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1-800-Flowers hires seasonal work at home sales and service consultants. Post updated for 2015!

I have heard a great deal over the years about home customer service positions with They have regular openings throughout the year, particularly during busy flower-ordering seasons. The work involves processing transactions over the phone, possibly some sales, and addressing and dealing with customer problems and concerns. This opportunity is open only to United States residents.

Update 8/7/15 – The official hiring vendor for 1-800-Flowers is now Sutherland CloudSource. This is a very reputable company that has serviced many well-known brands and companies over the years.

Basic Requirements

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED
  • Previous customer service experience is a plus
  • Must be computer literate, have familiarity with instant messaging, and type a minimum of 20 to 25 wpm
  • Must be able to provide a quiet background while you work

 Pay Information

  • Pay is $9 hourly
  • Training is paid
  • Employees are paid bi-weekly


  • Training is full-time, then goes to part-time as agents prepare for peak weeks, during which you must be prepared to work extended shifts.
  • Busy seasons are Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas
  • The position is temporary, but the company will do their best to retain employees who have an interest in staying on, provided they have performed well overall and have a great attendance record.

What Past and Current Workers Say

Most people seem to enjoy the work and say the training is very well handled and the company is professional, but there are some who don’t enjoy the longer hours during peak times. Overall, this is a solid work at home gig that draws many applicants each year.

Application Process

If this opportunity interests you, you can go here to apply.  After you submit your application, you will be able to do a system check on your computer and internet to ensure they meet the minimum requirements for the job, and do a virtual interview, which allows you to record your interview answers on your own time.

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  1. Cathy says

    I have heard, from a few people who actually worked for 1-800 flowers that they are pretty stinky about pay. A lot of long hours are def required, which has the potential for Ok money, but if they are going to fight someone over their pay, forget it….

  2. Judy says

    I applied and could not believe the 150 questions they ask , not one question was anything to do with taking orders or about flowers. I’m retired florist of 54 years and they said I was not qualified. Makes one wonder. When had my shop they called us each week with orders!!

    • leighbbrown says

      The questions they ask have nothing to do with “flowers” because the questions are to determine how you would handle “Any” customer service issue……they would have given you the info you needed about “flowers”, but the questions determine if you are flexible, a good listener, patient, compassionate, and all of the other attributes one needs to deal with customer issues….every call would not be about just the flowers they sell, but about the order itself, or the billing issue, or the payment process, or tracking orders, etc. The questions are actually a good weeding out process that determines whether or not you have the personality for this or the stamina to stay with it for the long haul.

  3. says

    Interesting. My dad was asking me about working from home with 1-800-Flowers. I had no idea the hour requirements were so long. I don’t think someone his age could handle it, but it sounds like a great opportunity for young chickens!

    • says

      I’ve read they are extremely busy when those certain seasons come around, and I guess that’s why they require such long hours. I don’t really think this would be that ideal for someone with kids at all unless they were in school all day or in daycare. Just not enough flexibility with the hours.

  4. Katie Jones says

    Sounds like a really good opportunity for those who are in the states they hire. Would probably be a stressful job at times because of the seasonal aspect, but very good money!

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