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Update 1-21-2012: A reader just informed me that Idapted was bought out by a company called Eleutian who does not hire home workers, so this is no longer a viable option for work at home.

If the idea of online tutoring intrigues you as a way to earn money from home, but you don’t have any educational background, you may be interested in Idapted! You can apply to help teach non-English speaking students from home to speak English via Idapted’s software application. It does not matter if you are an actual teacher or not. Idapted will train you to do the work. It also does not matter if you do not speak the student’s native language. Most of the students know English well enough to communicate. No college degree is required either.

How much does Idapted pay?

I could not find anything concrete on this, but it appears pay is around $10 to $11 an hour. You are paid per interaction, which is what they call an online session with a student. Interactions last around 15 minutes and you might do four of these per hour. If you happen to not get any tutoring calls while you are logged into the Idapted application, I have read that they will still pay you something around minimum wage just for being logged in.

When does Idapted pay?

Idapted pays twice a month via check or direct deposit. If you have earned less than $10 in a pay period, it will be rolled into whatever you earn the next pay period.

Is Idapted an employee poson?

No. You are hired as an Independent Contractor.

Does Idapted hire outside the United States?

No. Idapted only hires US citizens. Furthermore, they only hire people from 48 states. People from Alaska and Hawaii are unfortunately not eligible to apply because their Voip system is not set up to support people working in these areas.

How does scheduling work?

You can work as much or as little as you want provided that you sign up for at least 10 shifts every 30 days. It says on the websites that mornings and evenings tend to be the busiest times.

Is there room for advancement?

Yes. If you are good at the job and work often, you could eventually get promoted to instructor supervisor, which would mean better pay.

The Application Process

  • No resume needed
  • Fill out the application form
  • Do a voice audition

Technical Requirements

  • Up to date PC
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Headset with Microphone
  • Apple/Macintosh Computers are NOT acceptable
  • Must download the Idapted software if hired

Getting Hired

If your application is considered, you’ll have to do a telephone interview and go through the certification process, which could last for up to seven days. You’ll have to take a test that you must score at least 80 percent on. If you fail once, you get another chance to take it.  At the end of certification, you’ll have to do a mock lesson. If you ace all this, you’ll get a congratulatory email and may begin working and earning money!

What Do People Say?

Some people who weren’t able to get hired complained that they could not understand the accents of the students. Others didn’t really have problems with this. But overall I’ve read good things and it is a reputable, well-managed company. If you would like to do some tutoring and think you’d be good at this type of work, you may really want to consider applying. I think that the flexibility sounds great and the pay sounds OK too.

Go here to apply. Please note that they may or may not be actively recruiting workers at the time of this blog post. 

For more details, I would suggest reading Idapted’s FAQ.

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  1. Ingrid says

    It sounded like quite a bit of fun and lets not forget rewarding. However I just checked and their site says they are not hiring at this time…Drat!

  2. says

    Sounds interesting. I’ve got a pretty good ear for accents, as I transcribe a lot of foreign speakers. So I may look into this.

  3. Katie Jones says

    This is a really interesting opportunity. Thanks for researching this and letting us know all about it! :)