything happens.

Is there room for advancement within the company?

It is possible to get promoted at Fancy Hands. The info on this is a little vague, but it’s described as a “managerial type position” where you are helping to manage Fancy Hand’s other assistants.

How do you apply?

Applying is very easy. As I said above, you’ll need a Google account first. They have a short form to fill out where they ask you some basic questions. One of the questions is whether or not you’d be willing to do any phone tasks. You also have to put in your Paypal address so they can pay you and let them know if you’d be willing to do any sample tasks. Be sure to put “yes” here and you’ll be taken to a page where you just need to find some information on some random things. This is so they can gauge how good your internet research skills are.

How long does it take to hear back?

Some people have applied here two or three times and heard nothing back, while others hear back pretty quickly. Seems to be just hit or miss. They hired a lot of people to start and then slowed down on the hiring. Since it appears they are actively recruiting again, getting your app in now would be a good idea.

My Thoughts on Fancy Hands

My experience with the company thus far has been positive. If you’re looking for non-phone, there are several tasks available that you can do that don’t involve one, but it’s clear that you’ll make more money if you will break down and use the phone sometimes. It’s awesome because it’s flexible — you can log on at any time during the day or night and do tasks – and some of the tasks pay very generously for the work (but then some don’t). I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a flexible work at home job and the nature of the work appeals to you.

Go here to get your application in to do virtual assisting for Fancy Hands!

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  1. Tikeya says

    I received my acceptance e-mail yesterday! Thank you so much for the detailed review about Fancy Hands on this blog!

  2. Sharon says

    I am so heartbroken by Fancy Hands management .I was hired about two weeks ago and agree that the tasks are bit complicated and time consuming for the pay, however it’s ok when I compare them to my other online gigs and their pay. My beef is that they let me go and I Still don’t know why. I had three mentors reviewing my work ,as I was new and all three gave me different answers as to how to work the task in question. I ask for clarification and was terminated. I was not given a chance to learn the job. First mistake they pinned it. I thought I was doing well. Call me crazy ,but I loved the tasks. I made $56.00 and they did not pay me. Bottom line I would like my Job back. I am retired due to health reasons and depended on this income and other small online jobs to supplement my income. Any one know of any similar jobs or someone who has been reinstated by FH.

  3. Jessi Brown says

    How do these work-from-home jobs affect you come tax season? I ask because a couple years ago my husband & I got screwed over after doing telework for a company out of state- we ended up owing way more in taxes than I even made with the job- any advice? I’m a stay-at-home mommy & the extra money would help greatly but I don’t want the same type of thing to happen again. Thanks for any help I’m advance!

    • says

      It really just depends on the company. I think what happened with you is definitely not the norm though. Many of them work you as an independent contractor, which means they don’t take taxes out at all and will just send you a 1099 at the end of the year if you’ve made more than $600. And then you just file that with your taxes. And then others work you as an employee and they take taxes out of each check.

      If you are interested in working for a specific company, just let them know what happened with you before and explain your concern. They may be able to explain how they do things and let you know if something like that would be likely again.

      I would also recommend speaking with a tax professional if you’re super concerned about it.

  4. Ramsey says

    I really wanted to work with them based on all the comments here and the type of tasks they offer. It seems like so much fun and good extra money.

    However, being in Canada, I believe they only accept US workers *sigh..*. And of course, Dwolla is only for US persons.

    More and more jobs that I find and that are really good are for US only =(.

  5. Tamika says

    Hello All,

    Because of Anna I applied to Fancy Hands and was hired the next day July 22nd. I have worked a lot of tasks and the money is building up. This is like a backup job for me to make extra money and I appreciate it. The tasks are fun and interesting to me and I like challenges. The next payday is on 8/5. Only complaint I have some of the mentors are quick to respond and others are slow. It could be because it’s the weekend too.

    Anna thank you for one of my first WAH jobs with Humanatic which I like too.

  6. nora-leah schachter says


    does anyone have any recent feedback about fancy hands? i applied after i read your review (ann) and then came back and read the comments and saw there was some negative feedback. i have been hired (yay, i think) and just looking for more info about the company.

    also, i am not familiar with dwolla and i didn’t see much info when i looked at their website, at least not until i register. is it basically the same as paypal and how do they disperse payment?

    thanks and thanks ann for this helpful website.

