Ticket Puller

Ticket Puller is a site that people can join to get paid for pulling tickets for events. Basically, you are buying the tickets as quickly as possible to be sure that certain people get the tickets they want. You don’t pay for them out of your money – Ticket Puller gives you the payment info you’ll need to actually buy the tickets.

How much does Ticket Puller pay?

You get a percentage of the overall cost of the tickets you buy. The more expensive an event it is that you’re pulling tickets for, the more you can earn. According to Ticket Puller, people have managed to earn up to $50 during one ticket pulling session, and the average ticket pulling session time is approximately 15 minutes. They said that the average amount earned during a session is between $10 and $20. The commission rate is 5 percent to start and goes up to 10 percent as you get more experience.

How and when does Ticket Puller pay?

It doesn’t take too long to get paid. The average payout time might be between 48 hours to one week. Unfortunately, sometimes people cancel their ticket orders. If that happens, you won’t get paid, and there’s nothing you can do about it if that happens. Ticket Puller pays through Paypal.

How often do ticket pulling sessions happen?

This also varies. Sometimes the sessions occur several times in a week, and other times there might be several weeks that go by with no sessions. Ticket Puller will email you when sessions are pending so you can log in.

How does ticket pulling work exactly?

This part is fairly confusing to most people. There was a thread on the Work at Home Mom forum that I found to be very helpful for understanding this part. Basically, you have to have two or three different browsers open at one time (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) to increase your odds of finding tickets. When it’s time for a session, you log in to Ticket Puller and enter something called a “pull room.” This room has all the info you need for ordering the tickets, and you simply try to find the tickets the person wants as fast as you can. When you find tickets that match the criteria, you chat with admin in a chat box from Ticket Puller to determine whether or not you should buy the tickets you found. The admin will tell you whether or not to proceed. Apparently, ticket pulling can be tricky because Ticketmaster has a timer that gives you only a certain amount of time to get the tickets purchased. You have to have very fast fingers to be successful with this job.

What is involved in signing up for Ticket Puller?

You’ll have to take a test to determine your speed on the computer. If you get accepted, they’ll let you know. If you don’t get accepted, they’ll also let you know that. They won’t leave you hanging.

Is there a referral program with Ticket Puller?

The website does say that you can earn extra money by referring your friends, but I can’t find anywhere how much extra.

Does Ticket Puller hire people who live outside the United States?

There is also no information on this available on their website. I emailed them twice through their contact form asking about this, and they never responded. If you’re from outside the U.S., you could always just apply and see what happens.

Final Thoughts on Ticket Puller

Obviously, this is a way to earn some extra money, not really something to rely on for an income. It checks out – there are plenty of people doing this and earning extra money. I would recommend it for that purpose, especially if you have fast fingers and the idea of the job appeals to you. Many people might consider it fun in sort of the same way as playing poker or something like that because you never know how successful you might be in one session, if at all.

To sign up for Ticket Puller, you can go here.

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  1. BioFreak says

    Hmm, so with Ticket Puller are we actually buying tickets for online ticket scalpers? The guys charging $1000 for a $300 ticket? I hope not!

    PS Love the site, its a daily visit by me :-)

  2. Best Mom Ever says

    Great Post!

    I would like to add an extension on the typing test.

    Make sure to take the typing test very seriously. Original when I applied for Ticketpuller I was not hired, because I did not pass. I believe they will give you up to three times to take the test to try and score better on it, but if the score is not high enough than you will not get hired.

    My personal opinion about Ticketpuller, is they are a great reliable company to work for. The atmosphere of the job seems very good and as long as you have patient with yourself, you can really be great at this.

    Stay encourage and give yourself a trial period if you are unsure about working for this company. If you get hired, pat yourself on the back, because that is a major move and for that you should feel some type of accomplishment.

    Working at home and being successful is the ultimately goal, but enjoying the job you have has its rewarding awesome affects as well.

    Best Mom Ever

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