Appen Butler Hill Work at Home Search Engine Evaluation

Appen Butler Hill is a company that regularly hires people to work from home doing search engine evaluation. They’ve been around for about 16 years, and they are rumored to pay better than Leapforce and Lionbridge — two of their top competing companies. If you’re unclear on what search engine evaluation actually is, you might want to read “What is a Search Engine Evaluator?” first.

Appen is open to many countries worldwide, including the US and Canada.

How much does Appen Butler Hill pay?

The rate I’ve seen quoted is $15 per hour, but the exact rate will vary depending on the project you work on. Specifics on pay rates for these companies aren’t widely available because employees have to sign non-disclosure agreements, but there are still plenty of people online who share the info regardless (most of them former employees).

If Appen Butler Hill hires you, you’re paid once a month via either paper check or direct deposit. Taxes are your responsibility because they hire you as an IC (Independent Contractor). If you are from India, you can earn $4.50 per hour here.

What are the requirements to apply?

They have a pretty long list of requirements and again the exact requirements might depend on the specific job/project you’re doing. For most of the American opportunities, you need to be a native English speaker residing in the U.S. with at least a year or two of college. High speed internet and a PC running Windows Vista or higher is also required. Appen Butler Hill stresses that they are looking for detail-oriented people who are good at internet research and have a thorough knowledge of current events/popular culture who are able to commit to 20-22 hours per week of work. They have different projects going at different times, and some might only require 12 hours of work per week.

And if you’re contacted after applying …

If they are interested in your application, you’ll be contacted via email. You’ll have to be trained (which you’re paid for), and finally take a test. Pass the test, and you’re in! When you’re hired, you’re on a contract that has an end date. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be instantly let go after your contract is up from what I understand. Many people report being moved around to different projects.

What is the work like at Appen Butler Hill?

It depends on the specific position, but search evaluators evaluate search engine results to determine how relevant they are to search terms, articles, images, etc. The details are sketchy and many people describe the work as being incredibly hard in spite of the fact that it sounds simple enough.

Bottom Line

Even though this opportunity sounds easy and absolutely perfect, please keep in mind that it’s not for everyone. Many people get into doing search evaluation with lots of high hopes only to become very disappointed when the work turns out to be nothing like they expected.

That said, Appen Butler Hill is a reputable company hiring evaluators, and lots of people have worked for them for a long time. If you really need a non-phone job from home and you can commit to the hours weekly, it might be worth a try. Also, I’ve read that they are incredibly picky, so getting hired by them might not be that easy.

If you apply and don’t hear back within a month, you can always try again. There are a lot of people who have tried for a very long time to get hired by Appen and do eventually, so it’s probably worth it for you to keep trying.

Want to know more? Check out this thread on WAHM about Appen Butler Hill.

You can go here to apply for Appen Butler Hill work at home search engine evaluation.

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  1. Ray says

    Hello Fellow WAH folks, I have a few questions about this company if anyone could shed some light pls.
    I have really been dieing to hear back from a website evaluation group for the longest time .I have done about 4 Wah jobs but they were all phone type jobs that i really did not enjoy { billing etc }.. finally Appen emailed me the other day after i applied via their website .With the Info and link to take 3 tests.. I completed them and felt I did well ,but who knows is the few questions I have ..

    1) Do they email all folks that apply these tests to take or was i moved forward into the hiring process ? I am just wondering is this a auto send they send to most that applied .

    2) Did they take long to reach out to anyone that has been hired by them after taking these pre tests ? and what is the ratio of passing 4 wrong is passable ? things of that nature . and will they contact you even if you didn’t pass ?

    3) If someone did not pass the first time , is there another chance ? { i read on some sites yes and no ,but i know these regulations can change ) I read 2 chances .

    4) after passing these tests are you pretty much In ? and what other steps is there till you finally work.

    5) here is a biggie .. Is there enough work on a steady bases if you are accepted .. I am not interested in these 4 tasks a year jobs that yields 10 dollars for annual , been there done that .. like Ibuyyou or itryyou etc .I really need a steady gig now , as I am in-between jobs at the moment .

    I did read most of posts here and on other sites also , but I am getting mixed feedback , So I posted my own to see what feedback i can get .

    Thanks for reading and taking you’re time to provide me with these answers .
    Have a great day ,

    • Ang says

      I currently work for them. All the projects are different but you basically take the test or tests (depending on project, I only had to take one big test). I sent it in and waited about a couple days and they wanted me take the test again because I didn’t get a passing score (about 85% right, depending on project). I finally passed it the second time around and once you pass it you get the project and have to wait (for me about a week) to get the work.

      When you get the work depends on your project and the client. I think they let you know if you didn’t pass it. I hear not much people pass their tests, but I heard about a lot of people who did.

