Participate in Mock Trial Cases With Jury Test

Jury Test is a website you can join up with to occasionally get invites to participate in mock trial cases. Some people apply and never hear back, while others do hear back and occasionally receive invitations to participate in mock jury trials. I wrote up a review of eJury not too long ago, so I figured I would list some details about Jury Test as well since they are a similar company.

How much does it pay?

Jury Test will pay you between $20 and $50 for your participation in their mock trials. The exact amount depends on how complicated and involved the case is. They pay with either check or Paypal, your choice, and you can expect the cash between two and seven business days after the mock trial is over.

Who can sign up?

The website doesn’t list any specific details regarding who can participate, but when you sign up, you’re asked what county you live in and there is no option there to list your country of residence, so I’m thinking this is a U.S. only opportunity.

How do the trials work?

You’ll have to listen to/read about a case and then provide your honest opinion. Doing this should usually take no more than 20 minutes to one hour of your time. Giving your opinion on a case may involve recording your voice, participating in a live chat, or filling out a survey depending on what the attorney who requested the mock case wants. You’ll have to download RealPlayer to listen to cases, but this is a free download. Don’t go download it after you register — just wait to see if you’re ever asked to participate in a case.

How are you notified?

If you’re needed for a mock trial, Jury Test will send you an email. Registering does not guarantee they will ever contact you. From what I understand, getting invited into these mock trial cases is often much more likely when you live in a larger-sized city. People who live in rural areas for some reason do not get contacted as often — if ever.

What do people say?

Not a lot of feedback out there on this one. I have read a few posts on forums where people said they received mock trial invitations from Jury Test and were paid. A few other people said they applied and were never contacted at all.

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  1. Karen says

    I did a long case for Jury Test on 4/5. Today is 4/29 and I still have not been paid. It was supposed to be $66. I inquired about payment last week, and received an email asking if the email address I used was my paypal address. I replied it was, but I could not confirm it as there was no way of going back to look at my registration information to make sure. I heard nothing in return about payment. Sent another email a few days ago asking when to expect payment, and saying a check could be mailed if PayPal did not work, and again received no reply. I am not pleased with the lack of communication and lack of payment. It is unprofessional and I would not recommend Jury Test.

  2. George says

    To follow up on lack of payment I would like to say that indeed I was paid the stated amount. But of course it must be noted that it was a 1-4 week window and not 1-3. Perhaps a minor quibble, but in an era of opportunity for electronic commentating I would advise sticking to accuracy in commitments whatever they are. There are a lot of scams and so forth which an individual cannot intuitively know and any business venture must back up any stated terms. I believe in some respects that is why is so successful.

  3. says

    Dear Anna –
    I have been in touch with the juror about this and it is my hope that he will confirm that he was in fact paid the full $42.00 promised on the case, albeit at 3 weeks and 4 days, rather than the 3 week window we aspire to. I am glad this was brought to my attention and do also hope that George himself will confirm this information as well.
    Thank you.
    Adam Rosen
    Juror Recruitment

  4. George says

    I applied for this and didn’t hear anything for a while. Then I get notified to participate in a “trial.” Okay, so I do this and am informed that I will get $42 in one to three weeks. Well, it is past three weeks and I have got nothing for the two hours I spent. I looked on the Jurytest website and couldn’t find any way to contact these people (unless I didn’t look hard enough), so that’s where it stands as of now.

  5. PanPan says

    Great website, Anna.

    Just an FYI: mock jury sites tend to work best for people in bigger cities. If you live in a more rural area, the likelihood of being asked to be a mock juror is low.

    • Sergeantrom says

      Who are you? Perhaps a link to your website so we can know who we are dealing with? It would have been nice to have a little more info than just a phone number. I take it, this is not a toll free number? Sorry for all the questions, but the internet is a scary place!

        • Sergeantrom says

          Good, you understood my reply to her post, as stated in your reply below. Yeah, I didn’t think a phone number was a good idea either. Most people just list their website where readers can then get more info such as the phone number.

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