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GhostBloggers is a writing site that has gotten some very good feedback since it came into existence last year. In some ways, it is similar to Constant Content and many people actually seem to like it much better. You write articles and then put them up for sale on the GhostBloggers site. If your articles are purchased by blog owners (or anyone) looking for fresh content, you get paid. Here is more detail:

How much can you earn when you sell your articles?

You can set a different rate for every article you submit, but the standard pricing model is $3.50 for every 100 words of content you write. You can request your earnings once you’ve hit the $25 cashout threshold. Payment is sent via Paypal.

Does GhostBloggers take a commission?

Instead of taking a cut out of your sale price, Ghost Bloggers adds their commission (which is 30 percent of whatever the article sells for) onto the sale price. This is great because it means you won’t have to mentally deduct the sale price from your article rate when trying to figure out what you’ll earn.

Who can apply?

Anyone can register as a writer, but you must be able to create content in fluent English as they do not (at this time) sell articles in foreign languages. You do not have to take a test or submit a resume to apply. Simply signing up does not guarantee that your articles will be accepted by GhostBloggers. They check every article that comes through for quality and also for plagiarism before allowing it to enter their system. Once your article has been approved by Ghost Bloggers, there is also no guarantee that it will be purchased by a blog owner.

Who holds the copyright to your articles?

Your articles are yours until sold. Once your content is sold, it becomes the property of the person you sold it to. You have no other rights to it at that point.

What do people say so far about Ghost Bloggers?

Web writers are really liking this site. Payments are made promptly and the people in charge there are very hands on and seem to care about their writers. The owner of Ghost Bloggers actually goes and posts on the WAHM writing forum on a semi-regular basis and has answered questions and been helpful to writers there who have signed up for Ghost Bloggers.

What I Think

I think that if you are a freelance writer, this would be a good source of side income. It’s probably worth signing up and submitting some content on occasion for some additional money on top of what you already make as a writer. Because you can’t be sure if your content will sell or not, I would say that it shouldn’t be the only writing job you take on.

Where to Sign Up

You can go here to sign up to write at Ghost Bloggers.

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  1. Markato says

    I have several pieces of writing up on GhostBloggers for a variety of subjects – most according to GhostBloggers’ pay scale, others below. Not a single one has sold in months. 😀

  2. Hamish says

    Actually that sounds like a good gig to me. Side money maybe – but if you put in the work the $ 30 – $ 40 an hour should be feasible.

    Thank you for sharing. Off to read some of your other reviews of this type of site.

    • says

      $3.50 for 100 words seems like good pay to me! How long does it take to write 100 words honestly? When I was doing this type of work I could do about three 400 word articles an hour. So, I was doing about 1200 words an hour..that would be $42 an hour. Now, I know that it would be broken up a bit more than that and I would need breaks. But I am thrilled with anything over $20 an hour!

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