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Appenscribe is a transcription company that many people talk about. They are based out of Australia, but they hire workers worldwide to do transcription from home. If you are new to general transcription, this is a good option because they don’t require previous experience to get started. Here are some details:


  • Appenscribe pays a a few cents for every line transcribed, but the exact amount will depend on the task or project you are working on. Some lines are very short, so this can add up quickly.
  • Payment is made every two weeks via Paypal.
  • Appenscribe may give a 10 percent bonus on top of your pay if you do more than 2000 lines of text during the two-week pay period.
  • To get your full pay, you need to transcribe with at least 85 percent accuracy. If your accuracy rating is less than that, you may not get as much money.

The Application Process

  • You have to fill out a short form to apply and get your account created.
  • Appenscribe is open to transcribers worldwide.
  • After creating your account, you’ll have to take some tests before you can get started.
  • Appenscribe wants to know about your fluency in certain languages. The more languages you can speak, the more work you may be able to get.

Scheduling & Work Availability

  • Once you are assigned a project to work on, Appenscribe requests that you do a minimum of 10 hours per week.
  • Work is not always consistent. The amount available depends on how many projects Appenscribe has going.

What People Say

I have read good things about Appenscribe! Some people say that it’s a much better transcription gig for beginners than Quicktate or Scribie and that the pay is also better. The only complaints I’ve seen are from people discussing the occasional lack of work. For this reason, I would not advise you to depend solely on Appenscribe to pay your bills. You should probably sign up with a few other transcription companies if you want the best chance of having work to do consistently.

Go here to sign up for Appenscribe. The Appenscribe page does NOT work for any browser except for Firefox, so you’ll need to open up Firefox if you want to apply.

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  1. bella says

    At first, I can access appenscribe normally. But this time, when i want to open the websit, it says that my browser are not supported the web, even though i use exactly mozzila and have the latest version.

  2. Ms Cee says

    I applied for work yesterday. I have no prior experience as a transcriptionist, but I thought I’d give it a try. The process was very easy, and I was able to take tests for English (British) and American. I went into my account and entered my pay pal information and was prepared to wait for a while before receiving any work. I was pleasantly surprised to get an email last night letting me know that there was work for contractors in American English. Unfortunately, my account showed that I still wasn’t cleared for assignments! I responded to the work available email, and to my surprise received a reply saying that my account had been set and that I could log in and work. I did so this morning, and have spent the last 3 hours doing training and some actual transcription work! Like someone said, the assignment is only 2 weeks long, so I plan to devote as much time to it as I can.

    Thanks Anna. I’ve been passing out your website to all my friends!

  3. katelyn says

    Hi guys, I’m kinda new at this i am 14 years old. I just wanted to ask if what am I going to do when i’m going to take the qualifications, for example on the AppenScribe – English spelling test, and there is a word on the upper middle of the page “Utterance” and 1 – 20 number with text boxes, what am I gonna do? Am I supposed to use utterance in a sentence? I know, I’m kinda stupid, can anybody help me?

    • says

      I am not sure, Katelyn. I haven’t ever taken their test and don’t know much about transcription. Maybe you could contact them and ask what it means?

  4. Rhiannan Davis says

    Thanks (again) to you I have just signed up with Appenscribe and passed the spelling test so I shall wait to see what work comes through from it. At this rate I will be employed full time by Appen!

  5. Christy says

    I’ve been doing transcription work for Appenscribe for a while. They’re perfect for people who can’t commit to specific hours, or who don’t feel comfortable with the kind of work-from-home relationship that means you need to be accessible by telephone.

    You can’t rely on the work being available – it all depends what contracts the company gets, and whether the resulting projects are suitable for you – so when work is available I’d recommend devoting as much time as you can to it, as you never know when it’s going to run out.

    Personally I find I’m able to make really good money on most of their projects – on a recent project where the audio was incredibly clear and the transcription conventions simple I’ve been able to average £20 per hour – around $30 – but I’ve never fallen below an average of £10. My typing speed is 55wpm so not burning-fast, either.

    Well worth applying and taking their tests – the work might not be consistently available, but it’s usually easy, they are a reputable company who pay decently and reliably, and when you do get assigned to a project it’s usually possible to build up a decent amount before the work runs out.

  6. Helen says

    well, I had one project a few months ago and just now got another so you just have to be patient :-)
    and I just found this site, what a fantastic resource!!

    • says

      Thanks for your comment, Helen! And this is very reassuring news about Appenscribe. Good to know that they are still posting projects fairly regularly :)

  7. says

    Thanks for a new review about transcription. I’ll try to apply here too still hoping to pass :) Hope they’ll have this in chrome too, I am used to chrome than firefox

        • says

          its ok :) I applied as a writer and I got hired today so my hands are full. but I’ll try other ways though when I am not busy, hopefully this one I’ve got is a legit one.

          • Kinga says

            Hi, thanks to your web site I decided to try this company as I have NEVER done any transcribe type work. Since I am also fluent in Polish I tried to do the Polish test however, it seems that if you can’t change you keyboard characters to a certain language it might be hard to qualifying. So I stuck to English, now I’m waiting for work. The way I see it if I get something it’ll be like finding extra money in a couch cushion :)

  8. Alice says

    I didn’t even think about doing transcription until I read your review. Maybe I should do some to earn some extra money. Seems to me that you need to have some pretty impressive and fast typing skills.

    • Helen says

      Alice, im working for them and I cant type extremely fast, i dont think they need this as a requirement.
      I know though that some of the other transcription companies do need fast typing..

      • Sheila says

        Alice, I applied today and was hired as an independent contractor. I registered and took a spelling test. There was no mention of typing speed. However, there are no projects available for work.

  9. says

    I’m a work-at-home general transcriptionist, and I love the work! This sounds like a great opportunity for someone wanting to get their feet wet and try out transcription from home!

    • Nelson says

      Hi lisa, This is nelson from india,
      if you don’t mind can you pls help me out getting a basic transcribing job where i can get started earning small income as well as get trained pls revert back .

      Thanks and Regards

  10. Jess says

    I shared this with my friends who may be looking for an opportunity like this. You have awesome reviews and I also have an idea for a guest post on your site :-) Finally!

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