Gigwalk – Earn Money With Your iPhone

Gigwalk is just one of the many apps out there that will allow you to earn money with your iPhone, and I may not have known it existed if not for one of my readers who clued me in to its existence yesterday. You’re going to be seeing a lot of posts like this from me over the next few weeks because as a new owner of an iPhone myself, naturally finding ways to make money with it is the first thing I’ve started researching.

Unfortunately, Gigwalk is one app that I can’t really use at the moment because they don’t have any work available in my area, but hopefully that will change in the not-too-distant future.

So how does Gigwalk work?

If you sign up to be a Gigwalker and download the free app they offer for your iPhone, you’ll get the opportunity to do little odd jobs, or “gigs,” as Gigwalk calls them. These jobs might consist of taking pictures of different businesses, downloading and trying out different apps, and answering consumer research questions. An example of something you might be asked to do is verify the hours a certain business is open, which you could do by taking a picture of the hours sign on the door of that business and submitting the picture to Gigwalk. Sometimes mapping companies also need information about roads, and you may get the chance to go out there and verify certain things for those companies. You can only take on one gig at a time, and you have eight hours to finish the gigs you take. The more gigs you do, the more street cred you will build up, and this means that you could get access to jobs that pay much more.

How much does Gigwalk pay?

Gigwalk pay varies depending on the job, but their website states that on average gigs pay between $3 and $50. You’re paid with Paypal after the customer who posted the job to Gigwalk approves your work, and this could take up to five days to happen. Gigwalk pay does have Paypal fees coming out of it, and this isn’t totally unheard of. There are some companies that don’t eat the Paypal charges and others that do. Because of the fees, you might lose around .50 cents of every $5 you earn.

Who can apply to Gigwalk?

Anyone from the United States can apply, but they currently only need people in certain locations. Right now, these locations include Philadelphia, Boston, New York City, the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, Chicago, south Florida, and also Seattle. Don’t get too disappointed if you’re not living in any of these places — Gigwalk is definitely planning to expand some, so I would recommend either downloading the app anyway or at least keeping tabs on their website so you’ll know if/when jobs become available around where you live. You can also  “like” them on Facebook and go vote in their poll for your city to be the next one they expand into.

Can you do the work with any type of smart phone or does it have to be an iPhone?

Right now the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are the only things you can use for Gigwalk, but they could change this in the future.

Update on this 1-11-12: Gigwalk now has an app for Android in beta mode. If you want to try this and have an Android phone, you should sign up because you could end up with a beta invite!

Gigwalk launched just this month, so there’s not much user feedback out there yet. However, the app is already getting lots of media buzz. Here are just a few articles from reputable sources reporting on the app if you want to take a look:

Cnet News Article on Gigwalk

Forbes Article on Gigwalk

I believe Gigwalk sounds like an easy, fun way to make some money, and am seriously hoping they venture into the Atlanta area soon!

If you want to download the app and get started, you can go here to do it.


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  1. Shanna says

    I just signed up and immediately was approved. Within an hour I was approved for my first assignment and I don’t live in any of the states listed above, I live in Georgia.

    I wasn’t able to answer all of the assignment questions because it required interaction from a store clerk who wasn’t as cooperative as I would have liked, but I will update if/when I get paid. The “gig” I was approved for was $6.

  2. says

    I think I remember reading on their webpage that most people don’t have problems getting approval. Hopefully they will contact you soon!

  3. Db Knight says

    I downloaded the app but I only got the message that I have to wait for approval and will be e-mailed when my application is approved.

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