Websites to Listen to Music and Get Rewarded

Websites to Listen to MusicIt won’t earn you a living, but you can visit many different websites to listen to music and get rewarded with cash or other goodies. This is one of those fun “extra” things you can do here and there, and the rewards will certainly add up over time the more you participate. Here’s a short list of five different websites you should bookmark for when you have some downtime and want to do something that earns extra money.

Slice the Pie

This is a website I have previously reviewed here on this site. Slice the Pie is hands down the best way to get paid for listening to music. You’ll be paid in Paypal cash for rating and writing short reviews of tracks by up and coming artists. It is only necessary to listen to the first 60 seconds of each song before you start writing a review. The amount you earn depends on your rating, which goes up the more you participate and the more accurate and well thought out your reviews are. The rate of pay is between .02 and .20 cents per review depending on your rating. Payments are made on Tuesdays and Fridays. You must have at least $10 in your account to cash out.

Go here to sign up at Slice the Pie.


HitPredictor will give you points you can redeem for different rewards in their prize store by rating songs and artists. There is a mix of both well-known and new artists here, so it’s not just all new artists like on JamBuzzer and Slice the Pie. There is also the opportunity to win prizes in addition to earning points.

Go here to sign up at Hit Predictor.

Music XRay

This one actually does pay you in cash. You can participate in focus groups and rate and review songs by new artists. Register an account and then upload up to five mp3’s of songs you like so they can better match you to music. You’ll begin to get invitations via email to review music. You have to listen to the songs that show up in your inbox within 24 hours or the opportunity expires. Invites are supposedly slow at first, but increase the more songs you rate. You earn badges with your participation and each new “badge” gives you more money per song and also more time before the song expires. I can’t find an exact amount of how much you earn, but I believe it’s a minimum of five cents per song and often more than that. You get paid via Paypal once you hit $20.

Go here to sign up at Music XRay.


With Songpeople, you give your opinion on new music through surveys and earn points that you can cash in for vouchers to You have to fill out your profile after registering in order to start receiving surveys in your email to give your opinion on music. Songpeople is a UK website, but it appears you can still sign up if you are in the United States.

Go here to sign up at Songpeople.

If you love listening to music, I’d suggest signing up with all five to maximize your rewards and earnings! Good luck, and please let me know if you have any experience with any of these sites.

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  1. Beckie says

    Could someone tell me how Slicethepie pays? I couldn’t find any information on their website other than the $10 cash out. I signed up and filled out the scout options, but there was no where regarding payment?

  2. says

    Hey Anna,
    Fun way to make a few dollars!

    There is a site called RadioMusicSurvey if I remember correctly. I used to be a member of long ago. I think they enter you to different contests they run for participating.

  3. Katie Jones says

    If I could actually listen to music and write about it, I would totally some of these, but I’m just no good at stuff like that, lol. It takes me a couple of rounds of listening to something to actually know what I am going to say. These are definitely interesting though and perfect for those who like to pass time by listening to music. Now, listening to music and making money are combined! Hooray! :)

    • says

      It is really enjoyable work but after so many songs it does get hard to keep thinking of new stuff to say so that everything doesn’t sound the same. They don’t want you to say, “Great song!” and leave it at that, so it does require some thought.

  4. says

    I used to love slice the pie. I used them for a few years and never had any problems but right now they owe me $10 and they’re refusing to pay me even claiming that my reviews aren’t “constructive”. The thing is, I have been doing my reviews the same exact way throughout the entire time I’ve used the site…seems like if they had a problem with them they would have mentioned it before NOW? But thats just my personal experience…other people might have better luck…

    I’ve used hitpredictor and I like them a lot. Never had any problems :)

    I use music x ray but I hadn’t made payout yet…never heard of the other two, but I’ll be sure to check them out now :)

    • says

      Thanks for sharing, Kristy. That is surprising! It’s the first time I’ve heard of anyone having such an experience with this particular site.

      I am so sorry that happened to you :(

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