      I don’t get work on a daily basis but my project assignments could go on for several weeks once I get the work. I also do Crowdsourcing for Appen to fill in those gaps. You may want to apply for that but that pays less (per small task)

      • Ray says

        Ahh see with me they pretty much just told me that other candidates was a better match then me , they didn’t go into details with scores , they didn’t let me know how I did at all , and they didn’t give me a second chance , this was for website evaluation , so maybe they just didn’t need me , I feel I passed the test , I took almost the same test for another company these are generic tests.I was really bummed out i really wanted a Job like this , I am really sick of those non stop phone ringing jobs dealing with irate customers ..Ill tell ya one thing they don’t waste time letting you know you didn’t get it , I received that email in less then a day

        My app for crowd sourcing they still haven’t done yet , still says pending ..So I may still get that but those don’t seem to be a reliable source of steady income ..

        Thanks Ang

      • Valerie says

        I was accepted for two jobs. Crowdsourcing and social media evaluator. Just started actual work, I hope it lasts!

        • Joe says

          Hi Valarie. I was just assigned a social media eval job from appen. I guess the details will be avail this friday.
          Are you still working for them? What should I expect? Ive been a culinary trained chef for over 20 years but am now disabled and could use the money, I want to do this right. Any tips would be a great help, thanks dear

  2. Julia says

    I’ve got the crowdsourcing HIT (click) job with Appen. Here is my time investment and earnings for my first task (pick the best search output between two, mark sections, which influenced my decision and write a comment on my decision, then click “submit” – this counts for 1 HIT):
    1) 15 minutes to read the guidelines
    2) 15 minutes to complete required 7 question qualification test to get access to the task
    3) 1 hr 6 minutes for the task itself – I made 20 HITs, 15 of them got accepted and paid $0.15 per HIT.
    So, in 1 hr 36 min I made $2.25!!!
    There is an incentives column too, but there is no information what they are given for exactly and how much they are.

  3. Candice says

    Oh I meant to ask too regarding the 20 hours a week, must I break this work down into Monday through Friday at 4 hours a day or can I login whenever as long as I get my 20 hours that week? I’d much rather do two 10 hour days or three at 6.5ish. It’s also because I’m juggling other wah jobs so I need utmost flexibility to shuffle things around otherwise it won’t work. I can’t be needed in two places at once, so to speak.

  4. Candice says

    Does anybody have definite knowledge of working for or even applying to multiple companies, namely Leapforce, LionBridge and Appen Butler Hill as far as what’s allowed? I vaguely remember reading something about not being allowed to work for one if you work for another because of something in the NDA.
    Considering these all sound like part time positions I’d ideally like to work for two or all three (if I pass their tests of course lol)
    I just don’t want to screw up any chances of being hired. For example, if I apply to Leapforce and Lionbridge and neither hire me and then I try for Butler, will they refuse me? (or vice versa) Thanks :)

    PS If anybody is allowed to confirm the pay rate for any of these jobs, it’d be much appreciated as I’m reading everything from “slave wages” to 13-$25 an hour online. That’s a huge disparity! lol

    • Kat says

      I don’t know in general, but it’s probably not possible to work for Appen and Lionbridge at the same time.
      I’ve been working for Appen and applied for Lionbridge and I unusually quickly got a reply that the application was denied. In the form I admitted working for another company as the evaluator (don’t remember whether the name was there) and I think that was the reason.

  5. says

    Nowadays jobs are hard to come by and am glad to read the different websites that offer various opportunities. I kind of like this one because i am it oriented. I hope i will be lucky with my application.

  6. ajne says


    Just a question for anyone who applied with Appen. I got an e-mail from them with a link to apply. When I clicked on it a file downloaded to my computer called “Data.” It was from Did anyone else notice this file download onto their computer? I am just freaked out because of viruses and stuff like that. I would like to apply but when that happened I closed down the page and deleted that file right away. :(

    • says

      I worked the crowdsourcing job for a day or two and let me tell you that it’s the exact same thing as ClickWorker.
      The difference is this: Appen needs you to have $50 of tasks done before paying you while ClickWorker pays you after you get $1. Other than that, it’s the same tasks. I highly suggest you go for ClickWorker crowdsourcing instead as they have other types of jobs as well.
      The crowdsourcing part took about 2-3 months for them to finally accept me and what a waste of time to find out that it’s the same thing I’ve had lol.

      • says

        Thanks for sharing! I remember you messaged me the other day and let me know, but I forgot to add it to the review! I’m thinking about doing an updated appen review soon, so if I do I will include that info.

      • cheryl says

        I also agree with this statement about the crowdsourcing work. I would choose ClickWorker over ABH for crowdsourcing work. ABH is somewhere out there in left field when it comes to this type of work in my opinion. ClickWorker has been doing it longer and has a lot more experience with it under it’s belt. I know there have been some that had bad experiences with CW but I never have and would recommend them.

  7. Alicia says

    Appen Butler Hill does hire all over the place. I am just going through the training modules prior to taking the exam to proceed to the qualification process. For Canada (or BC anyway) they pay $13.50 US per hour, and $300 US for the first 30 hours you put in.

