Quality Gal

Update 7/6/14 – Quality Gal has re-branded and is now known as Online Writing Jobs. 

What is Quality Gal?

Quality Gal is the name of a site you can write for and get upfront pay for your approved content.

How much does Quality Gal pay?

Quality Gal pays between $12 and $25 for each article submitted.

How often does Quality Gal pay and what method of payment do they use?

You will get paid for approved work from Quality Gal every Friday, and you will be paid with Paypal. They can also send a check if Paypal won’t work for you.

What is the application process like for Quality Gal?

To apply to write for Quality Gal, you’ll have to register on their writer panel and also send some forms either through fax or to their email address. There are several forms that must be filled out, including a writer application, non-compete/confidentiality agreement, a content release form, and a few others including a W8 or W9. The W8 is for non-US residents, and the W9 is for US residents. Once you have submitted the required paperwork, you may or may not be contacted with a test assignment depending on whether or not they need writers. If you haven’t been contacted within 90 days of applying, you can apply again. If you get a test assignment, you’ll have to finish it before the specified deadline. Quality Gal will review this and let you know if you’ve been accepted as a writer for their site.

What types of articles do you write for Quality Gal?

Articles are on a variety of different subjects, and the articles are written for a number of different clients. From what I have read, you have to include a lot of links in the articles you write. Articles that must contain more links tend to pay more than articles that contain less links. You might occasionally get rewrites on the things you submit, and if you don’t finish what you’re supposed to edit within the specified time frame, the article will be sent back into the pool of titles, and you won’t get paid.

Does Quality Gal accept writers that live outside of the US?

Yes, it appears that they do. Writers from Canada are definitely welcome to apply as well as other countries (not clear on which other countries). Writers that don’t live in the US have to fill out W8 form in order to paid, however.

My Experience With Quality Gal

I have considered applying, and I did get as far as setting up an account on their writer panel, but unfortunately, my printer went kaput so I was not able to complete the process and send in all the paperwork.  I have since remedied my printer problem, but have still not finished the application process. I would honestly like to, but my plate is so full with other things at the moment that I don’t know how much I could contribute to their site if I were accepted as a writer.

Final Thoughts on Quality Gal

Even though I have no experience with this company myself, I have looked into it and the vast majority of the things I have read on various forums and others sites is incredibly positive. Most people have a wonderful experience writing for this site, and for that reason I would recommend it if you need a higher-paying “egg” to add to your list of sites you write for. Their website is very user-friendly and has all kinds of FAQs and helpful information on everything from writing for them to applying. They seem to encourage contact with their company and include lots of email addresses so you can get in touch with them if you can’t meet deadlines, etc. They state that they will occasionally try to work with their writers on things like that, and I think that is great! I recommend applying here, and if I end up finishing the application process myself, I will certainly come back and update this post with more information on my experience.

You can go here if you want to find out more about applying at Quality Gal.

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  1. Markato says

    I don’t recommend this writing site. I took their test assignment. QualityGal expects users to put in upwards of 15 – 20 links (and as they even write on their web site, sometimes upward of 60 links) into the body of every article. They expect these links to come from high quality sources, and you cannot use more than one link from any one site. This is VERY time-consuming. I have previous experience researching online (I’ve had several jobs requiring it) – it still took about two hours to find 20+ links.

    The test assignment was a minimum of 750 words. Pay is according to the ‘grade’ you receive for the assignment – an ‘A’ and ‘B’ for the test assignment would pay out $15. A ‘C’ would pay out $10.

    They use Copyscape to check for plagiarism. Not surprisingly, some of what I wrote came up in results. My experiences with these plagiarism checkers are always terrible – if even three to five words in a row match up, you will get a result in these programs (another web site, articledocument.com, does this – it is absolutely awful trying to AVOID getting a result, especially when you’re writing about something medical. There are only so many ways to say something!).

    Frankly, QualityGal expects a great deal from its writers for very low pay. You would be better off applying to the many sites out there that pay $2 – $4 per 300 – 400 word article (textbroker.com, iwriter.com, etc.). You will finish much more quickly and you will probably wind up making more.

    QualityGal gives its new hires one shot with a test assignment, and then that’s it. Many sites don’t do this. Demand Studios – now and in the past – gives writers the opportunity to complete 3 assignments before deciding whether or not to oust the writer.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing, Markato! I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience. I can imagine that adding in all those links, and especially having to make sure they all come from high-quality sites would be very time consuming indeed!

  2. WAH Adventures! says

    This is a new company to me. Sounds great! I wonder how much work is available. I may apply to this one. Thanks!