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If you want a phone job at home but would prefer to avoid sales-type calls, then you might want to consider applying for an Apptical work at home customer service position. Apptical, which is a company that has been around since 1988, hires people to work from their homes to do telephone inspections and interviews. From what I have read and understand, the work involves interviewing people for insurance purposes — taking medical histories and things like that.

How much does Apptical pay?

No info on the exact rate of pay because of the non-disclosure agreement that the employees have to sign, but pay is both per minute of talk time and a flat rate per call. If you happen to make less than whatever the minimum wage is in your state, you will be given at least that amount, but most people generally exceed this rate. Once you become certified to do calls for various companies, your pay rate will go up for those calls. People who are bilingual might additionally be able to earn more money. The company pays twice a month via direct deposit to your bank account.

What about taxes?

Although Apptical formerly hired their workers as Independent Contractors, they know hire people in as employees, so this is great because you won’t have to worry about setting anything back to cover taxes.Apptical Pay

How does the application process work?

You can apply by going to their website and selecting the position you’re interested in. The website states that they are looking for people who are bilingual, but this is not a requirement. You get started by filling out some info and then taking a test on the site. After the initial test, you may or may not getan email invitation to do an assessment. If you do well on the assessment, you might get an interview. You’ll also have to submit to a background check, but fortunately you should not have to pay for it (some companies require that you pay for your own background check). There is also no credit check involved to get hired, so that’s another plus. As far as experience in medical terminology, you do not have to have it, but you can expect to have to learn some in order to do the job well. After being hired, you’ll have to go through some training (for which you’re paid a training rate) to learn exactly how to do the job. I’ve read some forum posts where many people have said the training process with Apptical is wonderful and really helped them learn what they’re doing.

What kinds of hours does Apptical require?

Some people who work for Apptical are full-time and some are part-time. You set your schedule after you’re hired, and you cannot change it once you start, so be sure that whatever you pick out is what will work best for you. They are pretty strict of making sure you stick to your hours, but if for some reason you can’t, you can request time off or post that you need someone to cover your shift on the employee bulletin board. If you are getting less than 29 hours per week, it is also possible for you to occasionally pick up more hours by way of this bulletin board. Evening and weekend work is available as well as hours through the week.

What are the technical requirements?

Apptical work at home customer service positions require a landline with no features, high-speed internet, and a headset with a microphone.

What do other people say about Apptical?

Most of what I read regarding Apptical is positive. The company has a low turnover rate, and people seem to enjoy the job. If you’re someone who wants a phone job but hates sales, then this might be for you. The sub-forum on Apptical on Work Place Like Home is very revealing, but keep in mind that because of the non-disclosure agreement that employees must sign, most people will not go into a lot of specifics regarding the work they do, the pay, or what companies they make and receive calls for. Still, you might want to look that over and ask questions there before making your decision as to whether or not this job might be for you.

Please keep in mind that Apptical may or may not be actively hiring at the time you apply, but getting your application in at any time probably isn’t a bad idea. Also, I have never worked for Apptical personally and the information I have posted comes from what I’ve been able to find by scouring the Internet, so errors are possible. If you know for a fact I’ve gotten something wrong, I encourage you to correct me!

To apply to work for Apptical, you can visit the website and fill out the online form.

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  1. Mary Ann says

    I’m working for them right now and I love it. The pay does fluctuate, which can kind of be frustrating, but it’s definitely worth the pay, considering how easy it is (for me). The hours I’ve been given are really busy and I’m only working part time to supplement my income, but I love it. They’re also currently hiring, for those interested! :)

  2. Monica says

    Thank you for the information; it was very useful. I really hope that I have an opportunity to get hired by Apptical.

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