    • says

      I haven’t used Dwolla, but here is what it says on their website:

      “Dwolla is a payment network that allows any business or person to send, request and accept money. We’re not like those other big payment companies that rely on plastic cards and charge hefty fees. Instead, we’ve built our own network that securely connects to your bank account and allows you to move money for just $0.25 per transaction, or free for transactions $10 or less.”

      As far Fancy Hands, I haven’t read any feedback in a while, but I’m pretty sure that they are discussed regularly at the Work Place Like Home forum. Are you a member there?

      • nora-leah schachter says

        Hi anna,
        thanks for your comment. I have been working with FH for a few weeks now, not taking a lot of tasks right now, but enough to have some feedback to put here. Also, I did go through the first pay cycle, and i received payment via dwolla no problem. i wonder if the folks having pay issues never linked their account to dwolla (an extra step after the registration is complete).
        i plan to continue to work for FH and increase my ‘hours’ and i do like what they are doing. i think there is a lot of room for improvement, however. while it is stated that the tasks should take 15-20 minutes, the majority of tasks take far longer, hours in many cases. i am as careful as possible when accepting a task, because i do see how they can spiral into hours of time for 2.75-4.50, though i do enjoy enough the tasks that i take on. many of the long term assistants seem ok with the timing, and it still is confusing for me. yes, the money does add up, but spending 2-3 hours on a task for a few dollars is not something i’m prepared for or ok with. it’s weird to me that this is an accepted part of the job and i have no idea how someone could do that long-term. i think there should be a more thorough screening of the tasks before they are sent to the dashboard for the assistants. overall the perks make it worth it as i get quicker at discerning which tasks i can take on–getting to work at home, any hours i want, being an independent contractor with no boss. and if you can complete a few (3) tasks an hour, it feels good and the money works out ok. i also like the forum and chat areas for assistants to get support or say hello to one another. provides some connection if/when you would like it or if you need any support on a task. there is one manager who oversees just about everything, so i have no idea how one person can address the amount of notes and things he gets. it also slows things down during off hours. i’m glad i found this site, found FH, and was hired. i think it will work out well for my situation doing this part time.

  7. Angelique says

    I just wanted to update:
    I have gotten paid from Fancy Hands to my Dwolla account, on time.
    Pay is every 2 weeks on Tuesday.
    Also as far as work available, from what I have noticed there is a lot more work available M-F then there is Sat-Sun.
    They do have bonuses that you can earn, I already earned 4!
    Also, you do not NEED a phone at all. They have a virtual phone, that you can use with your headset or microphone; they can also call your number and connect you to the number.
    You do earn more with phone tasks, but those are still fairly easy to complete, I have done a few, and they took 5 minutes or less.

    Also, even though you do need a Gmail account, nobody outside of FH staff will see it. Clients and other VA’s will not see it either.

  8. Angelique says

    Recieved my acceptance email for Fancy Hands today!
    I already signed for a DWOLLA account and am so excited and ready to start making some (Extra) money!

    Thank you so much Anna, you are a Gem!

    FYI: Anytime someone asks me about finding real work from home, your blog is one of the first I recommend.

  9. JeanH says

    yay I got in with Fancy hands. I’m going to read the material after my daughter goes to bed. I am so excited since I lost my lines with my phone gig about a month ago. I love this site. I have found most of my jobs here. Thank-you for your hard work Anna for providing this site.

  10. Rachel says

    The links provided no longer exist for Fancy Hands is there an updated link or are they no longer hiring?

    • Rafaela says

      @cecilia Are you referring to working there or to actually purchase and use the service? I work for them and there is not any cost to work there. The $45 you are referring to is if you want to purchase and use the service not to work there.

  11. Jess says

    I am quite disgusted at coming to read one of my favorite blogs and seeing this gross comment. I respect Anna’s blog so much because it helped me break into my career as a freelance writer. Perhaps you should get all of your facts straight before you make such harsh accusations. Wow. I just puked all over your shoe. Anyone got any soap to wash this ladies mouth out?