    I submitted my application and heard back via email. I have not once spoke with them via messenger or phone.
    The work is easy once you get the hang of it. It’s definitely not something that goes through a persons head while using a search engine. But they are a lot of help and the training modules are very helpful.

    In my opinion, this is a decent place to try out. :)

    • Random says

      I’ll tack onto what Alicia said. I’ve worked on multiple projects for ABH up until late October. The pay is dependent on the project you’re on. Quick breakdown:

      Project 1: $14/hr + $300 for training (~30 hours, if you’re quick you can get it done in 15-20)
      –Said strict on hours, 20/wk (4/day). I never made an effort to find out how strict. From what I understand there was also a 10 hr/wk option (2/day).
      Project 2: $13.5/hr + $150 for training (no estimate given, I’d say 10 hours though some likely took longer)
      –Said strict on hours, 20/wk (4/day). According to a friend doing it, the client hasn’t provided enough work a couple of time and he’s dropped below 15 hours without repercussion (it was a client issue). Again, apparently there’s a 10/wk option.

    • Angela says

      I just took the screening test. Is the work consistent? I heard that you’re tested and put in specific projects. What happens afterwards? Are you offered another project right after the first one?

  8. April says

    The application process went very smoothly for me with Appen Buttler Hill’s crowdsourcing and search engine evalutor project. I am exited to continue through the process as this will be great extra income while I am attending college and saving for a new home. I was also invited to Leapforce’s search engine evaluation project. I was invited to take their exams for the qualification process the following day after I applied to get started on a project. So it is possible for acceptance to come quickly. Lionbridge rejected my application in an email stating they are unable to give me feedback due to large volume of applications. I believe the reason may have been that I applied to Lionbridge after I applied to Leapforce. I found out you cannot work for Leapforce if you applied to Lionbridge. Overall, working for either of these companies seems like a good legitmate opportunity. However, it is also dependant on your goals and likes.

  9. Dax says

    I work for Lionbridge and it pays 15$/hr starting. I focus on Ad Content optimization for Bing. It can be tedious but they are a very professional organization with excellent management responsiveness.

  10. Rhiannan says

    I am in the process of going through the qualification process for Appen Butler Hill and am quite excited about it. Thanks for the great information (again!).

  11. Claudette says

    I have applied at Leapforce I have to do the test next week Jan 28. They hire people from Canada. I would like to apply to Butler Hill and workforce Logic, but its only for US people

  12. elise says

    I worked for ABH as a search evaluator for the french market and I loved it.
    They are very nice and answer questions.
    You don’t have to send them invoices, but you have to enter your hours on a specific web application. However you don’t have to keep track of your time yourself as their tool does it.

  13. luisa says

    Just wondering do they hire in new York cause I applied last year and hav’nt heard anything yet, but as far as my concern Im really interested in working because Im a stay at home mom, and I really need to work, but when I spoke to LB and LF they seen that they do not hire in New York it just seems everywhere else they hire, do anybody know when they will hire in Ny?

  14. ANote says

    The postion is about 20 hours weekly (no less).

    Possibly the pool or items for work has listings, travel locations, and more, and some adult content will come in time to time with no option to be in a pool or a group without such results mixed in.

    According to the website and the listings of other positions ButlerHill is a linquistics company and the work for Website rating is one position.

  15. metree says

    I used to work for Leapforce. Although I did find that type of work hard to focus for some task, I am considering applying for Butler Hill. The only thing holding me back right now is the application says you would have to be exposed to pornography from time to time. At Leapforce they could take you out of the pool of people who work with those kind of site and if you came across it, you could reject it. Is that possible at Butler Hill? Is there an option to pass it by and go onto a different task? Would love to hear from any one who has worked there about this and any other differences from Leapforce.

    • Val says

      Hi, I’m interesting in applying for BH or LF but I find that most of the information on the specifics of the job is very vague. Could you help me understand it better what are expected of the employees? Also how did you feel about keeping your hours and sending the invoices? I’ve only work from home as an employee for call centers but would love to try something different. I’m just a bit worry about how it all works out and want to make sure that I can set my own hours and get a decent pay. I would really appreciate your input.



  16. GopalChetty says

    Can anyone describe the nature of work and the training they are going to provide.

    Also if i am right the test is going to be after the training is it?

    • says

      Thank you! It’s a shame it’s not more. I really think they should pay those of you overseas something comparable to what workers can earn here. I really appreciate your input!

      • Nausheen says

        They do pay 4.50 USD/hr for India which is far less than what is being offered by Lionbridge (Approx 7 USD/hr)!

    • Shaleen says

      They pay more, but it’s a whole different world. Majorly structured, extremely “nitpicky”, and extremely repetitive. Most leapforce and lionbridge people would not survive there.

  17. Katie says

    It sounds like a great opportunity for those who can do the work properly and are goal-oriented!
    I would love to apply but I don’t want to put too much on my plate, if ya know what I mean!
    Thanks for posting! It’s a great review!

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