StartUpLift is a site that allows people who are working on websites to feature them for users to review. Companies who choose to feature their start up sites on StartUpLift have the option of offering cash awards to the people who leave the best, most helpful reviews on their sites. The site has been on the web since the later half of 2010.

How much does StartUpLift pay?

If you sign up to review websites for StartUpLift, you’ll see that most companies give around $5 for good, detailed reviews. I occasionally see awards available for $10, but companies usually offer a more limited number of these. Additionally, some companies choose not to give awards at all. There is no guarantee you will get an award if you leave a review as the companies in question only give out a set number. The chances that you will get an award for your review depend on how many reviews were left, and of course how good your review is. If you earn more than $600 in a year with StartUpLift, you’ll have to report it on your taxes. They don’t take taxes out on you here.

How and when does StartUpLift pay?

StartUpLift pays every Monday with Paypal for any awards you received for your reviews, but you can’t review more than five sites in a given day. This means the most you could possibly earn in a week from doing this is $175, and of course there’s no guarantee you could always get that much, if anything.

Can people from outside the US provide feedback for StartUpLift?

StartUpLift doesn’t mention this, but the only requirement to sign up listed seems to be a valid Paypal account. If you have Paypal, you can most likely sign up and review sites.

My Experience with StartUpLift

I signed up to try StartUpLift in December, and I’ve been meaning to review it ever since. I submitted two reviews to two different websites that offered five $5 rewards. I received a $5 reward each time, so I can vouch for StartUpLift that they are a legitimate, paying site. They also paid me on Monday as promised for what I had earned.

Tips for Success with StartUpLift

To give yourself the best chance of receiving a cash award for a site review, you really do need to leave good, insightful feedback. Go about it the right way — visit the site, examine every aspect of the site, and give your honest opinion about what you’ve seen. Point out all flaws, but also comment on the things you liked. It’s also best if your review is fairly long and well-organized. In most cases, the owners of the website will ask you to comment on various things about their site. Make a numbered list answering every question they ask, broken up neatly with line breaks, and then at the bottom leave them some general comments and suggestions. What I keep seeing time and time again on this site is that the long, detailed, well-written reviews are usually the ones that get the awards. I did my absolute best on each review I left, and I was awarded each time. However, this is NOT a guarantee you’ll get an award, but it ensures you’ll have the best chance. Sometimes there are so many reviews left for different sites that there will be several really good ones to choose from, and if the website is only giving away five awards, there’s a chance your review might not get selected even if it is really good. But do your best, and you should be able to earn some money occasionally from here.

Another thing you should do is look over site reviews that have received awards in the past. Notice the differences in the reviews that were awarded versus the ones that weren’t. Try to create reviews that are as close in quality to the ones that have received awards in the past as possible, and you should earn the $5 at least part of the time.

StartUpLift Realistic Income Potential

This is not going to replace your day job, unfortunately, since everything with this site is based on chance. Sure, the potential is there to earn $175 per week, but it’s not realistic because chances are great that if you leave five reviews on different sites seven days a week, some of the time your reviews won’t get awarded. I would highly recommend StartUpLift as a source of extra money. It is also kind of fun to look at the start up websites, review them, and watch to see if your review is picked. They paid me, and they paid me on time, so I feel really comfortable recommending it to you. If you’re one of those people who earn money through several different small sources of income, this might be a good one to add to the mix of little things you do.

Here is proof of two $5 payments I received from StartUpLift:


(You’ll notice above that on one payment, they deducted Paypal fees but didn’t on the next. Not sure which is mandatory for them)

You can go here to sign up with StartUpLift!

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  1. Taripre$ says

    I can vouch for this site paying, just got my payment for my very first review today! Like as mentioned above, try and be as honest and detailed as possible and answer their questions!! They want the feedback so give it to them, but make sure your feedback is useful!!!


  2. Anna says

    It's pretty fun, Mandy! Be sure to "like" them on Facebook, too, because they always post opportunities to leave reviews there. It's a great way to know when you can go back and leave a review.

  3. Anna says

    It varies, but most of the time the companies give out five awards. I've also seen three and it seems like I've also seen ten awards given out. Some companies don't give awards at all, but most do.

  4. WAH Adventures! says

    Thanks for the review. I have always been hesitant about this one. I am wondering if they only award one person or if several people can earn. I should probably look into this more. I have been enjoying these small ways to make a little extra here and there.

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