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It’s been a while since I’ve done a review of an upfront pay writing company — I’ve chosen to focus on other kinds of work at home opportunities lately since I’ve more or less given up freelance writing myself and also because I already have so many writing jobs listed here. But I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter in forums about writing and editing for Pure Content, so I decided to find out what I could for you and get it posted.

What is Pure Content?

Pure Content is a “web content creation company” that employs over 1000 writers to create unique content for people who need a lot of it. They’ve been around since 2006, and they used to be known as Delegate2.

How much does Pure Content pay?

People who work for this company have to sign non-disclosure agreements, so they are rather tight-lipped about how much they earn. But from what I understand, pay is similar to what you might receive at Textbroker and it varies depending on the project you are doing. Some projects pay more while others pay less. The company pays monthly via Paypal or bank direct deposit. You have to submit an invoice each month in order to get your money.

Is Pure Content open to people living outside the United States?

Yes. You can write or edit for Pure Content as long as you live in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, or Australia and English is your first language.

What determines whether or not you are hired?

When you apply, you’ll be given writing and editing tests. You only need to take the test for the position you want. If you’re from the US, keep in mind that some of the work you’ll do will have to be in UK English, so you might want to study up on some of the language differences. I’ve read that Pure Content sends out a summary of some of the more common differences in words, so this should also help. When you do your test, you might also have to know some UK English there so read all the instructions you receive very carefully before you begin so you don’t mistakenly use US English when UK English is what’s called for.

How do people like working for Pure Content?

I’m mostly reading very good things about both writing and editing for Pure Content. This thread on the WAHM forum is pretty revealing. The thread is titled “Delegate2,” but as I mentioned above, this is Pure Content’s old name, so the thread is about the correct company.

Editing For Pure Content

If you’ve ever wanted to apply for an editing position but could not because you don’t have the experience, you should definitely consider trying it out with Pure Content. This company does not require that you have a background in editing before hiring you. If you do well on the editing test, you can start. And if you do editing for Pure Content, you will then be able to apply for many of the other editing and proofreading jobs out there requiring experience!

Want to apply at Pure Content?

Just send an email to jobs@purecontent.com to let them know whether or not you want to test to become a writer or an editor. From what I’ve read, they will send you both tests regardless of which one you ask for, so you don’t have to take them both. Go here to explore the company website if you are curious.

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  1. Naomi says

    I tried to apply to both Pure Content and Domainite, but neither one replied to my applications. I was disappointed.

  2. janellecoulton says

    Anna, would you advise against applying for both editing and writing or just choose one, if I had to choose it would be writing, no contest there, but I would like to keep all of my options open and I am proficient in proofreading and editing. Jel

  3. George says

    They never respond to emails and it takes forever to get paid. They will drop you from all of their active assignment email lists if you make an error or decide that an assignment is not for you. When you write an assignment using the specifications they send, they will reject the assignment based on a new set of specifications that you never knew existed. In short, avoid Pure Content. It is the single least professional writing organization I have ever tried to work for.

    • says

      The first sentence is incorrect. We always respond to enquiry emails. As regards payment, we pay for work completed during one month in the month following. Our writers are supplied with a full briefing document for the work required. We seldom reject work unless it is way off brief or is badly written. Numerous writers and editors have been happily working for Purecontent for several years now.

      I am sorry that this individual is unhappy but please remember that there are always two sides to every story.

      • Serena says

        I would say that PC is a good company to start with before moving on to other companies that require experience and pay more, pay faster, have better communication channels and make their freelancers feel more valued.

  4. says

    I passed the writing test and Pure Content accepted me as a writer, but each time I send the email to their system for an assignment, they don’t send any. Since I was accepted almost six months ago, I send an email every week and I keep getting the standard autoresponder message saying they’ll send something when they have it. That’s funny because I once received an email from one of the editors once saying that they had a ton of work for every writer who sent an assignment email, so I sent the email to their system again, but I’ve still yet to receive an assignment -I did get the standard autoresponder message again, though.

  5. says

    I hate to report this as there are many people overseas that value quality writing. I worked for Pure Content back in 2009/10 and they did not require all the testing they do now. Though it was a large job, I got paid on time.

    Fast forward to 2012, I had to re-apply and though my first job went okay, my other submissions about real estate needed revision. Two days before payday, Chris wrote me saying that the last was going to be rejected without much reason as to why. I replied that if all of my submissions about topic were so awful, why keep assigning these to me? Never got a response.

    A day or two before the above incident, I was assigned a large job. It was completed, invoiced and more than a month later, I have not been paid. Chris has not responded to my emails since there was not a revision request nor rejection. I got the name of another person that has not responded but I did send a general email expressing that if this was not resolved,I would report to BBB or the Federal Trade Comm.

    • Vinesh says

      Hi folks, I sent in work two weeks ago and have not yet received ant feedback from the company, i sent an email querying the lack of feedback, still not much of a response, this is starting to feel like a scam.

    • JSwindell says

      UPDATE: I finally got in touch with Gail, who oversees payments. She got this rectified with apologies but I probably will not perform any more jobs for them anytime soon.

        • says

          2015 Update – I took a job with them over the holidays and got paid with no problem. They work on an invoice system and Shaun is great with explaining things. I recommend them now. I’ve been with them for several years and I guess the 2012 incident was just bad management.

  6. Mary says

    I’ve done quite a lot of writing for PC as one of their regulars, and I think they pay competitively. If you’re used to doing high-volume work for SEO clients, you’ll be able to write up the average assignment in about an hour or a little less, depending on the content and your capability. They give quite a detailed brief to work from, and provide links to sample articles to give you an idea of what they want.

    If you think you’re going to make the rates that print mags pay, you’ll be sadly disappointed, but for the type of SEO work they’re asking for, I feel their pay rates are competitive.

    Pay is slightly slower than some of my other freelance clients, (I invoiced this month on the 7th, and got paid on the 29th) but it arrives regularly and has always been accurate. I’ve never had any trouble getting paid, and their staff is responsive to e-mail queries.

    Overall, I’ve found them to be a very decent company to work for.


    • says

      I’m glad you’ve had a positive experience with Pure Content, Mary. That is one site that I’ve considered signing up to write for many times but just never quite got around to it, and then I mostly stopped freelance writing and began to concentrate on blogging. I’m glad to know it’s there though in case I ever do decide to apply.

  7. jennifer says

    I applied in July and sent off the test pieces. Despite numerous phone calls and emails the only reply I get is that they are busy looking through the applications….. Surely they didn’t have that many applying!

  8. says

    I had not heard of Pure Content, but I will definitely check it out. Sounds like a great way to make some extra money from home. I’ve done a little bit of freelance editing, so I may just apply.

  9. says

    This one has been generating quite a bit of buzz in the forums. I wish they didn’t require invoicing, though. That adds one additional, possible headache.

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