Get Paid For Testing Websites With User Feel – Possibly No Longer Active

Update 2/6/15 – UserFeel may no longer be active.

User Feel is another one of those wonderful website usability testing companies! I love these because the pay is good and the work is — at least for most people — very easy to do. In the past, I have reviewed User Testing and What Users Do. User Feel is very similar. If you aren’t familiar with these sites, what you do is test out websites. You’ll be sent an email invitation to do a test. If you accept it, you’ll need to visit the website the email asks you to visit and navigate around, checking things out. You will also have to have a microphone attached to your computer because User Feel wants you to record your thoughts as you browse the sites. It’s important that you are very vocal regarding what you like or don’t like and what is confusing to you.

Why does User Feel pay people to test out websites?

Because site owners, particularly those with brand new sites, need to know what people think of them so they can correct any problems. Sometimes it’s hard to look at something yourself and see anything wrong with it. And if you ask your friends, you can’t always be sure they’re being honest or just being nice. Site owners that pay User Feel for feedback from people like you and me know that we don’t have any connection to them so therefore there is no need to sugar coat anything. Our feedback is very valuable because it can help them to make their websites better. This is worth paying for.

How much does User Feel pay?

Pay is $10 per test. With most of these usability sites, tests usually don’t take longer than 20 minutes to complete. You are paid via Paypal once a week for tests you have completed. User Feel makes it clear that you cannot earn a living doing tests for them and that good testers can sometimes earn up to $200 per month. So this is extra money only.

Who can sign up?

User Feel appears to be open worldwide. The application for registration asks you to list your country of residence and also what languages you speak fluently.

What does signing up involve?

To sign up to be a tester for User Feel,  you have to fill out some general information on yourself and then take a sample usability test. You are not paid for this test — it’s just so that they can gauge how well you do the tests. This first sample test will determine how often you are given invitations to complete tests.

How many tests per month can you expect?

There is no set number of tests you are guaranteed. It all depends on how much they have going on and also how well your user rating is. After you complete tests, the site owners are allowed to rate you. The higher your rating, the more tests you are likely to receive. You do not have to complete all the tests you are sent if you don’t have time to do them.

What about technical requirements?

The only thing you need outside of an up to date computer and internet connection is a microphone. This is crucial because you will be asked to record your thoughts as you browse various websites. If you don’t already have one, microphones for computers are pretty inexpensive. You must have a microphone before you can even complete the sample test.

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  1. Jane says

    Remote usability testing is a great “work-from-home” job, but currently, we don’t accept new testers applications.

    Any idea on how often they hire?

  2. A Guest says

    Just tried to sign up, but it says: “currently, we don’t accept new testers applications.”
    Too bad.

  3. The Affiliate says

    I just found your web site and I am very impressed with the content. I will be looking into this method, plus a couple of others that I found here.