The Truth About Data Entry Home Jobs

the truth about data entry home jobs

Guest Post by: Traci Dillard-Bell

Data entry jobs online seem to be one of the most highly sought out ways to earn money at home, but this can also be one of the lowest paying ways to work at home, and the amount of actual companies advertising for data entry home workers is quite limited.

One of the best ways to find data entry home jobs is to sign up on freelancing websites, such as,, and similar freelancing communities. There are usually a large amount of data entry assignments available for freelancers.

Another way to look at this field is to consider that just about any jobs online are going to consist of data entry in some way. Data entry simply put is “entering data.” Whether you are working as a customer service agent, a writer, or a telemarketer, you are required to enter some type of data.

By not limiting your search for home jobs to just data entry, you may find some opportunities in which the pay is more rewarding and will still consist of data entry work. There are many jobs online that pay well, but they will require your hard work and dedication. A job at home requires work, just as a job outside of the home. Data entry can seem nice and easy, but this type of work can be tedious and pay is usually dependent on your speed and accuracy, which can make for an exhausting work at home experience.

About The Author:

Traci L. Dillard-Bell is a seasoned home worker and owner of, which is a free directory of home jobs and independent ways to earn money. She enjoys assisting prospective homeworkers by providing them with resources for legitimate ways to earn money at home.

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  1. says

    I strongly believe that those of us who have been around for a while, and write blogs, have a solid responsibility to educate our ‘newbie friends’ about the problems that can beset them when the see these ads for ‘data entry’ jobs. etc. The last time I fell for one of them was around 10 years ago. I have to remind myself that just because I know the difference does not mean all users of the Internet have the same knowledge. Thanks for posting.

  2. says

    I visited your link and I see you speak a lot about data entry jobs, but I scroll down to see that this is one of those “For $49.95…..” Yes, once again, I always advice readers on my site to run when they see these words.

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