    • Lisa Michaels says

      If you could climb down off your pedestal long enough to read my response…. I have read other posts on the web from the owner of Fancy Hands who has used the phrase google docs.

      Reality check – owners of companies don’t have the time to answer every query about a company but someone like you who lacks professionalism wouldn’t know that would you?

      I like your site, Anna. So if you make a mistake I’m not going to flame you and bray like a Bernice. At least you are trying to help people find work.

  12. Rafaela says

    OMG am I really reading properly? That person commenting about a blog being biased? UMMMMM do you know what a blog is? Maybe you do not fully and if so, you should really look up the definition of a blog. And I am really finding it difficult to believe you work at Fancy Hands. I do, but I have never seen your name anywhere at all in the site or anywhere Fancy Hands related. And I am going to ask later this morning also to see if you do, only out of curiosity now. And if you do, which honestly I cannot fathom how or why they would hire you(and not just because you are bitchy either). But if you don’t even understand what a blog is and how they work, and that they are supposed to be the opinions and thoughts of whomever is writing it(you called it bias), then how could you even be a productive employee since the company is essentially 100% virtually based. And Fancy Hands has a blog also. Do you read that? Blogs are opinionated and supposed to be…hence why they are blogs. This is not the CNN news desk reporting things as they happen!! LOL And for some strange reason you actually do work there, trust that I will just ask how it is upper management does not even know what a blog is when the company they work for has a blog themselves? But I just cannot accept(until I hear it from the owner) that you actually work there. Oh and by the way, I normally never respond like this to people’s posts but yours just rubbed me wrong. And not for the same reasons as the others. I could care less that you are so hateful and bitchy. That does not phase me one bit. But what just works my last nerve with your post is you are a huge hypocrite!! You go ballistic about someone not being accurate and all, but yet some of the things you said were not quite accurate either. And I know that for a fact! Hypocrites piss me off beyond belief. Oh maybe I should rephrase that since it was somewhat of a biased comment. LOLOL Well Bernice or whatever your name was…Ill just call you Ms Kettle. you should really make sure your statements are factual also before berating someone for doing the same thing. But thats your choice.

    Oh I have a room for rent in the basement of my glass house if you want to rent it. Just leave your stones somewhere else ok Ms Kettle.

  13. Bonny says

    [sarcasm]Wow Bernice, what a gem you are. Thanks for all of the constructive comments. You really are an objective reader, aren’t you?[/sarcasm]

  14. says

    I am in complete and UTTER shock here!

    Not to mention, entirely ashamed that my blog name had to be thrown into this as though we are in some sort of competition.

    Anna and I are really good friends, have been for over a year now. As a blogger who covers the same subjects, as Anna, I can tell you I probably know better than ANYONE the time and effort she makes to always present accurate information.

    She holds herself accountable for more than I think she even should. She has ALWAYS tried very hard to give the readers what they need and has been so helpful to SO many people!!

    Bernice, if you knew how selfless Anna is by giving HOURS of her time a day for this blog and personally helping others outside of the blog avoid scams and find legit work, you would be so ashamed of yourself.

    She gives herself over to her readers and what does she get in return? Do you think she makes a living from her blog? Ha! I can’t speak for Anna although I can tell you that I know we are close on the same path and I don’t think earning a couple hundred dollars a month in advertising money hardly compensates the 60+ hours spent a month!!!! Especially when she has other jobs that earn much more than a few bucks an hour. She could give this up and spend that time actually earning money, instead of being helpful to her readers.

    This is HER blog! How DARE YOU tell her how to write in it. It is one thing to point out inaccuracies, it is another to attack her personal writing style. Who said this has to be unbiased? The whole reason so many come here is to get her opinion! If they wanted just the cold hard facts then she should just give a link to their site and let the readers read it for themselves.

    What an embarrassment to Fancy Hands to have their manager-level workers spewing such hateful and rude messages around the web in regards to their company!

  15. says

    I love Fancy Hands! I would love if the pay was higher, but it is definitely something I keep active. Some times I log in and find dozens of available tasks, sometimes only a few. It is a good back burner egg to do when you want to break the monotony of your usual routine.

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