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Jordan Essentials direct sales overview.I sent a few questions over the other day for Deni Czulno, a Jordan Essentials consultant. This is a direct sales/home-based business opportunity I didn’t know much about, so I was excited to find out a few things since the types of products sold here are the kind I like to buy (lots of natural ingredients!)  I placed an order with Jordan Essentials and was pleased to see that their prices are also very reasonable, especially compared to other companies that advertise all-natural bath and beauty products.

Can you tell me a little about Jordan Essentials and the types of products you sell?

Jordan Essentials is an American Owned Company with American made products, made and distributed right in the heartland of Nixa Mo. We offer healthy, family friendly products with high quality natural and botanical ingredients that have multiple benefits. Our products do not contain DEA/SLS ,mineral oil or parabens. Dead Sea Salts, Salt Scrub, Shower Gel, Shampoo, Shea Body Butter ,Body Lotion, Signature Lotion Bars and more are products we use every day with own families. We have complete skin care systems for baby, kids, men and women! Jordan Essentials Mineral Makeup is made with mineral pigments and other natural ingredients, giving long lasting, lightweight coverage while allowing your skin to breathe, unlike other products that clog pores and damage skin.

What initially drew you to this as a money-earning opportunity?

I found Jordan Essentials while I was working another direct sales business part time. I was not happy and did not feel passionate about the company or the product. I heard about Jordan Essentials, and I decided to try the products for myself to see if it would help my rosacea. After the first time I used the products, I signed up as a consultant! I was so excited, and still am, about sharing Jordan Essentials incredible products with others, wanting them to see and feel the difference! I knew that with the passion I had for the products, it was the right place for me to be, not only as a money making opportunity, but to be able to help others. I don’t have to sell the products, they sell themselves!

What does signing up to sell Jordan Essentials involve? How much does it cost and are there any sales quotas to meet?

Signing up to be a consultant is quick and easy! Just visit your consultants website or go to to find a consultant near you. Choose the best kit for you to get started! We have four to choose from starting at $89 for the Basic Kit, $125 for the Deluxe, $150 for Deluxe plus Minerals and $200 for the Mineral Makeup Kit. No matter which kit you choose you will be on your way to earning income the first time you share your products! The beauty of Jordan Essentials is there are NO quotas, NO territories! Your website is FREE for the first 3 months and just $12.95 per month afterward. Your site allows you to customize it and also post events and online parties. With JE, you can earn a little FUN money,  good part time income, or make it your full time home business career with Jordan Essentials Strong Path to Success Program! It’s your choice. We have weekly and bi-weekly conference call training, online groups and up lines to help, coach, and support, so you are never alone. Jordan Consultants are the best because they all share ideas and what they are doing in their business so there is always something new and fresh to learn and try on our own.

Are good sales dependent on holding parties yourself and/or getting people to host parties for you, or is possible to do pretty well even without them?

Earn income in a variety of ways.  Jordan Essentials is a direct sales/party plan company, but we do branch out to other areas, sharing the products with One-on-One ‘s, Vendor Events, Spa at Work, and Fundraising. What is so great about Jordan Essentials is that they give consultants empowerment to get creative and share the products and opportunity with others in a way that is comfortable to them. Set your goals, keep focused and you will earn the income that you desire. Jordan Essentials is a BIG PICTURE Company!  Healthy Products for the family, Opportunity, Making a Difference, and Giving Back to our Communities.

What kind of feedback have you gotten from your customers so far?

I love sharing Jordan Essentials products and am thrilled each and every time I see and hear the excitement in someone when they experience the difference of Jordan Essentials for the first time. My customers love the products they use and have shared personal stories on how JE has made a difference with their skin problems. That is what Jordan Essentials is all about, making a difference by helping others.

Thanks so much Deni for providing these helpful details! If any of you would like to learn more about Jordan Essentials or shop online, you can visit Deni’s website.

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