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Lately, I keep coming across these companies that will pay you for driving your car around as long as you agree to let them plaster it with ads. You’ve probably seen this in action yourself — I know I’ve definitely seen lots of cars on the road decorated with ads. I decided to take a closer look because this seems like an interesting way to make some extra money (even though it’s not exactly an online thing like most stuff listed here). I don’t know about where you live, but gas here in Georgia is hovering around the $4/gallon mark as of the date of this blog post. An earning opportunity like this would definitely be helpful for anyone with a long commute to work, and as it happens the people who rack up the most miles are the ones more likely to be eligible for programs such as this one. There are several companies like this, and this morning I decided to look into

How does Autowrapped work?

If you apply for the program and are selected, a representative from Autowrapped will apply ads either covering your entire car or partially covering your car. The ads are made of vinyl and will not harm your car. They are also very easy to remove when the time comes. Once the ads are in place, you have to drive your car a minimum of 800 miles per month. Some advertisers may ask that you drive more or less than that. It’s also necessary that you park your car in a location visible to others so the ads may be easily seen. The length of time you must keep the ads on your car varies depending on your contract. Some people display ads for just a few months while others keep the ads on for a few years. Autowrapped also has a free car program where they will actually give you a car to drive with ads already in place for a certain length of time.

How much does Autowrapped pay?

The payment amount for displaying ads on your vehicle is between $100 and $400 per month. The larger the ads are on your car, the more you will be paid. They pay with a check once a month after you’ve gone in for a monthly inspection so they can make sure everything is in place and you’ve driven as much as you were supposed to. If you didn’t drive the minimum number of miles, they will still pay you for what you did drive, but the amount is prorated. Autowrapped states that you do risk losing your contract if you don’t drive at least the minimum number of miles.

Who can apply to drive for Autowrapped?

Anyone who is 18 and up with a valid driver’s license and insurance and no traffic violations within the past year can apply. You have to keep a global positioning unit on at all times while you’re driving the car, but I’m not clear as to whether or not Autowrapped supplies this or you already have to have one.

How likely are you to get selected for the Autowrapped program?

Your likelihood of being selected depends on how much you drive. Advertisers want their ads seen by lots of people, so the more you drive around, the more likely you are to get selected. If you’re someone who is never or very rarely on the road, your chances of getting picked to display ads are probably very slim. When you apply, your name will go into the Autowrapped database, and you will be contacted if they believe you’re a match for a specific advertiser.

Is Autowrapped a scam?

I can’t find anything to indicate this is a fraudulent company. They do not ask for money to sign up, and there is complete contact information listed. I’ve done several searches on different sites, and I can’t find any posts, articles, reports, etc. where a person has been ripped off by them. Unfortunately, there’s not very much information listed about them at all. I believe that signing up would be safe, but I don’t know how likely you would be to get contacted. As always, stay on the alert for any scam signals if you sign up and are contacted. I haven’t signed up myself because I’m pretty sure I don’t drive around enough to make paying me worth their while, but I probably would if we racked up enough miles each month. I don’t have any issues about having ads covering my car. At the very least, the payment amount might cover gas or almost cover it.

If you have any experience with Autowrapped, I would love to hear about it!

To sign up, you can visit their website here.


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  1. Katie says

    This would be a great way to pay for expenses every month, especially gas!
    I wouldn’t mind advertising on my vehicle either as long as it was tasteful and didn’t look tacky.
    Now that I do work from home, I hardly drive at all. My car is used a lot to take long road trips but probably not good enough for this program.
    I think it’s a great opportunity for those who do drive a lot and want a way to reimburse themselves!
    Great post :)

  2. Jean Haut says

    I would love to sign up have been debating it for awhile but I don’t think i drive enough miles to qualify. I might be taking on another merchandising job and would be probably driving a lot then bouncing around stores. I have seen cars around here that looked like they were car wrapped. There’s a car in my park that has a Geico car not sure if it’s an ad or if the person actually works for Geico. I would love to hear from someone here that may drive for any of these car arap companies.

  3. says

    Filled out the app, clicked send but went to a site that said it was an error on page. Maybe they don’t want the apps after all… Whats up??? I did this 3 times and it did not send my app.

  4. says

    Filled out the app, clicked send app but went to a site that said it was an error on page. Maybe they don’t want the apps after all… Whats up??? I did this 3 times and it did not send my app.

    • Jean Haut says

      it happened to me too..I see cars with ads around here in Marion/Cedar Rapids at times i so want to stop them and ask who they went through.