Five Best Options For Non-Phone Work at Home

Do you need a non-phone work at home job? Here's a list of the five best options for finding one.There is no shortage of phone jobs out there if you are looking for a way to earn money at home, but many of us cannot apply because of the no background noise requirement. I know for me I can’t do it because I have kids at home with me during the day. There are other people who can’t because they have loud pets. Fortunately it is possible to work at home without doing phone work even though that does seem to be one of the most popular fields. Here are some other options for you if you cannot take on phone work:

Chat-Based Customer Service

There are some companies that will hire you to do chat-based customer service. Here’s a post I wrote with several to look into. Basically this is the same as phone-based customer service except you do everything via chat so you don’t have to worry about your dogs barking or your kids screaming since no one will be able to hear them. Be sure to check into some of the other money-earning opportunities below to do in addition to this type of work in case you find you cannot depend on it entirely. For more, browse the chat-email section in my directory.


I often recommend transcription to people who email me about work from home that say they cannot do phone work. Transcription is basically listening to an audio file and then typing out what you hear. It falls into three categories: Medical, Legal, and General. Most companies who hire for medical and legal transcription require past experience but it is possible to get into general transcription without it. I recently wrote a post with a list of transcription companies that will hire newbies. You can read it here if you are interested in transcription.

One site that is not on my list that also hires newbies is Verbal Ink. I was not aware they did which is why it wasn’t on the list, but a reader let me know that they do. The pay at Verbal Ink is also much better than it is at many of the other sites hiring newbies. For more companies that hire beginners, check out the transcription page in my directory.


I spent about a year and a half earning most of my money through freelance writing and it is an excellent non-phone option. There are lots of sites that will hire you to create content for them whether you have experience or not, so don’t let it scare you off if you’ve never written for pay before. If you feel like you’re “not good enough” you can absolutely get better with practice. The place I always tell beginners to start is Textbroker. They usually have plenty of titles to choose from and they have gone to paying weekly. It’s also very easy to get accepted with them so it’s a great option if your writing skills need some work but you still want to get paid to write.  I have reviewed several other writing opportunities in the past, so if this interests you, please take a minute and browse through them here.

Search Engine Evaluation

Search engine evaluation is another well-paying non-phone option to consider. In short, you are looking at websites that people land on by typing in certain search phrases. You have to determine whether or not the page is relevant to what was typed into the search box. It is a little more involved than just that, but this is basically what you are doing. Pay ranges between $13.50 and $15 per hour and there are five companies I know of that hire for search engine evaluation. You have to take a long, fairly complicated test in order to get in with any of these companies. If you are hired, be sure to have something else on the backburner like writing or transcription because the work is not always consistent.

Scoring & Tutoring

If you have a degree or a background in education, you can certainly make good money scoring tests and tutoring students online. There are also several ESL tutoring opportunities available, such as Tutor ABC and GoFLUENT. You can read about scoring opportunities here and tutoring opportunities here.

Bonus – Virtual Assisting

Here’s one more to consider — virtual assisting. While virtual assistants often do phone work, they do lots of other things too including internet research, transcription, data entry, and much more. And lots of times the phone work you have to do is flexible — meaning you can make calls when you want so you can arrange it around a time that’s convenient for you. Read my recent post on companies that hire virtual assistants here.

Want More?

If you’ll check out the categories to the right and browse through my money-earning directory, you’ll find other things you can do as well. Also be sure to browse my non-phone category so you can see all the reviews I’ve posted for non-phone work. Many are just for extra money, but as we all know extra money can certainly add up! Good luck to you and please let me know if there is anything you feel I should add.

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  1. Melissa says

    Still going strong on Clickworker since April. It is giving me more than pocket change, and I can do it whenever I want, as long as there is work available there.

    Anna herself has reviewed Clickworker. Her article got me started there. THANKS!

  2. Jean says

    I have been working phone jobs way before my daughter was born. She is 4 now and I do find it hard to work around her at times. I get up at 4 am then work until she gets up around 8an then try to sneak in a hr in the afternoon but it’s still isn’t enough to make my bills at times. I bookm arked both of your sites Maria & Lisa to look at it later. I am always or have been looking for a good non-phone job. I have a bunch of small eggs I do but it’s still not enough to pay my bills.

  3. Rose says

    In an effort to complete my New Years Resolution to become a work-at-home individual this year……. I have spent the morning updating my resume and applying. Probably not what MLK Jr had in mind for his birthday celebration. Thank you for all your help. God bless!

  4. Cindi @ Moomettes Magnificents says

    Some good tips here, I’ve set up a VA website business and also have looked into transcription but haven’t found the time to pursue it.

  5. Thomas says

    If you have any interest or background in building websites, you can also try your hand at affiliate sales. For example, I set up an ‘eshop’ that reviews Amazon products, and when I refer someone to Amazon, I get paid from 4% to 15% commission on ANY product they purchase within 24HRS.

    Something to keep in mind for the holidays… Get yourself an Amazon Associate account, and when friends or family plan on purchasing through Amazon, give them your affiliate link and make some money. 😉

  6. Katie Jones says

    I think this will definitely come in handy for those who cannot work a phone job for various reasons. I have to say, it seems like when you take on any type of these jobs, you’ve always gotta have at least 2-3 other ones going, LOL. Oh, the unpredictability of working at home, but I love it :) Great post!

  7. Maria (Work at Home Mom) says

    I’ve been a work at home mom for almost 9 years now and I draw most of my income from writing and internet marketing. I’ve never been a phone person and you just can’t beat making your own schedule and drawing residual income from years’ of work!