CheckPoints – Get Rewarded for Using Your iPhone or Android

CheckPoints is another way to get rewarded easily for using your iPhone or Android. I actually got to try this one out for the first time yesterday, and it was lots of fun to do. Yesterday, I told you all about Gigwalk, which works a little differently than this. With Gigwalk, you get paid actual money for doing little odd jobs with your phone. With CheckPoints, you basically just visit the stores you would normally visit anyway and earn points for “checking in” when you arrive and scanning different products while you’re there.

Here’s Exactly How It Works:

Yesterday, my family and I were headed to Target. I went into my CheckPoints app before entering to see what I could do at Target. I saw that I could earn 2 points for checking in from my phone when I got there and additional points for finding certain products and scanning their barcodes with my phone. Some products gave more points than others. For example, I got 50 CheckPoints for seeking out a memory card in the electronics section of Target and scanning it, but only 10 points for finding a bottle of Seventh Generation dish liquid and scanning that. After I scanned each item, the points were credited to my account, and I moved on to the next item.

Every time I scanned something, I was also given a coin. You can use the coins for plays in little games that are accessible from your CheckPoints app. They are like lotto games, only the prize is more CheckPoints. When I got through scanning everything I could find (I didn’t have time to run around and find every single item — there were quite a few listed for Target), I played the scratch-off games with the coins I had earned and managed to win myself 80 more points. So basically, every time you visit a store, you can log in to your CheckPoints app to see if you can check in and scan things. Your points will build up over time, and eventually you can redeem them for some pretty nice stuff.

Unfortunately, you have to have a LOT of CheckPoints to get the really good stuff (Nintendo Wii, Birkin bag, etc.) but you only need 3250 points to get a $10 Amazon gift code, and this seems very doable to me because I’ve only been using the app for a day and already have a little over 500 CheckPoints. One thing I noticed was that the stuff you can get points for scanning doesn’t really change much from store to store. For example, we went to RaceTrac to get some gas before heading to Target. I got 2 points for checking in there, and would have earned more points if RaceTrac had had Edy’s ice cream and Seventh Generation dish liquid — basically the same stuff I got points for scanning at Target. Needless to say, RaceTrac didn’t really have any of that stuff, so I only got the 2 points for checking in there.

What I Don’t Like About CheckPoints

If you watch the little video on their website, they make it seem like you’ll get points for scanning anything you buy. This isn’t true because I didn’t buy any of the things I scanned. CheckPoints shows you from their app what you can earn points for scanning, and then you have to go out and find the stuff. While it’s true that you might end up buying some of it, using the app is more like going on scavenger hunt to find items for getting points. My main complaint with this is that I don’t always have time to do this when I shop. If my husband hadn’t been with me yesterday to push the buggy around with our kids and help me buy the things we actually needed, I probably wouldn’t have been able to go run around looking for all the stuff to scan.

However, if I had planned my shopping trip well I could have done this and sort of kept it in my head what I needed to look for to scan while I got my regular groceries, but I’m honestly just not that organized. Sometimes when I get groceries or go shopping I won’t have time to use the CheckPoints app as much as I would like to.

Another thing I should mention is that while you can refer others to Checkpoints by giving out a referral code (which not only gives you bonus points but also your friend bonus points), they only allow you to refer 50 people and then they cap off your referrals.

Checkpoints Sent Me an Amazon Code

I reached the required number of points to get the $10 Amazon code in July 2011 and requested it immediately via my iPhone. Checkpoints sent the code to me in less than 30 minutes after I requested it! Now that is fast! I am highly impressed and will continue to use this app whenever I get a chance.

Is CheckPoints worth your time?

I think it is because getting enough points to get that $10 Amazon code isn’t too difficult provided you use the app each time you shop. However, you may not have time to fool with it every single time you go shopping. I would recommend trying it out and seeing what you think. I’m personally going to keep using it. Update: Got another code in September. So far $20 in Amazon from CheckPoints and they delivered within 30 minutes each time!

You can go here to download the app for your iPhone or Android. When you sign up, enter the code “ktjones” as your bonus code. Doing this will be beneficial for both me AND you because we’ll both get bonus CheckPoints :) After you’ve signed up, you can refer friends by giving them your unique bonus code, which will mean you’ll get points and your friends will, too, if they use the code when they sign up.

Good luck, and please come back to post and let me know what you think after you’ve tried it out!

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  1. Tommy Park says

    Hi, I’m Tommy and I love checkpints.
    I redeemed my itunes gift card 2 days ago, but it still didn’t arrive on my email yet.
    Is this normal???
    I received a message that you have to wait at max 14 days but you got it in 30 min.

    • says

      It’s been a long time since I redeemed for anything so it may be different now. I’d suggest just waiting out the 14 days and then emailing them if you don’t get it. I’ve never heard of them not sending rewards, so hopefully they will get around to it soon.

    • Jeff says

      This is an older comment, but for those new to CheckPoints – I just redeemed some points for my first ‘Reward’, an Amazon gift card, and although it said up to 14 days it was like overnight. Not even a full 24 hours. They seem to be a very good company, from my limited experience anyway. They have a few years of operation under their belt, and the points add up fairly quickly.

  2. Charlie says

    I like Checkpoints when I get easy opportunities! Being in between jobs has not been easy and I really enjoy doing the missions for some of the other guys. My favorite newbie is iPoll. I have it on my iPhone and my wife on her android.

    Just yesterday, I got to do some really cool things for the Olympics at a local restaurant! Last week I went on a secret mission into a Target store and snapped a picture of a yoplait yogurt. The company is pretty good about catching cheaters so be careful!

    All in all I have made $480 on iPoll and but only points for rewards on Checkpoints.

    A couple others that I downloaded and am starting to use lately; Gigwalk and shop kick! Some missions, discounts, no real cash rewards either

  3. says

    I’ve downloaded it for my iPhone a week ago. It’s just a matter of good organization. I don’t have a husband to push my buggy  but I simply plan and extra 30 minutes for my shopping so that I can go hunting for items to scan. In a week, you can definitely collect much more than just an Amazon discount. Organization is the key!

    • says

      Thank you so much, Amanda! I really appreciate it. You will love it — use it every time you go shopping and you’ll be amazed by how quickly your points will add up.

  4. says

    I might check this out. I could use an extra 10 bucks at Amazon here and there!

    **side note** I chuckled a little when you said your husband pushed the “buggy” around Target. I am from the Midwest, where we call it a Shopping Cart or simply a cart. My husband was from SC and I teased him about calling it a buggy. Then we moved to SC and I was the one being teased for calling it a cart! (Glad to be back in Indiana where I can tease my husband again) lol

    • says

      Lol, yeah we say some things differently here in the south :) Most people from my area also call anything that is cold and fizzy “coke” no matter what it’s actually named. Same goes for tissue — it’s all Kleenex even if it’s actually another brand. I never really think about it being different until people from other places call me on it. My husband spent several years in Louisiana growing up, and he says some things he picked up from living there that are way different than how you’d say them here. The differences in things like that are really interesting to me.

      • says

        I would have to say the most striking difference in wording in the South versus here in the midwest was a “Chili Dog”….I would expect a chili dog to be a hotdog with chili…boy was I angry when I got a chili dog without the dog! hahaha

    • Jeff says

      I know your situation. I was born in Ky. (in 1960), where it seemed to mostly be ‘buggy’, at least way back when. Then I moved to Indiana in 1989, and here it’s just ‘cart.’ I’ve lost countless hours of sleep worrying over this, so I’ve decided it should universally be called a ‘wheeled metal grocery cage!’

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